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IDF Chief of Staff lays Israeli flag on 2nd to last army death, because the last guy wasn't Jewish

IDF Chief of Staff Gen. Benny Gantz attended a decade old ceremony on mount Herzl today, where a flag is laid on the most recent grave of a soldier. The ceremony is done ahead of next week’s annual Memorial Day. But, Gen. Gantz put the flag this time on the penultimate grave [Heb]. Why, you ask? Lily Galili explains (translation by Sol Salbe):

“As in every other year the Chief-of-Staff, Benny Gantz, laid a small Israeli flag on the grave of the most recently slain IDF soldier on Mount Herzl. However, unlike every other year, Gantz laid the flag on the grave of the second most recently slain soldier. Because the last slain soldier’s name is Yevgeny, and he’s not Jewish and therefore he’s buried in separate plot reserved for non-Jewish casualties. Yes. The military explained that the Chief of Staff lays the flag on the grave of the most recently slain soldier buried in the main avenue. You understand? It’s not that he’s not Jewish, he is buried in the wrong spot. And perhaps in the wrong country?”

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    1. Roger

      Has anyone ever translated Kipling’s 1914-18 epitaphs into Hebrew?

      This man in his own country prayed we know not to what Powers.
      We pray Them to reward him for his bravery in ours.

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    2. qwert

      Does she really thinks that the name Yevgeny means that he was not Jewish? A person called Yevgeny coming from very secular and mixed surrounding can be absolutely Jewish while a person called Jacob can be no Jewish according to the Halacha rules.

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      • Piotr Berman

        Clearly, the inference that Soldier Yevgeny was not Jewish can be made from the choice of the cemetery.

        Apart from anything else, Gantz could make a nice gesture of schlepping to Yevgeny’s grave (take a helicopter if its is far!) and putting something appropriate on it.

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    3. aristeides

      What “Jewish state” means.

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