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Nabi Saleh protester hit by tear gas canister dies from wounds


Mustafa Tamimi, 28, died this morning at Belinson Hospital after sustaining critical wounds yesterday in the village of Nabi Saleh when an Israeli soldier fired a tear gas canister directly at his head from a short distance. His funeral will depart from Ramallah to Nabi Saleh tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:30 A.M. A protest against the killing will take place this evening in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv.

***Please be aware some of the photos are very graphic***

A group of Palestinian men surround Mustafa Tamimi after he was shot (photo: Lazar Simeonov)

Mustafa Tamimi was killed on Friday during a weekly protest in the village of Nabi Saleh when he was hit with a tear gas canister in the head from close range.

Witnesses say the soldier was less than ten meters away when he fired out of the back of a military jeep, causing severe damage to the orbital region of Tamimi’s face.

“Half of his face was destroyed, pretty much. It looked really, really bad and he lost a lot of blood,” said Lazar Simeonov, a photographer that was in the village at the time.

Mustafa Tamimi after being shot in the face with a high-velocity tear gas canister from short range (photo: Lazar Simeonov)

Friday marked the two-year anniversary of the weekly protests in Nabi Saleh. A larger crowd than usual had gathered for this week’s demonstration, including a delegation from the United Nations.

After more than an hour of tear gas salvos from the soldiers against the main core of unarmed demonstrators, a group of Palestinian youth had set up a small road block of stones on a main road, where they began throwing rocks.

An Israeli military bulldozer came to remove the hand-made obstacle with three Israeli jeeps to guard it. Palestinian youths began throwing stones at the bulldozer when Israeli soldiers emerged from the jeeps and began firing. One of the soldiers launched a tear gas canister directly at Tamimi from the back of a military jeep, according to footage displayed by Mondoweiss. Other protesters ran over to help him before he was rushed away in a taxi.

The vehicle was stopped by soldiers at a checkpoint near the entrance of the village and Tamimi was removed from the ambulance, where he was treated on the spot before being taken to the Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva. Tamimi later succumbed to his wounds at the hospital in the morning hours.

Several people have been killed or injured by tear gas canisters discharged by Israeli soldiers in recent years. The crowd dispersal weapons were intended to be fired skyward, a directive often disregarded by the soldiers.

Two people console each other after the day’s tragedy. (photo Lazar Simeonov)

Nabi Saleh, a small Palestinian village near Ramallah, has had much of its land appropriated by the neighboring Jewish settlement of Halamish. After a critical water well was taken by settlers two years ago, local residents of Nabi Saleh began organizing non-violent protests.


Anyone that has ever spent time in Nabi Saleh on Fridays understands the almost personal nature of what happens there. The Tamimi family and the activists that go to support them in their struggle to defend their land are almost always the same core group of people, and the soldiers from the nearby barracks are generally the same as well. Each recognize each other because of their weekly interaction. Every member of the Tamimi family is well known by the Israeli military stationed in the area, and those soldiers who torment and harass them. Acts such as the one that transpired with the malicious killing of Mustafa Tamimi can be viewed as purposeful, at least by the soldier that pulled the trigger. Either targeted at the individual or to break the back of a family that has endured every trial and tribulation to preserve their land and rights, people should understand the personal nature of the death of Mustafa Tamimi, the arrest of Bassem Tamimi, the constant night raids, the arrest and violent interrogation of children, and the whole orchestra of abuse directed at these people.


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    1. Terry

      So, the military told them to disperse, spends an hour firing tear gas canisters at you and you continue to throw rocks at them at close rane… shouldn’t you expect and be prepared for getting hurt. Why complain about it afterwards?

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    2. Sinjim

      I, for one, agree with @Terry. This Mustafa character is from the well-known Tamimi terrorist family. Hopefully, that’ll teach these savages infesting Ezor Yehuda veShomron a lesson. The Israeli army has every right to lob chemical weapons at these protesters, and they must learn that they have no right to respond.
      I extend my hearty congratulations to the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel. All of your people can raise your heads high today.

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    3. directrob

      This is a bit too graphic for me …

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    4. Carl

      Terry, I’ve got a dictionary which has the word ‘compassion’ in it. Would you like to borrow it? It’s also got words under ‘H’. I’m specifically thinking of one which starts ‘Huma….’, though I’ll leave that for your homework.

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    5. Apa

      Terry, I assume that with ‘military’ you mean ‘occupying army supporting land theft by settlers’.

