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One year since Gaza, a photo a day: August 1, 2014

Palestinians salvage some of their belongings and take them out of the village of Khuza'a, east of Khan Younis August 1, 2014. Hundreds of residents returned to Khuza'a at the beginning of a ceasefire to recover bodies and salvage possessions. Khuza'a has been cut off from the rest of Gaza Strip and occupied by Israeli soldiers. A large number of residents have been killed and injured, and many homes were destroyed. Most residents fled the Israeli attacks. (Basel Yazouri/Activestills.org)

Palestinians salvage their belongings from the village of Khuza’a, east of Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, August 1, 2014. Hundreds of residents returned to Khuza’a in the beginning of the ceasefire to recover bodies and salvage possessions. (Basel Yazouri/Activestills.org)

This is part of a series of daily posts showing photos taken on the same date a year ago, during “Operation Protective Edge,” last summer’s assault on Gaza. Members of the ActiveStills collective documented what was happening at that time inside Gaza, Israel and the West Bank.

Most of the photos that we will publish here over the next month and a half were published on +972 in real time. The average Israeli news consumer, however, did not get the full picture of the death and destruction that was taking place in Gaza, or the popular resistance against the war taking place in the West Bank and Israel. For most Israelis, the Palestinian victims had neither names nor stories.

A year later, as tens of thousands of people in Gaza remain displaced, many without permanent shelter, and as thousands of wounded are still waiting for rehabilitation, we hope this project can help us all remember what happened last summer — told through the lenses of our cameras.

A mosque in the Palestinian neighborhood Khuza'a lies in ruins following bombardment by Israeli forces, Gaza Strip, August 1, 2014. The UN listed 556 homes in the neighborhood  damaged, 336 of them destroyed. (Anne Paq/Activestills)

A mosque in the Palestinian neighborhood of Khuza’a lies in ruins following a bombardment by Israeli forces, Gaza Strip, August 1, 2014. (Anne Paq/Activestills)

Photo editing: Keren Manor/Activestills.org

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    1. Pedro X

      Definition of a Mosque

      Mosque, noun, usually meant to denote an Islamic house of worship; local use in Gaza is meant to mean a storage depot for rockets, tunnels, fighters and violent operations.

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