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Netanyahu campaign video: A victory for the Left means an ISIS invasion

In the latest Likud campaign video, released online Saturday, the message is that voters who cast their ballots for parties to the left of Netanyahu are throwing open Israel’s borders to an invasion by the so-called Islamic State, which in Israel and much of the Arabic-speaking world is called Da’esh.



The video opens with bearded men traveling in a pickup truck, flying the black IS flag with its distinctive white calligraphy. The driver of the truck pulls up beside another car and honks for the other driver’s attention. The IS guy in the passenger seat leans out the window and asks him, in Hebrew with a comically exaggerated Arabic accent, “Hey bro, how do you get to Jerusalem?” The driver of the car shouts back (in Israeli Hebrew), “Take a left!”

Then there’s the slogan, in red Hebrew letters emblazoned on a gray, bullet-marked background: “THE LEFT WILL SURRENDER TO TERROR.”

One of the IS guys fires celebratory bullets skyward and the driver peels off, ostensibly in the direction of Jerusalem, as they all shout exultantly in Arabic, “Shukran, ya ward!” (“Thanks, bro!”). The camera pans briefly to the rear of the truck to focus on a popular Israeli bumper sticker that reads, “Anyone but Bibi.”

The tagline: “It’s us, or them. Only the Likud. Only Netanyahu.”

The snatch of Arabic rap lyrics is excerpted from a song by an Amman-based Palestinian group called Torabyeh: “I want to be buried in the same cemetery that my grandfather was buried in. Since my childhood I’ve been dreaming of becoming a soldier and as time passed I discovered who I wanted to belong to: Mahmoud Abbas, Fateh, Hamas or…Jabha [the DFLP] …”

Netanyahu has for years been promoting his message about the threat to Israeli security posed by Islamist extremism, never missing an opportunity to list Hamas along with the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and even Fateh, mixing them all up so that the average Israeli Jew reflexively associates Arabs and Islam with terror. Like all accomplished populists, he understands the power of repeating a mendacious slogan, and he is an expert at exploiting popular fears and racism.

There is plenty of evidence in popular culture to show that Netanyahu’s tactics work; that his rhetoric has penetrated the mainstream. Never mind that the Islamic State has not expressed any particular interest in Israel or in Palestine. It’s far too busy slaughtering Arabs in Iraq and Syria — decapitating, shooting, crucifying and immolating them in their hundreds. Or, as two IS fighters captured by the Peshmerga told Israeli reporter Itai Anghel in a report he made for Channel 2’s news magazine “Fact,” , they’re not particularly interested in killing Israelis. They just hate everybody who’s not like them.

But the Bibi banter works. Channel 10, for example, recently broadcast a series of pre-election clips in which candidates drive taxis while discussing politics with their passengers. In this clip, the blonde woman sitting in the back seat tells Meretz candidate Tamar Zandberg that she won’t vote for the Left (“it’s not personal! I don’t mean to insult you!”) because if the Left gets into power, Da’esh will overrun Israel.

The popular Israeli narrative is so reactionary and confused these days, that if one were to walk the streets asking average citizens if there was a difference between Fateh and Al Qaeda, most people would be hard-pressed to answer coherently. Go ahead and try to explain to an Israeli audience that Hamas is a small offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, that it is basically a technocratic political party, that it is extremely unpopular in Gaza and that it has nothing to do with expansionist jihadism. Try telling people that if Israel were to lift the siege on Gaza, disgruntled Palestinians would probably kick Hamas out of power immediately. Just try. The best you can hope for is to be told that you’re a traitor who should go live in Gaza.

And by choosing music created by Palestinian-Jordanian rappers with lyrics about the dream of being buried in one’s ancestral homeland, the video’s creators drive home the message: Palestinian aspirations = terrorism = ISIS = the end of Israel. So vote Likud or, as Netanyahu writes on his Facebook introduction to the video, it’s: “Us or them, the ISIS version. Vote for Likud with Netanyahu at its head or for a weak, submissive government with Tzipi and Buji at its head.”

*Thanks to Mohamed El Dahshan and IB for identifying and translating the Torabyeh song.


No, Hamas isn’t ISIS, ISIS isn’t Hamas
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    1. Bar

      ISIS is apparently not so benign toward Israel:


      Israelis aren’t brainwashed regarding Hamas. They see and read the pronouncements that Hamas wants to them to see and read. They get the intention of the rockets. They get the language of the charter. And they get something else: that no matter how you try to dress it up, most Arabs, especially Palestinian Arabs, don’t want Jews controlling Israel.