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    6. directrob

      @Mondoweiss there is a photo which shows the projectile in flight, the jeep and the victim. It looks like a high velocity CSI 40mm CN or CS grenade, meant to fire up to 100 meters. In any normal country the soldier would be arrested.

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    7. Thank you @directrob

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    8. John Yorke

      This tragic incident seems to be a very common occurrence, the all too casual resort to violence that both sides elect to carry out and the feeling that matters can only get worse as a result.
      It seems to me that what is needed to actively discourage ALL such activities is a high vprofile type of rough justice, one that is keyed to the one aspect that fuels so much of the entire situation.

      The fundamental problem, as touched upon in this report, is all to do with ownership of the land and whatever is and has been done to acquire it.

      If this overriding territorial ambition could be somehow linked as directly as possible to the conduct of each set of combatants, then I feel we would soon see a rapid decline in overt confrontation and even a surprising degree of politeness creeping into these sporadic tests of strength between Palestinians and Israelis.

      Which would be no bad thing when you consider the track records that these groups have had over the last 63/64 years.


      If we really want the violence to end, then this may be the only way to go about it.

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    9. berl

      a beast would deserve more respect. what come around goes around, in this life or in another one

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    10. h. cohen

      As the comments of Terry and Sinjim show, the occupation eats the soul of the occupier

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    11. directrob

      I think you somehow missed the sarcasm in Sinjim’s post.

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    12. Dee Coombes

      Stones v teargas canisters? Tanks against children, women, and unarmed men? Land theft? Water theft? Lies? Genocide? I hope with all my heart that the Israeli government, the IDF and those Israeli citizens who support them can find their way back to their humanity before they outdo what was done to the Jews of Europe.

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    13. Thank you for placing these images, difficult as they must be, in this post. Descriptions disappear quickly from our minds. Your photos show where this unending confrontation leads.

      Reply to Comment
    14. Unfortunately Mustafa Tamimi died from his injuries this morning…

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    15. H.Cohen

      If so, I do apologize.

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    16. Hamid

      So horrible. Throwing stones should not mean a death sentence. The soldiers in that armoured car were in no danger. He deliberately opened the door to shoot Tamimi in the face.

      Israeli military ‘justice’ will gloss over this. Another horrible crime in the occupation. Allah yerhamu.

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    17. ‘Unfortunately Mustafa Tamimi died from his injuries this morning…’

      Unfortunately, if matters are left more or less as they are, there will be other victims, other Mustafa Tamimis, other Palestinians, other Israelis, other human beings.

      What is it that we can do for them? Can we save them from a similar fate?

      There must come a time when words are just not enough and actions must speak louder and more effectively. Otherwise, all that has happened so far will have no meaning and our understanding of its place in our lives will never be known.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Henry Weinstein

      Hamid said it all, it was an execution (see Mondoweiss coverage).

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    19. TERRY

      Yes, upon further contemplation, I recognize that my post was out of line and that I am little better than a savage for saying what I said. I want to apologize to everyone here and especially to the family of Mr. Tamimi whose life was cut short for little more than expressing a political viewpoint.

      Reply to Comment

      This violent thug deserves no sympathy whatsoever. He was not a peaceful protester. He was a stone thrower. The act of throwing a stone throwing is an attempted murder. Remember the infant Asher Palmer who was murdered by a stone thrower?

      Reply to Comment
    21. sh

      Poltergeist, are you suggesting that throwing a stone at an armoured car or a bulldozer is attempted murder? What exactly was the soldier who fired a canister that is meant to be fired into the air for crowd control doing firing it into an unarmed man’s face at point-blank range? From inside an armored vehicle at that.
      I don’t know how to say you want your head examined politely.

      Reply to Comment
    22. Marc

      i must say, when does the label of victimhood end? look, in no way am i anti-semetic, but let’s review the facts here. Israel was deemed an untouchable nation by the UN after 1949. This of course was because of the holocaust, and now the Israelies are commiting the same atrocities as the Nazi’s were during the late 30s, and 40s. Gaza is most definetly an example. I am actually appalled that Israel is commiting crimes against people and are not being presecuted or arrested because they are labelled ‘victims’. I hate to be bold but, Israel has adopted the 2 main concepts of the Nazis; 1 entire punishment of a population (palestine) 2 mass killing of a population.

      Reply to Comment
    23. Please moderate. Democracy does not imply that we let blind people drive. Not even when they constitute the majority.

