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Months after shattering his skull, IDF arrests teen in pre-dawn raid

Mohammed Tamimi, cousin of Ahed Tamimi, was released several hours later. The Israeli army arrested nine others in Nabi Saleh, and video shows soldiers spraying the village with putrid ‘skunk’ water.

By +972 Magazine Staff

Mohammed Tamimi, 15, was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet by the Israeli army shortly before the video of Ahed and Nur was filmed. (Activestills/Oren Ziv)

Mohammed Tamimi, 15, was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet by the Israeli army shortly before the video of Ahed and Nur was filmed. (Activestills/Oren Ziv)

Israeli soldiers arrested 10 young Palestinians in a pre-dawn raid on the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh early Monday, including Mohammed Tamimi, the cousin of Ahed Tamimi whom soldiers shot in the head with a rubber bullet several months ago, shattering his skull.

Mohammed is currently awaiting surgery to reconstruct the part of his skull that was removed. The Israeli army released him Monday afternoon, according to Gaby Lasky, Ahed and Nariman’s attorney.

Video of the arrest raid published by local citizen journalist Bilal Tamimi (above) also showed Israeli soldiers spraying the village with putrid ‘skunk’ water during the night-time raid. The ‘Skunk’ is meant for crowd control, but Israeli forces have been documented using it punitively against homes and schools in the past.

The now-famous video of Ahed Tamimi attempting to push two armed soldiers off of her family’s porch was filmed shortly after Mohammed was shot.

Ahed has been in Israeli military custody since her arrest on December 19, following the publication of the video. A judge ruled in January that she will remain in prison until the end of her trial. She faces 12 different charges, including incitement to violence and assaulting a soldier, which could potentially land her in prison for several years.

While the case has garnered significant international attention, the Israeli military prison system’s treatment of Ahed and Mohammed is not unique. According Palestinian human rights group Adameer, Israel was imprisoning over 300 Palestinian minors as the end of December 2017, .

Earlier this month, dozens of American cultural luminaries, including Alice Walker, Rosario Dawson, Cornel West, and Danny Glover called for Tamimi’s release.

+972 Magazine asked the IDF Spokesperson why Mohammed was arrested. No response was received by the time of publication. It will be added here if and when it is received.

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    1. Bruce Gould

      Breaking news – IDF claims it was a bicycle accident!


      A B’Tselem official says the Israeli government needs to lie to Israelis, to keep up the illusion: What’s stunning about @cogat_israel claim that Muhammad Tamimi “fell off his bike” (not shot in the face) is not how big a lie it is: we’ve seen Orwellian lies before (Beitunia 2014). But such easily debunked lies show the only target audience is Israeli right.

      Reply to Comment
      • David

        The good news is that Israel is digging its grave. People around the world, including Americans, especially youth and Jews everywhere are increasingly comprehending the fact that Israel is racist and fascistic. The writing is on the wall. The outcome is gonna’ be ugly for Israel and Zionists, real ugly. All so predictable.

        Reply to Comment
    2. Ben

      Should I laugh or should I cry? Really, at long last, is there ANYTHING the current Israelis will not stoop to? Is there any heartless brutality, any contemptible lie, any brazen cynicism, any con job they deem too low?
      Yoav Mordechai and his COGAT ilk have forever shamed themselves. I will remember Mordechai. Are the Israelis TRYING to make the world detest them?
      And laugh at them for this incredibly shameless, almost slapstick conniving?
      Who thinks this stuff up?
      You shoot a kid in the head in cold blood in front of manifold witnesses, then a few days later you drag him in on his seizure meds with half his skull missing and brutalize him to extract a ludicrously false confession of falling off a bicycle?!
      THIS IS THE BEHAVIOR OF chickensh*t MOBSTERS. DUMB ones. DESPERADOES. Organized crime by Fredo. And that slanders Fredo. A repellent remake of “Home Alone” where the bad guys don’t get punished and their corrupt leader is invited to meet with the president of the United States. Are you kidding me?! Well they’re not kidding and there’s nothing funny about it. This is evil stuff.

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