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Netanyahu at the UN: Frozen bodies, blatant lies, and imaginary children

Netanyahu didn’t need the Mufti or a bomb diagram at this year’s UN General Assembly. Just a few kind words about a Palestinian victim of Jewish terror, branding Israel as an economic powerhouse, and kissing up to the Americans. 

Netanyahu UN wide

1. Stealing the president’s lines

“Ahmed was the victim of a horrible terrorist act perpetrated by Jews… No words can bring comfort to this boy or to his family. Still, as I stood by his bedside I told his uncle, ‘This is not our people. This is not our way’.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu, during his speech Thursday at the United Nations General Assembly, decided to talk about the murderous attack on the Dawabshe family. But as luck would have it, I, too, was there during Netanyahu’s highly-publicized visit to the hospital — Ahmed’s uncle wasn’t even present. He happened to be at a different hospital when Netanyahu arrived, next to Ahmed’s father who succumbed to his wounds a few days later.

Hussein Hasan Dawabshe, father of Reham, who is in critical condition at the Tel Hashomer Hospital. July 31, 2015. (photo: Samah Salaimah)

Hussein Hasan Dawabshe, father of Reham, who is in critical condition at the Tel Hashomer Hospital. July 31, 2015. (photo: Samah Salaimah)

The person who was with Ahmed — the only member of the Dawabshe family who survived — was the doctor from Duma who got on a helicopter so he could be at the child’s side. The doctor refused to stand alongside Netanyahu during his visit to urgent care, and asked that Netanyahu not be photographed with Ahmed, who suffered burns over his entire body.

The conversation between us and Netanyahu took place in the adjacent room, and since I was there I can say that the words “This is not our people. This is not our way” were never uttered. So what did Netanyahu say? We will catch the perpetrators, we will punish them, we will compensate you. And he promised: we will rebuild the house and take care of the family. I remember that the doctor wanted to ensure that Netanyahu knew how important it was to catch those who burned the family, and more importantly: that those who did it aren’t labeled “insane” in court.

By the way, the person who actually did refer to “our people” was President Reuven Rivlin, who arrived a few minutes later. But why split hairs? The truth is less important when you want the world to picture a sympathetic Netanyahu standing above Ahmed’s bed, as his uncle looks on and cries as he hears Dear Leader’s big promises.

2. Playing with the dead

Netanyahu also mentioned that Hamas is not allowing the Goldin and Shaul families — whose sons were killed during the 2014 war, and whose bodies are currently being held by Hamas — to properly bury their children, claiming that refusing to do so is “unbelievably cruel.”

Perhaps someone should remind him how many bodies of Palestinians Israel is currently holding? Because Palestinians also deserve a dignified burial, and not after months of being frozen and under restrictive conditions set by the army and the police. Of course these Palestinian families, who according to military law cannot even assemble to mourn, do not appear in Netanyahu’s speech.

Zaka rescue personnel carry the bodies of Palestinian attackers at the scene of a shooting and stabbing attack near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, February 3, 2016. Three Israelis were wounded, two critically and one lightly, after being stabbed by three Palestinian attackers, who were shot and killed by Israeli security forces at the scene. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Zaka rescue personnel carry the bodies of Palestinian attackers at the scene of a shooting and stabbing attack near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, February 3, 2016. Three Israelis were wounded, two critically and one lightly, after being stabbed by three Palestinian attackers, who were shot and killed by Israeli security forces at the scene. (Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Let’s summarize: a soldier who enters Gaza in a tank in order to go to war, and his parents are eligible for a flight to New York with the prime minister. On the other hand a Palestinian who may or may not have been wielding a knife and who was shot and killed by soldiers is thrown into a freezer for months on end.

3. Bibi Theresa

During his speech Netanyahu spoke about an imaginary Palestinian teenager named Ali. Netanyahu is very worried about what is happened to young Ali. He claims that Ali is being abused, force-fed incitement, racism, and hatred — both in his school and outside of it.

Only this week, at two in the morning, did over 10 army jeeps raid the village Bil’in in the West Bank, where they confiscated computers and telephones, barging into dozens of homes. An entire, non-imaginary village did not wake up for school. The children did not stay at home in order to learn hatred from their schoolbooks — they were busy picking up the mess the most moral soldiers in the world left when they ripped their clothing out of closets and deliberately broke their tables.

An Israeli soldier aims his gun at protesters during a weekly demonstration against the Israeli Separation Wall in Bil'in, West Bank, May 7, 2010. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

An Israeli soldier aims his gun at protesters during a weekly demonstration against the Israeli Separation Wall in Bil’in, West Bank, May 7, 2010. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Where does Netanyahu get the gall to claim that Israel is different? Just yesterday, as Netanyahu was giving his speech, the State Comptroller published a report according to which the education system is failing to tackle racism. Where in Israel do Jews learn to love Palestinians? What system is feeding these children who, one day, may end up shooting a dying, incapacitated man in Hebron, or who may end up writing “hating Arabs is a mitzvah?” Bibi Theresa, leave your preaching of peace and love to the others.