      Whether Bibi is or isn’t the right person to prevent the Arabs, Daesh, Hizbullah, Hamas or Fatah from reaching their goals is a different matter. But pretending there isn’t serious animosity is ridiculous. You don’t need to move to Gaza, Lisa, you should just review some of the rhetoric and violence against Jews that existed in Mandatory Palestine…

      Reply to Comment
      • Brian

        “most Arabs, especially Palestinian Arabs, don’t want Jews controlling Israel”

        Why should they WANT that? It’s up to YOU to sign a practical peace deal with them, and enact meaningful internal reform, that does not leave them feeling “controlled” but actively participating in a Jewish majority Israel that provides true equality and security for all, a Jewish majority state of all its citizens; living side by side with a Palestinian state with secure and fair borders. If by “Israel” you mean Greater Israel well then the jig is up, no they do not want Jews controlling the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Why should they want that? That makes them Isis?? Get real. It is not about what you or they WANT. You don’t want them controlling a peaceful Palestinian state but you have to accept it. They have to accept what they don’t want too. This is not psychotherapy and psychoanalysis of what you and they deep deep down WANT. It’s about practical arrangements on the ground. Arrange something like justice and the feelings will follow and sort themselves out in the younger generations that come after. Stop trying to get them to sing Hatikhva and using it against them when they don’t want to.

        Reply to Comment
        • Bar

          As always, I stopped reading your comment after the first sentence.

          Reply to Comment
          • Brian

            Oh that’s ok. (If you want to be an ostrich with her head in the sand be my guest.) As always, I do not need updates on your reading habits. Suffice it to say I am not writing for your benefit. Have a nice day.

            Reply to Comment
          • C.C. DeVille

            Lol! Brian is such a narcissist. He believes that people are missing out by avoiding his irrelevent ramblings. No Brian, this is not a bar in Chelsea or the Castro district; you cannot slip someone a ruphie and expect them to do your bidding (actually, you seem thr type to take a ruphie yourself) We have a choice. I read the post and wish I had those 4 minutes back as it is I possible to parse a cogent thought out from your pile of whines.

            Reply to Comment
          • Joel

            A ‘moral narcissist’, to be precise.

            Reply to Comment
          • Weiss

            Of course you don’t care, That’s because you are a Right-Wing Fascist posing as a Jew, who enjoys watching other human beings suffer.

            And yet ANOTHER reason why I am Ashamed to be Jewish.

            Reply to Comment
          • C.C. DeVille

            Weiss, your ashamed to be a Jew because Bar did not want to read Brian’s posting? Can you explain? Maybe Phil Spector can get this logic.

            Reply to Comment
    2. William Burns

      And I really doubt if the creators of the ad got permission for the use of the music, either.

      Reply to Comment
        • William Burns

          It is hard to imagine anything more criminally irresponsible at the present moment than gratuitously linking people who live in Jordan with ISIS.

          Reply to Comment
        • C.C. DeVille

          Oh please. This is the best thing that ever happened to this shitty, no-name band. No normalization? What a bunch of stupid fucks. Do they not realize thst only Israel is keeping their brokeass, corrupt country protrction? Their king and his skanky wife should only have the balls to tell them so.

          Reply to Comment
          • William Burns

            Another example of the “Palestinians should be grateful if Jews deign to steal something from them” philosophy.

            Reply to Comment
          • C.C. DeVille

            They are not Palistinans.

            Reply to Comment
          • C.C. DeVille

            Right, they are not Palistinians. We are saying the same thing.

            Reply to Comment
    3. Brian

      My god how incredibly crude and dishonest the ad is! It’s on the level of a stupid American Super Bowl TV ad but they’re not selling cars or beer here, they’re selling fear. With this ad and Lisa Goldman’s analysis of it I understand better the atmosphere of constant slander and constant fear mongering by the right wing on these comment forums. It’s a section of the Israeli street showing up. And its allied American street. Netanyahu’s and Adelson’s message penetrating the mainstream and the mainstream bringing it here. And the awful/ludicrous Herr Stürmer video posted by Dimi Reider helps one further understand several right wing commenters here. The message of that video, and Netanyahu’s ad, is repeated in one form or another here over and over and over again.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Ginger Eis

