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Netanyahu tweets Foley execution shot to score points against Hamas

Bibi went there.

[This post has been updated.]

The official account of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on a roll today comparing apples and oranges ISIS and Hamas. First there was a Venn diagram comparing some of the key similarities between the two groups (although inexplicably skipping some of the equally relevant ones, such as that both group use guns, sport woolly balaclavas and operate east of Sicily.)

Then, however, the prime minister stepped it up a notch by using a frame from James Foley’s murder video and a frame from Hamas’s 2012 summary execution of suspected informants, to indicate that ravens and writing desks Hamas and ISIS are one and the same.

There’s the sheer visual inanity of comparing two strikingly different images. The two frames could not possibly be further apart in colour, composition and content, from the activity captured to the context in which the atrocities were carried out. (The Hamas execution was a horrific atrocity in its own right, of course.)

But there’s an even more sinister aspect. Since the release of the video, friends and colleagues of Foley have called on users not to watch the video – not to give ISIS the pleasure – and editors across the United States and beyond have made the commendable decision not to air or stream it, both to spare friends and family the pain, and to deny ISIS the goal of intimidation they so sadistically sought through their meticulously choreographed butchery.

Netanyahu’s people, apparently, care little for either the feelings of Foley’s loved ones or for handing ISIS a propaganda victory. Here you have it, from the horse’s mouth: the nihilistic goons from ISIS are just as representative of the people they rule as Hamas – for all its faults and its own share of atrocities, a genuine, grassroots, democratically elected movement – is of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Great way to go about it, Bibi.

Screenshot of Netanyahu's tweet comparing Hamas and ISIS. 1149 PM IDT 21 Aug 2014


Updates Fri 22/08: About four hours later, the PMO deleted the picture above, replacing Foley’s picture with the Comic Sans Arabic ISIS logo from the Venne diagram. Now the two images look even more different:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.15.20

Also, in the original post I joked about how Netanyahu’s Venn diagram neglects to mention another crucial “shared interest” between the groups – a kink for wooly balaclavas. Luckily, Stephen Pollard and the Jewish Chronicle got Bibi’s back:



(h/t Daniel Trilling)

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    1. Giora Me'ir

      Anything for Hasbara.

      If Hamas is ISIS, then Netanyahu is Pick Botha.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Danny

      I would say that Hamas is ISIS in much the same way Netanyahu is Meyer Lansky: Both are Jews who at one point in their respective careers stood at the head of vicious murderous organizations. But that’s where the similarities end.

      Reply to Comment
      • Gustav

        Vintage Danny post.

        Trumpet and exaggerate so called vicious murderous JEWISH organizations.

        Deny or minimize Hamas’s criminality and criminal behavior.

        Yea Danny go Danny, see you are being cheered on. No you are not, you clown.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ray

          As far as anyone should be concerned, Hamas is a paragon of idealism and virtue compared to thugs like Lansky; at least Hamas doesn’t (at least not to our knowledge) do what it does for money.

          Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            You know, Ray, lets leave red Herrings like Lansky out of it. He was a Mafiosi out to enrich himself by criminal means. I have no reason to defend him. So please don’t sideline what I was saying about Danny’s post. Which was this:

            Our intrepid Danny, constantly Trumpets and exaggerates so called vicious murderous JEWISH organizations. Let me spell it out, the word “organizations” in this context, means Israel.

            Yet dear little Danny Denies or minimizes Hamas’s criminality and criminal behavior.

            Do you agree with him? If you do, then you are as big a fool as he is. Actually, Danny is not a fool. He is a hired gun who does the bidding of Israel’s enemies. He spreads hatred and malicious propaganda against Israel while he dreams up incredible excuses for the likes of Hamas.

            Reply to Comment
          • Goldmarx

            Nowhere does Danny state that Lansky was the head of a Jewish organization, so the assumption behind your attack on him is without foundation.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            “Nowhere does Danny state that Lansky …”

            Excuse me?

            I specifically stated that Lansky is a red herring. Go read my above posts again then come back and argue about my actual point.

            I won’t be arguing with you about red herrings like Lansky.

            By the way, are you Danny’s attorney? Can’t he speak for himself? Does he need you as his mouth piece?

            Reply to Comment
          • Goldmarx

            Posters jump into each other’s threads all the time. I like to be thorough, so I saw a chance to make a quick point.

            Reply to Comment
          • JohnW

            Oh goodie. Goldie is back! Where have you been Goldie? I missed you.

            Reply to Comment
          • l ight


            Reply to Comment
          • Lo

            >He was a Mafiosi out to enrich himself by criminal means.

            Hey kinda like Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, and Avigdor Lieberman!