4. Israeli oranges

What can I say, Netanyahu’s speech gave me a craving for oranges. Jaffa oranges made a cameo in Netanyahu’s speech as proof that a tiny state could turn oranges into an Israeli trademark created by European Jews who danced in circles after a long day of work. The only problem? That orange was also stolen from Palestinian fields, where they grew before the 1948 War. Those Palestinian farmers became refugees and left the orange groves behind them.

5. The Mufti is out, the UN is in

I waited for Netanyahu to mention the Mufti. It didn’t happen. He didn’t talk about the Holocaust, Iran came up briefly, and Hezbollah only made a cameo. What happened to Israel’s token enemy?

Year after year Netanyahu chooses a different country or group to blame for their hatred, anti-Semitism, and desire to wipe out Israel. This time he went all out: everyone. The UN, the General Assembly itself, the chairs, the UN Human Rights Council, world representatives — everyone hates Israel. No one is innocent, apart from the United States. The U.S. is the Jewish people’s only true friend. Everyone else is anti-Semitic, extremist, hypocritical — only America proves its loyalty time and time again. And all the weapons, planes, and missiles that we receive from Uncle Sam only prove how deep and unbreakable this love truly is.

And if that wasn’t enough to cause you to tear up, Netanyahu finished off by offering his well wishes to Shimon Peres, who suffered a stroke a week ago. “I always admired his optimism,” said Bibi, and all of us — in Israel and across the world — understood the hint: soon Peres will go, and all you will have left is me. Me and me alone.

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    1. Grandpa Frost

      What a spectacular failure to address any of the points Bibi actually made.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Tomer

      Don’t hate Bibi too much. The next Israeli leader will be tougher on the Arabs and might even expel them.

      Reply to Comment
    3. John the Farmer

      well minipa what’s stopping you from delineating “the points Bobo actually made”? ?

      Reply to Comment
    4. Ben

      Netanyahu is brazenly interfering in US internal domestic affairs. Again! To the point even of disrupting one candidate’s preparations for a crucial debate! What an intrusive asshole. And his right wing Israeli supporters at the same time whine about supposed foreign interference in Israeli domestic affairs! He’s posing as not interfering because, he says, he’s meeting with both candidates, but he knows very well it can only help Trump, who can thereby be seen as ‘presidential’, and it will not help Clinton. Wow. What a devious little momzer. Israelis you can forever stop whining about supposed outside interference in your politics — the hypocrisy is overwhelming. ==>
      Netanyahu photobombs U.S. election campaign, much to Trump’s delight

      Reply to Comment
      • i_like_ike52

        Foreigners interfere in Israel’s internal affairs and even try to fix Israel’s elections, as Clinton and Obama have done. Turn about is fair play.
        BTW-your use of profanities shows a real level of frustration on your part. You always foreigners to intervene here, just as you accuse Netanyahu of doing there. Why don’t you try to persuade the Israeli public instead of just cursing everyone you don’t agree with?

        Reply to Comment
        • Ben

          Of course I’m frustrated with Netanyahu. Why shouldn’t I be? I’m not trying to hide it and you’re not detecting anything I haven’t made obvious. And I don’t, as you invent, go around cursing everyone I disagree with, only Netanyahu, actually. And you have it very wrong if you think it is my job to convince the Israeli public to stop what is being done in their name. It is their job to convince the rest of the world that they are actively doing something to try and stop it instead of sitting back and saying “What occupation? Oh, that. Who cares? What’s on reality TV tonight? Pass the chips.” American presidents do not come into the Knesset and brazenly speak against sitting Prime Ministers while saying “I am so bipartisan, AIPAC is such a lovely bipartisan organization, and by the way I won’t accept 3.8 billion, it had better be 4.5 billion.” And they don’t appoint ambassadors who openly scheme with the opposition party. That is definitely “devious little momzer” territory. Sorry, reality is what it is. Netanyahu is regarded as an incorrigible liar and schemer, almost universally detested in foreign capitals.

          Reply to Comment
    5. Average American

      I read Netanyahu’s speech. Poor poor Israel. Oh golly everyone is ganging up on them, again and again and again! But just you wait you big bullies, we’re influencing your governments as we speak, and pretty soon they’re going to tell you to stop it. We’ll have enough power in all your governments to make you grovel and lick just like USA. And we make stuff too, stuff you want to buy. You buy, you buy, special for you today only. And we’re really good spies, don’t forget, we can find dirt on you or make it up if we have to. So let’s all pledge allegiance to Israel. Thank You Ladies and Gentlemen.

      Reply to Comment
    6. I do not believe that the U.S. are Israel’s true friends. The problem takes place, because very unfortunately, Israel has gained control of the United States congress, and even the White House. As an American citizen, myself, and many millions of other Americans, resent the fact that the United States are giving Israel almost TEN MILLION dollars every day, at a time when we have to borrow money to cover our own federal deficit. This is WRONG, and it must be stopped. But how can we do it? In my opinion, by electing Senators and Representatives that have not been brain washed by AIPAC’s propaganda, and believe in placing the interests of the United States above those of Israel. At this time, by electing Donald J. Trump as our next president, seems to be the only answer I can think of.

      Reply to Comment