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MK Ben-Ari: My Man of the Year is 'rifle butting' Col. Shalom Eisner

Michael Ben-Ari (National Union), the extreme right wing MK who makes Jean-Marie Le Pen look like a baguette with no joie de vivre, waited for the Sabbath to end and finally get onto his Facebook page to post this gem of a status. Just a day before Rosh Hashana, he chooses his Man of the Year and decides to hand his award to Col. Shalom Eisner. Come on, you remember Col. Eisner, don’t ya? Some people can’t get him out of their heads…

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    1. Piotr Berman

      Man of the year 5772!

      Sampson was man of the year 2572. He found a jawbone of an ass and used it to smite thousands of Philistines. 2200 years later Lt. Col. Eisner used his gun as if he were Sampson.

      New year resolutions: Sampson: stop dating this chick Delilah. Eisner: loose weight.

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    2. XYZ

      A Jew smacking a blonde, Nordic Aryan. My, my, my, times have changed.

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    3. Yeah, the raison d’etre of the Jewish State, right XYZ? They can kill 6 million of us, but now we can show ’em. What a fantastic perspective.

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      • Piotr Berman

        Usually Semites are being beaten up, so from time to time IDF must show that it is non-anti-Semitic.

        But that leads to conflicts with some Aryan nations which may pose “existential threat”.

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    4. Oriol2

      All blonde Jews are also considered “blonde Aryan”? Be serious, please. I can understand that many people in Menahem Begin’s generation hated Germans, any German. Even if they weren’t right, they had a serious reason to do that. But re-writing history now as a confrontation between Jews and “blonde Aryans” (anti-Nazi Scandinavians included, I may ask?) is ridiculous. By the way, “Aryan race” as conceived by the Nazis doesn’t exist, it has never existed, so it’s funny to see people like XYZ implicitly giving their assent to Nazi Weltanschauung.

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