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MK Michaeli: Gays need therapy, commit suicide at age 40

MK Anastasia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu) is at it again. Remember the last one, when she poured water on an Arab MK from Labor, Ghaleb Majadele? You can watch that video here.

Today she was in a panel discussion in the Knesset, and somehow the topic of homosexuals came up. Michaeli had something to say [Heb], as Ynet reports:

Unfortunately I see on Channel 10 programs that show how nice it is to be gay. And they interview his mother, on how miserable she is, suffering, she divorced her husband and her child is gay… I think that most gays are guys that suffered very difficult experiences of sexual harassment at a very young age and it just gets worse.

Where does Channel 10 get the right to broadcast programs like this? Content that my kids watch, by chance. How fun it is to put on make up and wear skirts. So, there is a need to cooperate with those homosexuals, because they are miserable, those homosexuals. In the end they commit suicide when they reach the age of 40 and it’s those same guys that want to be women. I hope our awareness will rise too… this is a campaign that needs to be done with professionals, also with psychologists.

I wonder what the professional pinkwashers Ambassador Michael Oren and IDF Spokesperson have to say about this one?

Deputy ambassador to Ireland: Pro-Palestinian activists have sexual identity problems

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    1. Elizabeth

      What a disgusting human being she is.

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    2. Charles

      MK Anastasia Michaeli was dropped directly from middle age at the best, probably the nehanderthal age.
      So it is not surprising that she has absolutly no understanding about people matters.
      I actually don’t know what is she doing in politics as a MK, she is supposed to care about people who have a vote in their hands.

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    3. David

      What a revolting person.

      Luckily for you, you don’t live in a country where gays are not simply the subject of insulting comment, but are executed by the state or murdered by their neighbours, who are unpunished.

      So get this in a bit of perspective.

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    4. I know gay people live a long and healthly and productive lives. Where does your bigotry come from? Torah forbids this kind of Lashon Ha’rah. What kind of human being says these things…oh yeah homophobes and bigots!

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    5. Susan

      What consummate and willful ignorance! This woman is a member of the Government? Shame!

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    6. Mr Heisenberg

      Many ethnic russians are homophobes and racists for various reasons. That’s not that bad (as in ‘having consequences’) if you live in a big country (i.e. also the USA) but it’s a shame that so many of them have moved to Israel where even people like her can successfully found a party, thus become a public figure and have some influence. In Russia, she would be just one of many bigots. In Israel she gets a platform. Who is voting for people like her anyway? I mean you can vote conservative,nationalistic and right-wing if it pleases you, but how can you justify to vote for someone as inhuman as her, who brought her Soviet, pre-modernity view points from behind the iron curtain straight to the holy land? Has the Israeli society really become so backwards?

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    7. Disillusioned

      Homophobe or not, as long as people like Anastasia can show that they hate Arabs, they will always find a constituency.

      That is how backwards Israeli society has become.

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    8. Maor

      Regarding: “I wonder what the professional pinkwashers Ambassador Michael Oren and IDF Spokesperson have to say about this one?”

      Ami, why don’t you write something about MKs and politicians from all parties that condemned Michaeli for what she said? You used what she said to blemish Israel, but the fact that this shameful remark was perceived as negative in Israeli politics and media is a point in favor of Israel no?
      What’s the point of a website that only report negative things that Jews do in Israel, if not to incite for hate?

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    9. Rehmat

      Being gay is no reason for suicide. According US Veteran Association – 18 Iraq-Afghan veterans commit suicide each day.

      It seems MK Anastasia Michaeli has studied Torah without her Zionist glasses. OT do call “sex among same gender as a great sin, punishable with stoning.

      I remember Canadian Jewish gay blogger, Eric Walberg (aka Simon Jones), who also write for Al-Ahram Weekly, in a 2006 article entitled in an article titled “Jews and gays – birds of a feather?” said: “Like Jews, gays have ancient roots of persecution and have been mostly outcast since the rise of Christianity (though the roots of persecution, ironically, are in the Torah). This persection complex – I know it first hand – leaves an indelible mark on ones’ character – defiance of a hypocritical, unjust society, a desire for revenge, a feeling of superiority (warranted or not), a lack of patriotism – so gays automatically empathize with Jews….. How many parallels, coincidences there are! The most significant, of course, is the WWII holocausts against both gays and Jews and the subconsequent post-WW II process of creating total freedom for both Jews and gays. Not only the ADL can take people to court for perceived slights these days, but gays can too….. Jews love to attack the critics by labelling them ‘anti-Semites’, a late 19th century construct which is completely inaccurate, as most Jews are Caucasians Ashkenazy, while the Arabs and relatively few Sephardic Jews are the real Semites……”


