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Netanyahu answers Facebook comments criticizing ceasefire with Hamas

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announcing the cease fire between Israel and Hamas (photo: Koby Gidon/ Government Press Office)

Prime Minister’s Netanyahu’s announcement of a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, which was also posted on his official Facebook page, received this evening an uncharacteristic number of angry comments by citizens demanding the government continue the assault on Gaza, among them: “Puppet for the U.S.”; “You have surrendered to terrorism, shame!”; and so on.

The Israeli media has been in “war mode” in the last few days, extensively covering the preparation for what seemed to be an inevitable ground invasion, with some commentators sounding like cheerleaders for the army. The somber tone of the last day – despite the attack on a Tel Aviv bus – stood in sharp contrast to the previous week.

A few hours after the initial post, Netanyahu, who didn’t take questions at the press conference earlier this evening, posted the following status:

I realize that there are citizens who expect a harsher military action and we may very well need to do that. But at present, the right thing for the State of Israel is to exhaust this possibility of reaching a long-term cease-fire. As Prime Minister, I have the responsibility, and it is the highest responsibility, to make the right steps to ensure our security. That is what I have done and it is what I will continue to do.

My personal feeling is that Netanyahu won’t lose too much support as a result of the ceasefire, and even if he does, it will be to the right’s favor, so his chances at remaining prime minister will stay very high. I will post some analysis on the political fallout from the operation in the coming days.

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    1. Stephan


      Israelis have no interest in killing Palestinians. They do have an interest in living without rockets raining down on their heads.

      When Hamas verbally incites violence against Israel and has it in their charter that Israel and Jews worldwide should be killed what kind of compromise can there be?

      Reply to Comment
      • Colin

        You seem like a gentle and reasonable man Stephen, I feel that you haven’t looked into the facts enough of this matter though to of writ what you did here. Israel’s blockade of the Gaza strip is the reason why the Palestinians were shooting rockets at Israel, most anybody in there position would have done the same thing. If you had a choice of being starved to death or being deprived of medicine and had the choice of being bombed or starved which one would you pick ?

        Reply to Comment
        • Charles-Jerusalem

          Dear Colin,
          Hamas did not start firing missiles to Israel because of the blocade, it did it because there were loosing ground to the profit of smaller and more radical organizations (Ilslamic Djihad, Al-Quaida,…) and because Abu-Mazen was about to make a step without them.
          One our side, what would be anyone’s reaction when their country is being bombarded by hundreds of rockets every day.
          Come on Colin, come back to earth.

          Reply to Comment
          • aristeides

            What would anyone’s reaction be when your country is under a military blockade, with incessant armed incursions across your border?

            Funny that Israeli apologists keep parroting the rocket line, yet never consider the other side.

            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            What would anyone’s reaction would be if one’s nation would three or four times try to conduct genocide on unwanted neighbors but every time failed which after 40 years resulted in territory loss??

            I’d be ashamed to be a part of such nation.

            Reply to Comment
          • aristeides

            I’d be ashamed of posting such ridiculous lies.

            Reply to Comment
    2. Again, I suspect Israel is going to get more US funds to accelerate placement of Dome batteries. Bibi actually risks little: if missles continue, the present batteries seem capable of preventing Israeli deaths for a while, he still has machinery ready for a ground invasion, and he will be able to tell the insisting Americans that he tried their approach and it has failed. As usual, Bibi puts him in a place to be a winner no matter what (with some risk of Iraeli deaths).

      As important, I think he knows that the Americans will not take the bus bombing as an essential part of the Gazan conflict AT THE MOMENT. A few more such attacks could change that view (and just to be clear I abhore all such bombing).

      Reply to Comment
    3. Charles-Jerusalem

      This time I have to say that Bibi was a genius chess player, why ?
      Because he managed to apply an famous martial art saying: “don’t beat them but don’t get beaten”.
      The Hamas thinks that it won and in a way it did. But on the other side, Bibi thinks more globally. Now Hamas is out of the hands of Iran, now Hamas deals with Egypt, Qatar and Turkey.
      Iran has lost a precious ally in Hamas and also has lost Syria as Bashar El Assad is finished.
      As Bashar El Assad is finished, Hezbollah is weakened and will not dare taking Lebanon in a war with Israel.
      Now that Iran lost strategic allies, it is less threatning to Israel and Israel can deal with it better.
      Genious move ! France 12 points

      Reply to Comment
      • Habib

        except, bombs dropping and people dying not quite a chess game, is it?

        Reply to Comment
        • Charles-Jerusalem

          Gaza and Israeli civilian populations are definitly a pawn in Hamas game, you are wrong.
          Sorry for having chocked you if I ever did, but one has to be realistic in the perception of middle east politics.
          I also didn’t appreciated being the civil hostage of this war.

          Reply to Comment
    4. BrashandBrazen

      Stop the genecide of Palestinians!

      Reply to Comment
      • Charles-Jerusalem

        my dear Brashandbraz,
        If you post such a comment, it means that you don’t know what genocide is.
        But we do.

        Reply to Comment
    5. jimmy newark

      Just another day at the office .This conflict/war etc ain,t going anywhere. Its a shame on both sides .Dreaming of another way

      Reply to Comment
    6. Joan Stein

      The comments here should convince us (in Israel) to STOP taking other peoples’ opinions when we make decisions. Our long history of bending over backwards to keep civilians alive, of returning land to under the pressure of diplomacy has no impact on others views of the situation. We are the aggressors,we “slaughter” people in Gaza, are committing “genocide”. If Hamas shoots rockets at us it’s our fault.

      We have spent to much time capitulating, reasoning. apologizing, compromising. What we got for it this time around:
      – a military operation stopped before complete with no treaty or agreement.
      – a peace guarantor appointed by the US who is trying at this moment to eliminate all vestiges of democracy in Egypt.
      – a confused vague document that will put us in violation by anyone who likes.

      There is no point in explaining things like this: More Jews were made stateless than Palestinians in 1948 when Arab countries illegally occupied Jewish land and forced them out of countries all over the Arab world.

      People don’t want to hear it.

      It’s about time we stopped playing into the agenda’s of others and set our own.

      Reply to Comment