      Ms. Lisa Goldman,

      Fact are stubborn things! Here are the cold, hard facts:

      Documented Fact 1: ISIS/ISIL is killing Jews in Belgium simply for being Jews;

      Documented Fact 2: ISIS/ISIL is killing Jews in France simply for being Jews;

      Documented Fact 3: ISIS/ISIL is killing Jews in Denmark simply for being Jews;

      Documented Fact 4: Across Western Europe, Jewish Institutions, kindergartens, day-care centers, etc. are guarded by armed soldiers and police as a result of threat emanating from ISIS/ISIL;

      Documented Fact 5: Most Jews in Europe live in palpable fear of being gruesomely gunned down for being Jews in their own countries by Muslim lunatics of ISIS/ISIL. This has led to increase in Aliya from Europe;

      Documented Fact 6: Jordan is already at war with ISIS/ISIL;

      Documented Fact 7: Egypt is already at war with ISIS/ISIL in the Sinai;

      As such, Israelis, besides being among the most politically informed and engaged, need no childish video-clip from Netanyahu to figure out that ISIS/ISIL is a threat to the Jewish People and the Jewish State. To claim otherwise as you did, Ms. Goldman, based on the utterance of one captured ISIS/ISIL foot-soldier is unprofessional and either ignorant or a form of recklessness that borders on willful misinformation.

      Equally, to also claim that a “Zionist-Camp” government will give in to ISIS/ISIL is ignorant, baseless and slanderous. When it comes to crushing our mortal enemies with iron fist, I trust Tziporah Livni as much as I trust our battle hardened, smart, courageous and confident Naftali Bennett.


      Reply to Comment
      • William Burns

        Is there any actual evidence that the killers you refer to are affiliated with ISIS?

        Reply to Comment
      • Brian

        Hmmmm. Eis, my apology in advance for troubling you but nothing of what you lecture Lisa Goldman about (“Documented Facts” 1-7) has actually anything to do with her main point about Palestinian aspirations and Netanyahu’s dishonest (and not merely childish*) attempts to conflate those aspirations with ISIS’s aims, except to willy nilly conflate the two all over again, and precisely because of that fact you are in my view actually making Goldman’s point for her quite nicely (the point about the the popular Israeli narrative being reactionary and confused).** ISIS is a threat to everybody not like them. They hate everybody. Not just Jews and not even mainly them. In my view then your intemperate attack on Goldman backfires 180 degrees.

        Regarding Tzipora, you are right, she is so anxious to prove she’s a real man too that she’ll outdo the boys in the military aggression department, what you delicately refer to as crushing our mortal enemies with iron fist. Nor are she and her political spouse any more likely than Netanyahu to end the occupation. So you are safe with her. And him.

        * I think I discern a pattern. Forgive me if I extrapolate. When someone points out something discriminatory, disreputable or otherwise problematic going on inside Israel or territories it occupies–whether it is Arabic on a particular village’s road sign being painted out or a prime minister crafting slanderous and potentially life-endangering videos for which he now deservedly faces a lawsuit–you are wont to dismiss it all as the product of “a few bored youths” or mere childishness. Does Israel have an adult population? Do the children run amok?

        ** William Burns: Even if there is evidence, it is not evidence contra to Goldman’s main point.

        Reply to Comment
      • Bryan

        “Fact are stubborn things! Here are the cold, hard facts” – no in this case “facts” are any half-truth or popular misconception that can be deployed by inciters of hatred to further their cause. How many Jews were killed in Denmark in the recent atrocity? Two people died, one of whom was a Jew? Was ISIL responsible? “In Denmark, Jens Madsen, head of the Danish intelligence agency PET, said investigators believed the gunman who killed two people in separate attacks was inspired by Islamic radicalism.” Inspired by Islamic radicalism is not at all the same as “the fact” that the killing was organised and executed by ISIL. Were the recent killings in France directed at Jews? if so they were poorly managed since they also killed Moslems, Christians and atheists. Amnesty International in a September 2014 report on ISIL activities described how ISIL has “systematically targeted non-Arab and non-Sunni Muslim communities, killing or abducting hundreds, possibly thousands, and forcing more than 830,000 others to flee the areas it has captured since 10 June 2014”. Among these people are Assyrian Christians, Turkmen Shia, Shabak Shia, Yazidis, Kaka’i and Sabean Mandeans- but no mention of attacks on Jews. The UN estimated 5,000 Yazidis killed in Iraq in August 2014.