      Reply to Comment
    10. Maor

      Rahmat, amazing how you managed to take Jewish tolerance to GLBT and turned it into a post against Jews…
      Anti-Semitism means hate against Jews, not Semites. Call it Judophobia if it makes you feel better. Semantics wouldn’t make you non-antisemite…

      Reply to Comment
    11. max

      Ami, thank you for this important news item! I trust, however, that you pressed the Send button before you managed to add your real message, namely that even Michaeli’s own party announced that her comment was her own, not the party’s line. In short, there’s an ignorant MK in Israel, and all others do indeed follow 972mag’s line.
      Rehmat, I’d propose that you use this opportunity to share the Palestinian society’s – and several 972 Palestinian commentators – feeling and action about gay people, remarkable enough for the Israeli court to grant a Palestinian gay person the right to stay in Israel for fear of his life.
      As you go about it, you may also look up a dictionary for the term Antisemitism and its origin.
      Though maybe you’re nothing but a Zionist troll feeding contempt to Palestinians’ ignorance and fabrications… are you?

      Reply to Comment
    12. @Maor – great idea! Thanks for the pitch!
      @max – you’re welcome! I aim to please.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Daniel de França MTd2

      “In the end they commit suicide when they reach the age of 40 and it’s those same guys that want to be women.”

      Is he referring to transexuals? Their life is far worse than of homosexuals anyway.

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    14. Lauren

      The lady doth protest too much

      I’m 50. Am l passed my freshness date? She’s kinda hot.
      maybe I should send her love letters.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Maor

      @Ami: If you’re cynical, you just prove my point – your goal is Israel-bashing, or at least to provide supporting materials to bigots. It’s a pity, a very dishonest act.

      Reply to Comment
    16. @maor – the key word in your comment is “if”. All the rest is pretty much a waste of time.
      Oh, and I love your logic! Cynical=bashing! That’s almost like…. 2=5!
      (Next time I promise to write only wonderful things about Anastasia – promise!)

      Reply to Comment
    17. @maor – on second thought, I just want to say, that you’re banned from my channel. for your stupidity. Because you claim that by reporting on Michaeli’s remarks I am supplying material for bigots. Whereas anyone in their right mind, which apparently you are not, would say that it is Michaeli who is supplying the material.
      Ciao. And take your “dishonest acts” with you. 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    18. Danny

      Just when you thought the knesset couldn’t get any more ugly and stupid a place, along comes Anastasia and lowers the bar to a new low (you can always count on her to not let her fellow troglodytes Miri “Cancer” Regev and Danny “I can chew gum and breath at the same time” Danon to outdo her in the fart-through-your-mouth department). One can only wonder how low this knesset will get before its time expires.

      Reply to Comment
    19. sh

      @Max – “Danny, do you think that Michaeli’s views are worse than…”
      Do they have to be to be worth tearing one’s hair over?

      Reply to Comment
    20. Jack

      Just too absurd to even comment.

      Reply to Comment
    21. max

      No, SH, the point is that if the American Congress is in no danger, so is the Knesset.
      But I guess you read Danny’s comment, so why the question?
      p.s. keep your hair for more significant events!

      Reply to Comment
    22. Rehmat

      MAJOR + MAX – Allow me to let you two get educated by your fellow Israeli-Jewish blogger, Gilad Atzmon.

      “In the old days, antisemitism mean hating Jews. However, now anti-semitism means whom Zionist Jews hate”.

      Shalom – Oops! Gilad defines it very antisemitic way too!!

      Reply to Comment
    23. max

      Rehmat, now I pity you not only for having to lie in order to make your points but also for substituting Gilad Atzmon (a scholar luminary?) for a dictionary.

      Reply to Comment
    24. sh

      Max, I wasn’t worried about the Knesset so much as the electorate and the issue of role models. Who would you suggest Israelis look up to?

      Reply to Comment
    25. max

      SH, I don’t think that a nation should look up to another nation as a role model for cultural issues.
      I think that the Israeli society should continue with internal discussions and education. In this context, I think that the Jewish population outside of Israel is, in general, very liberal. I want to think that the interaction with them will benefit the Israeli society.

      Reply to Comment
    26. Jack


      Your whitewashing is desperate.
      There is no equal politician in america saying ‘gays are miserable and shouldnt be dealt with at all since they will kill themselves anyway’. Your non-answer to this message will show my argument is correct because you know you cant back up your claims with facts and will therefore not reply at all.