            Reply to Comment
          • MuslimJew

            You know, Gustav, lets leave red herrings like Hamas out of it. We might as well be talking about the weather. You need your monster under the bed, you need to stay scared and stupid, I get that. So please don’t sideline what I’m about to say about you in my post. Which is this:

            Our brainwashed hasbarist and fantasist, Gustav, constantly trumpets and exaggerates so called vicious murderous Arab and Muslim organizations. Let me spell it out, the word “organizations” in this context, means anyone who won’t fellate Israel.

            Yet poor little blinkered aggessor-victim and defender of state-terrorism Gustav, constantly denies or minimizes Israel’s criminality and criminal behavior.

            Do you share his inverted worldview, which borders on psychosis? If you do, seek psychiatric help immediately. Actually, Gustav is not just some poor, deluded, brainwashed, fool. He is also a dhimmī and a hired gun, programmed to do the bidding of a settler-colonial state, a genocidal apartheid state founded by terrorists, and run by terrorists. He spreads hatred and malicious propaganda against everyone and everything while he continues to smear even more lipstick on the face of his pig.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            “You know, Gustav, lets leave red herrings like Hamas out of it”

            Yea right Muslim, let’s have it both ways. Lets allow Hamas to operate uninterrupted. Let’s give them elbow room to strengthen by lifting the blockade on “the poor Gazans” and see what Hamas does with that …

            Right now Hamas is a really bad nuisance. Something we can’t ignore. We need to swat them from time to time. But I still remember how they maimed and murdered thousands of us between 2000 and 2006 before we built the wall. We won’t let that happen again.

            And get this, Muslim. We don’t need Hamas, nor do you! Hamas is bad for both of us. Potentially, they will be the death of both of us because if they get to be too successful, read up about the Samson option. There are not enough virgins in paradise to accommodate all the Arab men.

            Reply to Comment
          • money

            Hamas has embezzled billions of dollars stolen from aid organizations and donations from iran and qatar.

            So yeah fighting israel is very enriching. Just aak the billionaire arafat.

            Reply to Comment
    3. Whiplash

      There were reports that Hamas was today executing Palestinians in the streets again. Fatah was complaining that Hamas was kneecapping their men in Gaza. We all remember when Hamas threw Fatah men off roofs of high rises and killed 800 Palestinians in its coup.

      Sounds like ISIS is the one copying Hamas.

      Reply to Comment
      • OllieS

        Hamas’ coup…erm, they won the election. Israel and the US, bastions of democracy, weren’t happy with the result so they trained Fatah men (in Jordan) to overthrow Hamas. In other words, they organised for Fatah to execute a coup against Hamas. Hamas obviously fought back. This is basic and well-documented: it’s funny how you don’t know this, yet spout such distortions with such confidence.

        Reply to Comment
        • JohnW

          “Israel and the US, bastions of democracy, weren’t happy with the result so they trained Fatah men (in Jordan) to overthrow Hamas.”

          Yet some of you leftist idiots (people like Goldmarx) made the claim that Israel created Hamas because Israel needs Hamas to justify the “occupation”.

          So why would Israel want to overthrow Hamas then?

          Get a life guys. You can’t even keep your spin consistent.

          Reply to Comment
    4. Whiplash

      Here is where you are wrong. Hamas won an election entitling it majority representation in the Palestinian legislature. Abbas as the elected president maintained broad powers including setting national policy and directing security services. Hamas had no right or power under Palestinian law to field their own army and security services. They had no right to make war on Israel.

      Hamas committed a coup against the PA and dismantled the PA’s security services and the Palestinian civil service in Gaza. Hamas had no power to unilaterally do so. They did so by way of a military coup in defiance of Palestinian law.

      Hamas, also unilaterally, decided not to honor prior agreements entered into by the PA on behalf of the Palestinian people. As a result of this and the coup, the European observers left their posts at the crossing points and a blockade was imposed.

      Hamas failed to follow the Oslo Accords which required the Palestinians to not use violence against Israel and to fight and dismantle terror. Hamas, of course, did the exact opposite and engaged in several wars against Israel in addition to carrying out countless acts of terror.

      Even after it formed an Unity government it failed to relinquish its army or its control of the civilian arm of government in Gaza.

      Reply to Comment
    5. God loves Israel and always will…..Amen

      Reply to Comment
    6. Spot the difference

      Looking at that front page of the Jewish Chronicle got my mind to thinking…. wonder what would happen if I googled the words: Israel Border Police Balaclava

      Why, gosh….. who would have thunk’ it, hey?

      Reply to Comment
      • ErickX

        You seem more concerned about making Israel look bad than actually working towards a solution for Gaza.
        basicly Hamas is JUST like ISIS , if they had the same resources …

        Reply to Comment
    7. Richard

      Bibi didn’t post a video of the beheading – just a still image…like every news service on the planet. So he didn’t disobey the wishes of the Foley family. “East of Sicily” is another juvenile stab at making an adult argument. Please stop insulting your readers’ intelligence Dimi.

      Reply to Comment
    8. sal


      Reply to Comment
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