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Netanyahu makes consolation call to maker of '5 Broken Cameras'

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    1. sh

      Does Bibi know that Emad Burnat was involved in the movie at all? I keep hearing that it’s an Israeli film and that it was directed by Guy Davidi. You need to read +972 to know that it was directed by both.

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    2. Dorothy

      Dear Ami,
      I find this to be in very poor taste, and not at all amusing. I would not have expected such an unfeeling piece from you.

      Reply to Comment
      • Really? Are you serious? Have you seen my other satire? This is as gentle as it gets. Are you sure you’ve actually read my stuff?

        Reply to Comment
    3. Dorothy

      I read +972 mag almost daily, which is the sole place that I know your writing from. In this case, although your comment is unfortunately very likely true, I don’t find the occupation to be a laughing matter–certainly not for Palestinians, and also not for Israeli Jews. You can poke fun at Bibi as much as you want. He’s fair game. But the occupation is too serious and sad to be in the same category.

      Reply to Comment
      • If a Palestinian laughs at it is it alright?

        Reply to Comment
      • Khaled Khalid

        If you don’t laugh at the Occupation’s absurd moments you’ll go insane.

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    4. laila

      I think your “Bibi”needs some work. It doesn’t look much like the real one

      Reply to Comment
      • The closest I could get on bitstrips 🙂

        Reply to Comment
      • Leen

        He’s far too too slim. Looks like those pistachio ice creams haven’t taken a toll on his appearance 😛

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