        Ginger, you like to present an aura of remorseless logic, utter dedication to truth and reason, and utter respect for the facts – but you are nothing more than a self-deceiving troll and reverse anti-Semite, continually raging about the Jews, when the obscene truth about ISIL is that they are enemies of pluralism, human rights and civilised values, a bit like another militarised and fundamentalist group in the Middle East.

        Reply to Comment
    5. Behnam Shahariyari,

      Dont wory Lisa
      Iran will solve both the ISIS problem and the zionist problem. Obama is on our side

      Reply to Comment
    6. zach staggers

      Did Bibi pay for the rights to use that song?

      Reply to Comment
    7. Brian

      Chemi Shalev and Eva Illouz in Haaretz (both well before the Likud ad or the settler’s Herr Stürmer video was released):


      “…If the Cossacks cried, “Strike at the Jews and Save Russia,” the right-wing’s slogan is “Smite the leftists and save Israel.” Carrying all the hallmarks of classic anti-Semitic rhetoric, leftist saboteurs are described as a closed clique with an elitist mentality, as Netanyahu said of the Israel Prize judges he summarily disqualified this week. They stick knives in the backs of Israeli soldiers (New Israel Fund), erode America’s support for Netanyahu’s policies (J Street), aid and abet Iran’s nuclear program (Herzog), are funded and managed by hostile foreigners (leftist NGOs) and wield mysterious powers to manipulate the media (Yedioth Ahronoth)….”


      “What has gone unnoticed is that Netanyahu has uniquely mixed the invocation of fear [employed in] democracies with that of the fear [employed by] terror regimes: …he constantly refers to external enemies (Iran, Arabs, Hamas, Palestinians, anti-Semites, Europeans, etc.) but nevertheless, and more scandalously, refers to his opponents as the internal enemies of Israel (leftists, secular people, Herzog, Yitzhak Rabin) – as if the latter and the former had the same common objective, the demise of Israel. Netanyahu has, by and large, been unpunished for such scandalous positions.”

      Illouz goes on to explain the reasons Netanyahu finds fear so useful:

      “For one, fear, far more than anger, justifies the aggressiveness and violence that are at the heart of the Israeli right-wing view of politics. That is, it is easier to justify morally military aggressiveness or domination by invoking fear than by claiming proudly to be the neighborhood bully….

      Second, fear overrides not only thinking but, more important, all other emotions….

      Finally, fear demands immediate action rather than a vision of the future…it is the emotion of those who lack a vision, of those who actually and actively block the future of their nation but hide it by invoking the immediate present of survivalism. In truth, it is the emotion of those who are only busy with their own survival and not with the well-being of the citizens they represent.”

      Reply to Comment
      • Brian

        And…more genuine slander from the Israeli Right Wing, America’s “staunch ally.” Netanyahu and his snarling pit bull advisor Caroline Glick are truly offensive. They should both be declared persona non grata and not allowed on American shores. In a normal as opposed to a sick relationship such hateful, lying rhetoric from a prime minister about the American president would never ever be paired with an invitation to speak in the house of the American legislature:

        GLICK: “U.S. President Barack Obama is mainstreaming anti-Semitism in America. The perception that Obama either does not oppose or embraces Islamic extremism is strengthened when coupled with his appalling attempts to ignore the fact of Islamic Jew-hatred and its genocidal nature and his moves to demonize Netanyahu for daring to oppose his policy toward Iran. Perhaps Obama is acting out of anti-Semitism or perhaps he acts out of sympathy for Islamic fascism.”

        Reply to Comment
    8. Average American

      Political campaigns achieve ridiculousness in any country. Here on one hand we have The Islamic State, trying to forcibly expand its territory and subjugate all non-Muslims, and on the other hand we have The Jewish State, trying to forcibly expand its territory and subjugate all non-Jews.

      Reply to Comment
    9. BigCat

      While the “liberals” and the “progressives” bury their heads in thick mud, +972 publish complete junk at and it’s hatemongering readership fixate on- and obsess with Israel and Jews, ISIS is currently shutting down sections of Europe and changing the European way of life as evidenced, for example, here:


      The handwriting of what is yet to come is all over the wall.

      Reply to Comment
      • Bryan

        Question: If “+972 publish complete junk” then why are you so ever-present here. Answer “it’s hatemongering readership fixate on – and obsess with Israel and Jews”.

        Reply to Comment
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