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Netanyahu aide: 'Government has no official position on Palestinian issue'

Netanyahu aide: ‘Government has no official position on Palestinian issue’

Prime Minister Netanyahu backtracked on a statement about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that he was meant to make with his Polish counterpart, Haaretz reported Wednesday. Apparently, Netanyahu and other senior officials weren’t informed of the statement before it went out. But far more embarrassing than the backtracking on a document that essentially calls for a negotiated two-state solution, is the ridiculous explanation given by a Netanyahu official:

“It is not the Israeli government’s position – not because the government takes the opposite position but simply because the government has no official position on the Palestinian [issue]. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s position is that he supports the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state that will recognize the Jewish state, with appropriate security arrangements.” (Emphasis mine)

Really? The government has no position on the “Palestinian issue”? Of course it does, the sentence the official follows with admits as much.

This really reads like an Onion headline, and comes just a day after a Likud MK said that settlements are actually good for peace with Palestinians (!), which comes a day after Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (also Likud) said there will never be a two-state solution because the governing coalition is against it and would block any efforts towards creation of a Palestinian state.

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    1. aristeides

      Where are the 54 comments that are supposed to be here?

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    2. Khaled Khalid

      The Palestinians should go for a One State solution and demand full rights as citizens.
      Then we will see if “Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.” – Or just a racist and sanctimonious Hypocrite.

      Reply to Comment
      • Vadim

        That a great idea. Let’s take two groups of people who are at a conflict for around 100 years and place them in a single country. That will probably work great, just like it did in every other country that tried it.

        I think our neighbors should go for building their own future instead of trying to destroy ours, then we will see if their leadership is truly interested in their welfare or is just a racist and sanctimonious hypocrite…

        Reply to Comment
    3. Haifawi

      I know one way to get him to take a position…”ya Falastin, ya habib, odrub odrub Tel Aviv”

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    4. directrob

      Is is a problem for the Palestinians, it is not a Palestinian problem. Apart from that Netanyahu is always very clear.

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    5. Brian

      You have this wrong, Mairav.

      Netanyahu is setting himself up for the following:

      The State will respect the Religious Freedom of the “Religious Right” who believe that the “Greater Israel” is the homeland of the Hebrew People. It will therefore take no official stance on the Palestenian State, but will protect the Palistenians as a “local population” with regards to Right wingers like Bennet.

      However…the State will also recognize parts of the government that recognize Palestine as a full State. Therefore, Netanyahu’s position will be a legal reality, but the Religious Freedom of the Right will be recognized.

      Don’t jump the gun on Netanyahu, or give a damn about Bennet or Danon.

      With the snap of his fingers, Netanyahu enters coalition with Labour and Bennet disappears from any area of importance in Israeli politics regarding Palestine.

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