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    24. H. Cohen

      You are for sure a mean human being.
      Just to remind you, the protestors have all the right to use stones against an army that is occupying their land. Or should they just remain silent so that you can stay relaxed in your warm house without watching these kind of disturbing images?
      They only good aspect is that what goes around come around. It is just a matter of time, in this life or in the next one

      Reply to Comment
    25. Diana Alzeer


      For the love of lord, your telling your people to continue killing mine!! Thank you for whoever mentioned the word compassion my tired and ached brain managed to skip language for the sake of the images of a young Palestinian who had just lost his life, or for his sister and other tamimis that I hugged and cried with..

      “Be Human” is what I say to you!

      For Omar: Thank you, and I must say the personal note at the end explained it to all and why TODAY I felt like Mustafa was much more than a person I met by chance in Nabi Saleh, talked with and had tea with, today Mustafa felt like a brother, a friend, a fellow activist, he felt like a Palestinian!

      Reply to Comment

      Of course stone throwing is an act of attempted murder. You cannot tell from the pictures WHO he was throwing the stones at. The only information we have is from his fellow Arabs and so called “peace” activists who have a vested interest in portraying the conflict a certain way. We don’t know exactly what happened before or after the picture was taken. Let me reiterate, people like this thug deserve absolutely no sympathy.
      They have the right to throw stones? According to what law? If they didn’t attempt to commit heinous acts like stone throwing, the would be no such disturbing images to begin with. You say “what goes around comes around.” Well, maybe it just did!

      Reply to Comment

      On a lighter note, who’s that cute girl in the picture? Does anybody have her phone number, so I can get together with her and console her?

      Reply to Comment
    28. directrob

      Poltergeist your last post is one of the worst and most disrespectful I have seen here. I hope the moderators know what to do.

      Reply to Comment
    29. JG

      According to what law has your IDF the right to occupy other peoples land? And while it is their palestinian land they have every right to fight against the oppressors, by any means necessary

      Reply to Comment
    30. Bea

      Poltergeist you are quite simply a total shit!!

      I presume you feel the same about all those little settler children who sometimes get to spend their religious holidays throwing stones at Palestinians. Death row, and for their parents?

      Or the Iranian’s students protesting the supposedly fraudulent Iranian elections last year, whose stone throwing was celebrated with full page spreads and weekend magazine front pages in the Western press? What was Ahmadinejad thinking only killing 20, was it?

      A serious invitation: why don’t you plot your little conspiracy for us, as to what these ‘”peace” activists’–natural propagandists, the lot of them–were up to that we couldn’t see? (Why Israel, with her under resourced “explanations” department didn’t just throw up her hands 60 years ago I’ll never understand.)

      Once you’ve done that go and look at the photos of the “haul”–one rubber sling shot–and think how pathetic Israel must seem when that great powerful moral army of hers, the IDF, sends tweets out celebrating a kill with that as the justification! Thank goodness they’ve got people like you–I’m assuming your Israeli–to make them look tough again with deliberate, chest thumping displays of callousness, like your final comment.


      Mustafa Tamimi should not be dead; he is only dead because, born into a situation that should never have come about in the first place, he was doing what many of those who will condemn him would have been doing themselves in his situation. My thoughts are with the Tamimi’s, and all other Palestinian’s who are condemned for nothing more than resisting the deliberately impossible circumstances imposed upon them.

      Reply to Comment
    31. noor kat

      Blessings to this man’s family and friends. May Allah relieve your suffering from the loss of your beloved. Inshallah, Mustafa is now in Jenna. I will remember him in my dua and I pray that soon all Palestinians will be free of the Israeli terrorists. Stay strong my beautiful brothers and sisters. With love, Noor <3

