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Liberman suggests Israel reoccupy Gaza and 'clean' it

Former Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman suggested Monday that Israel “return to the Gaza Strip and conduct a thorough cleaning.” He made the remarks to Israel Radio after six rockets were fired from Gaza early Monday, two of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome system and four of which landed in open areas in Israel’s South.

His reasoning for calling for nothing less than Israel’s re-occupation of Gaza is that Hamas has no intention of accepting a Jewish presence in Israel. However, it is unclear whether Hamas is responsible for today’s rocket fire. As Walla (Hebrew) reported, a senior official in Jerusalem said Liberman’s comments were unnecessary and irresponsible and that Palestinian Islamic Jihad is likely responsible, as it is trying to in assert its power following the death of one of its commanders, who was killed in clashes with Hamas police.

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