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Israeli fashion celebrity: I'd like to sit on the roof and shoot Arabs

In a promotional interview for “TLV Fashion Night” events, Israeli fashion and TV celebrity Nicole Raidman fanaticizes about murdering Gaza Palestinians:

“I will buy a house in Holit, on the border of Gaza – I swear to you – NIS 600,000, 120 sq. meters, with green standards and solar energy […] and I will sit on the rooftop with my daughter and an AK-47 and do Angry Birds: Here- an Arab! Shoot! But more than this, I will buy a pink tank with Swarovski Jewels, OK? I am an extreme-right person, because a friend of mine was killed in an attack when I was a kid, right?”

Raidman, the owner of a top-end boutique in Kikar HaMedina, a posh Tel Aviv shopping area, became famous after participating in the local version of the docu-reality show Real Housewives. TLV Fashion Night is a yearly sales event, organized by some of Israel’s most prestigious boutiques.

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