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Minister's wife: I should have assassinated Assad at Pope's funeral

Judy Mozes, wife of Water, Energy, Development of Negev and Galilee and Regional Cooperation Minister Silvan Shalom, tweeted this morning that she should have assassinated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad when she had the chance. Mozes uploaded a picture where she is seen a few feet behind Assad at the Pope’s 2005 funeral in Rome, adding that there was hardly any security there.

Judy and Assad (from Judy Mozes' Twitter account)

Judy and Assad (from Judy Mozes’ Twitter account)

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    1. why feet not meters?

      everything is cool, but I don’t understand the use of feet instead of meters in an Israeli based website

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    2. solomon

      She can take her wish to her shalow grave,or practice the art of assasination on one of the savages that rule her own country

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    3. She’s such an odious woman – but she is far more than just a cabinet minister’s wife.

      Mozes is a part-owner of one of Israel’s largest daily newspapers, and a rather prominent media personality.

      No stranger to controversy, Mozes was named chair of the Israeli branch of UNICEF – but decided to pull out after making clear that she wants Palestinian children to suffer.

      She has a reputation, and she’s earned it quite independently of her marriage.

      That said, while mentioning her cavalier position about life and death and assassination, it may be interesting to note that she is the widow of high-ranking Israeli officer & reporter Amiram Nir, of Iran-Contra notoriety, who died in a Mexico helicopter crash.

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