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Israel says it can legally search your email upon arrival in the country

Israel’s Shin Bet security service can legally demand that foreigners arriving in Israel give them access to search their email accounts, Israel’s attorney general said on Wednesday, as reported by Israel Hayom. The issue was reported by +972 and the AP last year, after the Shin Bet demanded an American citizen give them access to her email.

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    1. rsgengland

      Quiet a few countries in the liberal west allow this to happen in various guises.
      It does not happen very often, and as Israel does not require visa’s from many countries, the first point of security is at the passport desk.
      Considering the neighborhood, the practice is justifiable in certain instances, even if it is an invasion of privacy.

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      • Yaakov

        In a democracy, invasions of privacy are not “justifiable.” Then again, Israel is not a democracy.

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        • Piotr Berman

          To the contrary, this is how the vibrant democracy vibrates. Just please do not use rhetorical questions like “why you do not come to Israel to see for yourself”.

          On the other hand, I do not quite understand the argument “considering the neighborhood”. Israelis chose their neighborhood but they want to complain about it too.

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        • Kolumn9

          Which democracy doesn’t give its border control the right to go through your belongings?

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    2. Noevil9

      First of all Israel is not a true demoracy, it is a selective one. Second, what one does out side of ones borders is no ones business.Israel has practiced and exhibited not just invasion of privicies, but of countries and people. Call it what you wish its action speaks louder than it’s Hasbara ,and arruguments of Israel defenders. The silence of the world of its upnormal behavior is making it believe in what it does is right.

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