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Richard Spencer tells Israelis 'White Nationalism' is akin to Zionism

The prominent white supremacist is given a platform on Israel’s top-rated news show, and the host doesn’t once challenge his anti-Semitism or hateful views.

By +972 Magazine Staff

Israel’s most popular prime-time television news show gave white supremacist Richard Spencer a platform to try and convince Jewish Israelis that White Nationalism is analogous to Zionism, adding that Israelis should relate to him and his ilk.

[If the video below doesn’t play, watch here or here]

“As an Israeli citizen, as someone who understands your identity, who has a sense of nationhood and peoplehood, and history and the experience of the Jewish people, you should respect someone like me, who has analogous feelings about whites,” Spencer told anchor Danny Kushmaro on Wednesday evening’s broadcast.

“You could say that I’m a white Zionist in the sense that I care about my people; I want us to have a secure homeland for us and ourselves just like you want a secure homeland in Israel,” Spencer continued.

The Israeli television host in any way challenge the comparison of white supremacist nationalism to Zionism or the attempt to get Israelis to relate to it. Perhaps more shocking, was that Kushmaro did not ask Spencer what his anti-Semitic ideology would mean for the millions of Jews in the United States.

When Kushamaro did confront Spencer about anti-Semitic chants and sentiments among the white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, he allowed him to treat it as a matter of free speech instead of addressing the anti-Semitism itself.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been roundly criticized for failing to address the gravity of such anti-Semitic and even neo-Nazi rhetoric and violence taking place in the United States, President Trump’s refusal to unequivocally condemn it, and express any concern for the world’s second-largest Jewish population. (By some counts, the U.S. has more Jews than Israel.)

The truth of the matter is that Netanyahu is relatively alone in his immensely disappointing response to the resurgent white supremacist movement in the United States. Ministers in his own government, politicians across the Israeli political spectrum, and others have been unusually outspoken on the issue.

This is not the first time that Netanyahu has shied away from criticizing the Trump administration’s attitudes toward hate crimes targeting American Jews. When Trump was confronted about his lack of condemnation of a series of bomb threats against Jewish institutions and schools, Netanyahu defended his silence by calling him “a great friend of the Jewish people.”

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    1. James87

      Richard Spencer is stupid.

      Israel gives citizenship to all Jews including Jews who convert to Judaism. Israel rescued plenty of non white Jews. Israel’s majority population is non white. Israel is an ethno-religious state, it is not a state based on race. Richard Spencer wants a state based on race.

      There is no comparing Zionism to white nationalism. You cannot convert to being white.

      Reply to Comment
      • john

        an ethno-religious state? because a religious state is a theocracy, and an ethno-state is what he advocates, split the difference, and get the worst of both worlds: a state that’s democratic for jews, and the army against non-jews – apartheid.

        Reply to Comment
    2. Michael Marowitz

      Yet another conflation of disagreement with Zionist policies and actions and actual anti-Semitism. Like many American Jews who deplore the mendacity of Zionist hasbaras, I am strongly offended by this illogical rhetoric.

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