      Reply to Comment

      Disrespectful to what/who? Am interfering with a blatant attempt to squeeze as much propaganda value from this thug’s death as possible? Let me I assure you that the dividends from his unsightly demise shall be reaped, no matter what I post here. Surely, the propaganda value won’t be as great as in the cases of Rachel Corrie (no American damsel in distress factor) or Mohammed Al Dura (no heavily edited footage), but his death will go a long way in besmirching the name of the Jews of the Holy Land. Worry not, my friend.
      Also, speaking of reaping dividends, I find it amusing that Arab journalists and media outlets constantly publish really gruesome pictures of wars and conflicts. Case in point being this article (or the recent Kaddafi execution). Jewish journalists almost never do that. I say almost because once, the Israeli gov’t to published a video which showed the aftermath of a suicide bombing. This should never have been done, not only because it’s against the Jewish tradition, but also simply not in a good taste. Was it an attempt to outdo the Arabs? However, it was a one time event. In contrast, Arab and Muslim journalists obsessively publish material such as that. Is this a cry for sympathy? A call for revenge? No matter what the answer to the question is, it highlights a significant cultural difference.
      The line after the article states that “all photos are available for purchase” and gives the photographer’s contact information. Trying to make a little money, I see. And you’re tempted to think that I am cynical, aren’t you?
      As the next president of the United States correctly insinuated the entire Palestinian narrative is a lie. It’s a simple reality that no one other than the Jews have any legitimate claim to Judea and Samaria (West Bank). You seem to be justifying the fight the Jews by any means necessary including genocidal tactics such as suicide bombing and mass shootings? Please read on to find out my opinion on the matter.
      You say: “Poltergeist you are quite simply a total shit!!” Without descending to your level of maturity (or lack thereof), let me say that this is exactly how I feel about all the enemies of Jewish people no matter what color they represent themselves by, be it brown, green or red (wink, wink).
      I never said that the dead thug was entitled to a death penalty. As far as I know there’s no death penalty for attempted murder even in countries where such a punishment is implemented. However, when one engages in a reckless behavior as he did, he or she is completely responsible for the consequences. And you certainly cannot expect me to mourn him.
      I find Arab or Iranian “pro-democracy” protests/riots/civil wars completely irrelvant. I have no hopes for those movements because no matter who comes to power, in the end they will end up being a violent and brutal oppressors of their people. The problem is not the political system in the above-mentioned societies. The problem is the cultural and religious environment that is certain to perpetuate this state of affairs. My only concern is for Jews living in the Holy Land and their ability to adequately cope with the situation.
      As far as your invitation goes – don’t bother. I was not there and neither were you. Given past experiences, there is a good chance that we will never know what really happened in the village of Nabi Seleh that day. You can look at the case of Mohammed Al Dura – a case that was very early on exposed to be nothing but a hoax (you might say blood libel). In fact, the promoters of the hoax failed to prove their case in the French court. Also, research the Rachel Corrie affair. The so called peace activists claimed and still claim that it was a case of cold blooded murder perpetrated by the army. Unfortunately for them, Lee Kaplan conducted a thorough investigation of the event and showed that it was simply a case of suicide by a deranged Israel hater.
      You state: ”peace” activists’–natural propagandists, the lot of them–were up to that we couldn’t see? (Why Israel, with her under resourced “explanations” department didn’t just throw up her hands 60 years ago I’ll never understand.)
      No, I don’t believe that the propaganda that is manufactured by the anti-Israel industry is so clever that it is impossible to debunk. See cases above. Of course, speaking of propaganda to be debunked, we might include the entire Palestinian cause.
      Also keep in mind that we, the Jews, don’t even have to work as hard as we used to to make our case. Islamic terrrorists around the world are making it for us. Finally, the world is coming to understand what we have been up against. Now, you have Geert Wilders in the Dutch parliament and a grass roots organization like the English Defense League in the UK. They have abandoned the hypocrisy of political correctness and are capable of acknowledging the basic reality.
      Please don’t assume I am Israeli. Why is my nationality even relevant? I could be of any nationality (even a Palestinian if such a nationality existed). I am simply stating obvious facts and you have proven to be incapable of refuting.
      As far as my final comment goes… I still don’t have the cute girl’s phone number. Why are you people being so useless? Just to prove that I am not “racist”, I will invite her Arab friend to come along with her. That way, the three of us can properly celebrate the thug’s glorious martyrdom (inshallah) and the fact that he won’t have to deal with “deliberately impossible circumstances imposed upon” him anymore.

      Reply to Comment
    33. H. Cohen

      you are a low level person. you are aware of it. you don’t deserve further attention

      Reply to Comment
    34. Shmuel (Chicago)

      It is impossible to determine anything regarding the soldier’s intent solely from the Mondoweiss photo. That he was intentionally aiming this projectile at Mustafa Tamimi is a possibility, but there are other readings of the photo that are equally valid.

      In the comments, I see the familiar “disproportionate force” contentions. What would be “proportionate”? What do you think happens to a face that is struck by a rock thrown with force and the intent to harm?

      I suspect that if Israel combated rock-throwers with a platoon of major league-quality pitchers throwing rocks back, we would still hear the refrain of “disproportionate force,” on the grounds that they throw better.

