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Al-Araqib demolished for 62nd time as residents attend Knesset protest on Prawer Plan

Security forces demolished the village of al-Araqib for the 62nd time Wednesday morning, according to activists. Most residents of the Bedouin village were on their way to Jerusalem, to protest outside the Knesset while a parliamentary committee debates the Prawer Plan, which is likely to lead to the demolition of further villages and the uprooting of 30-70,000 people from their homes.

While on the bus to Jerusalem they got a call informing them that security forces were taking advantage of their temporary departure and were once again demolishing their houses, recently rebuilt for the 61st time. Residents of Al-Araqib continued to the protest in Jerusalem, but one returned home.

A protest outside the Knesset against the Prawer Plan, November 20, 2013. The sign reads, “Stop the Prawer Plan Now”. (Photo: Activestills.org)

Meanwhile, as the demolition took place and as the Knesset committee was about to debate further demolitions, the High Court of Justice will be in session this morning to hear the appeal of Umm al-Hiran villagers, whom the government decided just last week would have to be evicted for the benefit of building a new Jewish settlement on their land.

Bedouin residents of Umm al-Hiran at the Supreme Court for an appeal against the demolition of their Negev village, November 20, 2013. (Photo: Activestills.org)

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