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Hundreds protest against impending eviction of family in Sheikh Jarrah

Hundreds of Palestinians, internationals and Israelis staged a demonstration in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah Friday afternoon. The demonstration, the first of its kind in a year, was against the expected eviction of the Shamasneh from their home.

The eviction would be the first in the neighborhood in three years. Sheikh Jarrah became the center of a protest movement against Jewish settlement in the neighborhood and is the subject of Just Vision’s documentary film, My Neighborhood. (Watch the full film here.)

Israel’s Supreme Court will hear the Shamasneh family’s case on Monday, where it is expected to order their eviction. The family moved into the home following the Six Day War, but right-wing Jewish settler organizations have been trying to reclaim the home on behalf of its original Jewish owners.

Hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis demonstrate against the impending eviction of a family in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, May 17, 2013 (Photo: Yotam Ronen/Activestils.org)

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    1. carl

      “…on behalf of its original Jewish owners”: this is hasbara.
      The houses in question were built during the Jordanian regime on an olive grove. They were proposed as a solution for accommodating
      Palestinian refugees who lost their homes in various parts of Israel in
      1948. The ownership of the lots is disputed.
      Please write more informed articles.

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    2. rsgengland

      Sheikh Jarrah used to have a Jewish community that was Ethnically Cleansed during the Jordanian assault, occupation and annexation of the area after 1948.
      Is it not time to have a memorial to the Massacre of Jews in Sheikh Jarrah on 13th April 1948.
      A convoy of trucks and buses were heading to the Haddassah Hospital.
      On the way through Sheikh Jarrah they were Ambushed by hundreds of Arab ‘fighters’.
      78 Jewish doctors, Jewish nurses, Jewish patients and Jewish workers were massacred.

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