      Reply to Comment
    35. AYLA

      @Omar–your personal note is the most important news analysis I’ve read on this tragedy. Why does it need to be separate from your piece? Please, please, please, continue to report with STORY. If anything will break us free of knee-jerk, base, dehumanizing, overly-generalizing comments on this site (or anywhere), it will be personal stories and insight, which are truer news than news, and much more moving. If only everyone learning about this tragic murder was learning it along with your personal note. Thank you.

      Reply to Comment
    36. Melbourne

      I think that this death is shockingly sad, and I call on the IDF to investigate. However many people here have been quick to jump on the disproportionate bandwagon. Were these soldiers being ‘attacked’ with rocks meant to just pick up rocks and throw them back? Is that being proportionate? There has to be some sort of understanding that after an hour of being tear gassed and then setting up an illegal road block, to continue and then throw rocks at armed soldiers is beyond ridiculous. I dont go around provoking lions to see when they will bite because I have a camera and want to make a viral hit.

      Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. Only in Israel are all religions allowed to practice freely, and mistakes apologised and fixed. No other army warns its targets to evacuate before an attack.

      @Marc – It cannot be claimed Israel is an untouchable nation since 1949. In 60 odd years of existance, it has been attacked 4 times by surrounding countries. Has been the most complained about and investigated country in all UN departments. Human rights in Iran, Sudan, China, Syria, Russia, Rwanda and many others have all had to take a back seat to the baseless allegations against Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    37. jordan

      He definitely deserve it when palestinians will understand that israel will never fold against them maybe they will stop crying for stupid reasons.
      Good job Israel

      Reply to Comment
    38. @DIANA ALZEER & AYLA. Thank you for your comments

      Reply to Comment
    39. What’s your name, Poltergeist?

      Reply to Comment
    40. Apa

      @Melbourne – do you know what triggered the protests in Nabe Saleh? It was when settlers took over a PRIVATELY OWNED WELL. The army is protecting direct theft, and people are protesting it.

      Reply to Comment
    41. John Belfast

      Ummmmm, attempt to murder soldiers with a sling shot, they may just respond, and you may just die. Guess his Jew hating mother never taught him that…… what a shame.

      Reply to Comment
    42. Melbourne

      @APA – Where is the Palestinian force either protecting its citizens or helping control the situation. Does silence mean consent?

      I think the worst part of these protests, is not the acquisition of land (I have no idea about the story, I take your word for it). That can be fought in a court of law (probably in Israel as Palestine has no working judicial system). But the bringing of young impressionable kids to the protest, who have been brought up to hate. Educated to fight. No peace will occur in this area until the hatred of the other becomes less than the love of the young.

      Reply to Comment
    43. Bea

      Can only agree with H. Cohen re. Poltergeist. Off to fix myself, “Samson Blinded” that should do it…

      Reply to Comment
    44. mark conley

      I’ve got a book at home and in it a person has written “All of the Middle East belongs to Mark Conley”, so beware Zionist terrorists, I’m coming to claim my rightful ‘homeland’!

      Reply to Comment
    45. Ahmad Yaqiin

      Cough cough “Paliwood”again! The BDS is a fraud that promulgates myth, lies and outright lies – debunked time and time again. Whether it is the myth of “Israeli Apartheid” or the myth of “Palaestinian”- Al Dura- DEBUNKED- Jenin -DEBUNKED- Goldstone- DEBUNKED- etc etc .. Look Israel is only 27000 sq km in size. “Palaestine” is 120,000 sq km in size. Yet “Palaestinians” are kept in refuge camps in “GAZA- WEST BANK- JORDAN- SYRIA- LEBANON! In the history of the world there is no people who claim to be of a territory who are kept refuge in those exact territories. “Palaestinians” are refuges” in “Palaestine”? How about 1967 lines? Really? The PLO was created in 1964 when the Arabs already controlled the “disputed” territory? Why a need for a liberation org that terroriszes Jews when they had what they wanted unless what they wanted was dead Jews!

