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New video of the Israeli army firing on demonstrators in the Golan Heights

New videos are starting to emerge from the occupied Golan Heights where the Israeli army attacked unarmed demonstrators coming from the Syrian side of the border yesterday. The video is a testament to unarmed demonstration in the face of military gunshots. The scenes of unarmed men, woman and children swaying flags and chanting while being shot at conjure images from Egypt’s Tahrir square at the height of the Egyptian revolution.

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    1. Anon

      “The scenes of men, woman and children chanting and swaying flags while being shot at mimic the images from Egypt’s Tahrir square at the height of the Egyptian revolution.”

      Hyperbole much? It’s usually bad practice in journalism to be a cheerleader but I guess this is more like PR…

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    2. Ben

      even if you protest against the 48′ war results, no one can seriously expect the IDF to just open their gates to any mob with flags. demonsration is a legitimate act. breaking into a foreign country is just a life risking provocation that forces the Israelies to use violence. any undiplomatic ressistance will cause only dammage to the peace in the area, and definitly wont help the palastinies who lives inside Israel territory.

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    3. This is a blog post Anon and not a report or written analysis. Thanks for the pointers though.

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    4. max

      Joseph, I sometimes can follow you and in rare occasions even agree with you. This isn’t one of them:
      What the hell did you expect would happen? What would you have done?

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    5. Optimist

      Are you posting Hasbara propaganda on all posts here?

      What do you think the occupied residents of a ghetto in Europe should do? What do you think the rightful owners of a stolen home should do? If you don’t think they should bomb the thieves, shouldn’t you support the right of the owners to walk back to claim their home?

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    6. Muhiun Shareef

      Breaching a [hostile] border is not a non-violent demonstration. You should be glad there were so few deaths, but I guess you need as much dead Palestinians as possible in the most meaningless and careless fashion possible in order to make your point.

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    7. Jeffrey

      What does “This is a blog post and not a report or written analysis” mean? It almost seems like you are suggesting that you don’t stand behind what you have written. So as long as its a “blog post” it does not have to make sense? What’s the point then?

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    8. Jeffrey

      watching the whole video, looks pretty epic. they should just all walk back, don’t see why it wouldn’t work

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    9. max

      Some clips on Syrian sites may indicate that the demonstration has been orchestrated by the Syrian army… what do you say, Joseph? The wonders of modern times, is close to what you said, no?

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    10. max

      Optimist: the ghetto being Syria?

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    11. ANON

      Comment was removed for personal attack

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    12. Abban Aziz

      Did you watch the video Dana? No. At 9:29 we could blatantly see combat age males lobbing rocks at Israeli soldiers.

      No one considers that “unarmed.” Jerusalem Post published photos of an Israeli house fire bombed with moltov cocktails. Two children were rescued by the evil IDF. They would have died if it weren’t for the border police.

      this is all one big scam really. But the blogs and news are loving it.

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    13. ANON

      The only scam is the continued occupation of land the Israelis have no legal rights over. Calling people who have rocks as being “armed” against soldiers with military weapons is mere justification for the shooting of civilians, and shows the true colors of some of the commentators here.

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    14. Abban Aziz

      the author claimed israel fired on “unarmed” “demonstrators” including women and children.

      he tags a video in his article.

      I WATCHED the video, and I saw homicidal Arabs/Muslims assaulting border police. And I don’t see any women or children.

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      • Listen Abban Aziz,

        I have not moderated your comments at all so far and now I am stepping in. You must watch your language. I will not tolerate the racist undertones of what you are writing here and if you continue, I will have no choice but to remove the comments.

        You use the word, ‘homicidal’

        Sir, how many people were killed in this demonstration? Which side had guns?

        Four people died. All killed by the Israeli military. Not a single person with the demonstration had anyone weapon expect stones from the ground.

        Please shape up. This is not a forum for your racist rantings about Arabs. It is for discussion. If you have nothing to add, you will be banned.


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    15. Ofer

      Some blood thirsty people here. If it’s OK to shoot demonstrators with live ammunition because “they shouldn’t be there”, it’s also legitimate to shoot them in Sanaa, when they are demonstrtating “without permits”, and trying to take over government offices.

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    16. max

      Ofer, your logic should be expanded to abolish all armies: when a country wants to invade another one, it should simply help its citizens to climb over the fence. It’ll be a rapid way to world integration, harmonization and peace.

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    17. Jed

      “Not a single person with the demonstration had anyone weapon expect stones from the ground.”
      Would you consider the IDF soldiers innocent if they killed the infiltrators with rocks they took “from the ground”?

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    18. O.Selznik


      personal question, what is your take on the right of return?

      should Israel let all refugees back?

      really asking here.

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    19. Abban Aziz

      This comment was removed for racist language

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    20. Abban Aziz

      This comment was removed for racism

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    21. Abban Aziz

      This comment was removed for personal attack.

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    22. max

      @David – it’s called “utopianism” 🙂

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    23. David

      It all seems strange, considering Assad is literally machine gunning his people in many cities, mass graves, tank battalions encircling towns and bodies being left in the streets and these people, manipulated by the Assads for decades having taken the bait, run to a fence and illegally cross into another country.
      Good thing it was Israel they crossed into. I hear Iran does not take to kindly to “accidental” border violations, wether you teach Palestinian children English or not, you go directly to jail and do not collect a Palestinian Passport.
      What this mirage of the RoR leads to can be seen in this video. I am glad their was no mine field there, otherwise it would have been like watching pop corn in the pan.

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