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UPDATED: MK Miri Regev forbids Eritrean from entering bus in south Tel Aviv

UPDATE: A later version of the story pointed out that Regev’s bus was chartered, and thus not all that unreasonable that her entourage would deny entry to anyone.

Channel 2 reports that member of Knesset and chairwoman of the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee Miri Regev toured south Tel Aviv today in order to get to know the neighborhood and its residents’ hardships a little better. According to the report, while traveling on a chartered bus through the neighborhood, Regev demanded her security guards prevent an Eritrean from entering the bus. 

However, once Regev realized that her tour was being recorded by Channel 2, she immediately changed her tone and began reprimanding her guards for doing as she had just told them.

h/t (on update) Sol Salbe

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    1. Sol Salbe

      I’d be the last person to defend Miri Regev.But as the the later version of the Mako story pointed out before they pulled it off, there wasn’t too much to the story. People who hire buses often have to tell other that they can’t board. Time to put out an update on the story. Regev is a nasty of piece of work but as she pointed out, there were lots of reporters on the bus including from Haaretz and none would touch it.

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