      Reply to Comment
    46. Ahmad Yaqiin

      The biggest fraud here is the revision of history by Arabs when it comes to Jewish land- Judea means literally Jew- Zion is rooted in ancient history meaning Jerusalem- Muslims pray with their backs towards Jerusalem while Jews pray towards Jerusalem where ever they are in the world. You want to know the truth?Its right there in the pages of documented history. Here :the conquered lands of Israel/Judea was turned into a province within the Roman Empire called Syria-“Palaestina” by Hadrian in 135, after an extensive set of Wars between the Roman occupation forces and the Judean peoples starting around 66AD (outlined by Joseph ben Matityahu better known as Titus Flavius Josephus, within his The Jewish Wars written about 75AD and Antiquities of the Jews written around 94AD) and remained so into 390AD. After the War against the rebellious Jews, in honor of the victory the Roman General Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus was honored by his brother, and then Emperor of Rome; Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus in 82AD by the victory Arch; Arch of Titus, located on the Via Sacra in Rome. This basic bit of ancient stone masonry outlines the myth of any “Palestinian” people bluntly as it clearly shows Jews being lead away after the Roman conquest of Judea not “Palestine” unless the Judeans still living in the lands after 135AD were referred to as “Palaestinians”

      Reply to Comment
    47. Ahmad Yaqiin

      The United Nations just honoured Kim Jong Il woth a moment of silence- Imagine that a man who starves and keeps an entire North Korean population of some 27 million Koreans as prisoners…How about the “Arab Spring”? In one day Syria( Dmascus is where Hamas has a head quarter while Syria keeps their “Palaestinian” brethren in “refuge camps” .Syria was attacking those refuge camps during the Arab Spring”.. and the BDS was hardly protesting..how many thousands have been killed by the Arab tyrants who the BDS supported for years? Well over 10,000… How about Iran..Nida Soltani- murdered in cold blood- is not “Rachel Corrie” clumsy girl had no business being where she was and slipped in front of a slow moving dozer…because there are no Jews to demonize….

      By now anyone who dooes not see the fraud of the BDS is simplhy blind to the truth. The fact is thet Islamic Expansionism has beeen raging for over 1400 years.

      One cannot, with any intellectual integrity or honesty, blame Jews or Judaism for “expansionism”. Jews cannot even attain control over their tiny ancestral homelands within Zion: Israel and the religion of Judaism wishes that the tiny plot of lands be Jewish unlike Islam. Since the close of the ’67 war, Israel and the Jews gave away the entire Sinai and Gaza (which was actually mandated and historically associated to Israel/Jews and not Islam or Arabia).The BDS is an insult to any intelligence. If Judaism/ Israel was truly expansionist as they say, Constantinople would not be Istanbul today but “Constantsteinople” and the ancient Visigoth Church of St. Vincent, the Saint Sophia Church or the Temple Mount in Jerusalem would not be Mosques but synagogues. Their ill thought rhetoric is entirely unsustainable under any scrutiny whatsoever. Islam, unlike, Judaism demands the entire Earth to be “submitted” to Islam. Over 50 countries today do not practice Judaism, but Islam. How do you believe it got to be this way? Is this not an example of Imperialism, Expansionism and the various Islamic communities scattered throughout “dar al-Harbe” that have literally made war against their host “harbis” nations, cultures and peoples not practicing a very real example of Colonialism?

      Reply to Comment
    48. Ahmad Yaqiin

      @John Belfast.. your name brought Northern Irelands “PEACE WALL” to mind. This is 100% WALL put up in 1972 to stop the terror in Northern Belfast. The WALL has expanded in size since that date. Israel’s “WALL” is only 3% Wall and 97% fence. If the BDS was not a sensationalist fraud promulgating myth.lies and outright lies, they would start by saying take down the FENCE! And how is it that Israel is targeted by “human rights activists” ffrom where else “Northern Ireland”.. where “Catholics and Protestants” have so much in common… including their hate of each other. Ironically NO “Palestinians” are ever targeted or killed in Israel proper… In fact it is more dangerous for Jews in Israel than “Palestinians”/Arabs because more Jews have been murdered in the name of Islamic Terror … one more piece of trivia… Outside of war between “Palaestinians” and Israel – Gaza/ West Bank claims more “Palaestinian” lives than Israel. Remember Israel has no death penalty- even a terrorist does not get the death penalty- and their worth is defined by “Palaestinians” themselves. “Palaestinians” kill”Palaestinians” lawfully, while Israel has laws that protect “Palaestinians”. Further to this over 1000 “Palaestinians”were traded for one Jew! Imagine that!

      There willnever be peace in that region until truth over comes revisionist history promulgated by the BDS who are in fact proxy to Expansionist Islam!

      Reply to Comment
    49. I do trust all of the ideas you have presented in your post.
      They are really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very brief for novices.
      May just you please extend them a little from subsequent time?
      Thanks for the post.

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