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IDF prevents Palestinians from taking part in memorial ceremony organized by peace group

Who doesn’t want the Israeli-Palestinian memorial service to take place? Every year, Combatants for Peace, an organization founded by Israelis and Palestinians who took part in fighting, or who lost relatives to violence over the years, holds an alternative, Jewish-Palestinian memorial ceremony on the eve of the Israeli Memorial Day, due to take place this Monday.

This year however, the IDF has denied Combatants for Peace’s request to have 109 Palestinians enter Israel for the ceremony. An informal response given to a representative for CFP claimed that “the request was denied at the highest level… the army is against this ceremony in principle.

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    1. Pnina Feiler


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    2. I protest against the decision to prevent Palestinians from taking part of the Memorial Ceremony on Israeli ground. It counteracts the the work for peace and reconciliation in the region.

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    3. Haifawi

      They should honestly just hold it in Area C or Area B. Somewhere that everyone can access without having to get “permission.”

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