      Reply to Comment
    27. Every morning I wake up and thank G_d I’m not an ignorant bigot.

      Reply to Comment
    28. Mark


      Fine post, but I do have one suggestion.

      Do not ban Maor.

      I do not agree with anything Maor typed. Maor’s beliefs are not my own and I can’t say people like Maor do much for my general disposition.

      But Maor has a right to his beliefs and to his statements, however foolish or just plain rude he and they may be.

      Instead, I suggest you continue to engage Maor. When Maor declines to engage you honestly and, instead, offers like comments like those of 8:13 am June 14, you and +972 will allow others, readers like myself, to see Maor, sadly, for what he is and for all that he is not.

      My best to you.

      Reply to Comment
    29. sh

      “SH, I don’t think that a nation should look up to another nation as a role model for cultural issues.”

      Neither do I, Max. I found your supposition that that was what I meant a little disturbing. The respectable, tolerant and humane cultural features of Israeli society are hardly reflected in the current leadership is what I meant. I don’t think all the potential role models are abroad. It’s a question of bringing those who are here to the fore as well as establishing bridges with those abroad. This is difficult when people like Uri Blau and Mahmoud al-Sarsak are demonized to the degree that the one is being allowed to die in administrative detention for being a great footballer for the wrong side and the other is threatened with gags and imprisonment for reporting abuses by our military that will therefore never be investigated.

      Reply to Comment
    30. phil

      comment deleted

      Reply to Comment
    31. Piotr Berman

      “SH, I don’t think that a nation should look up to another nation as a role model for cultural issues.”

      Why not? If some other nation has policies that work, why shouldn’t they be adopted?

      One should look at the wider context of MK Michaeli statement rather than a little tidbit about portraying gays. The true social problem that she was discussing is why Channel 10 is allowed to operate. Wasn’t it a year ago that it seemed that Channel 10 would be driven to bankruptcy? To the relief of all patriots? And not only Israel cannot contain Iran, not only it cannot remove the scourge that is foreign financing of Radical Leftist NGOs, but it cannot even contain a TV channel.

      Back in Russia, as MK Michaeli knowns, there are ways to do it. Intimidate the tycoons who own the channel, and if they persist in their error, make them pay dearly. One of the more diligent students of Putin, Saakashvili, accelerated the solution of an ownership dispute by sending troops to the respective TV station. But, alas, in Israel human rights of business tycoons are protected. Plus, the owners, while Jewish, are American. A very bad combination.

      The owners pretend to be Zionist although they are probably crypto-liberals, and they were giving impression that they will let Channel 10 go bankrupt — but that did not happen. Perhaps Channel 10 eliminated sedition from its programming? I assume that before proceeding from more Putinesque measures, an appropriate organ of the state should determine if they are needed.

      Overall, Knesset makes a poor substitution for Kremlin. And I guess that according to Yisrael Beitenu, the reason is that Knesset does not try hard enough.

      But one has to admit that Knesset lacks tools that Putin has. Can Knesset hint a potential displeasure by forcing a tycoon to spend a few months in Arctic every year?

      Reply to Comment
    32. JONNI

      Mark, it’s good that you’re against banning people here, but it’s also amazing that you already know who Maor is, what he wants and what he doesn’t, what he is about to say next, and what people here want to or don’t want to see.
      What we see here is at best bad journalism – covering an incident in a very partial way. Reporting on a negative comment by a parliament member, while refusing to report on the overwhelming condemnation of that comment in the political system, shows that the aim here is not to inform readers about the incident but to portray Israel or its political system in a negative light. Whoever doesn’t read in other places will get the impression that this comment went unnoticed or that everyone else in the Knesset agreed with her. The “Pinkwashers” don’t have to work hard here: the response of the political system, the media, and the citizens speaks for itself.

      Reply to Comment
    33. @jonni – thanks for the journalism 101 lesson! I sure need it after all those years in Haaretz as Night Editor. Who knew I had to bring both sides of the story? I don’t know how I got away with it for so many years!!!
      (do me a favor and go join Maor in “patronizing heaven” – oh, and learn a thing or two about blogs before you spread more manure around. i recommend blogging 101)

      Reply to Comment
    34. @mark – while I agree that banning should be done as little as possible, every blogger on the site has the right to ban commentators as they wish. Not only according to +972 guidelines.
      There are a lot of right wingers who comment on my channel and others who are pleasant to discuss things with, and their opinions make for a lively debate. But when it comes to people like Maor, and it looks like Jonni is similar, I have zero tolerance. Nor patience.
      Am I perfect? Course not. But hey it’s my blog, and I’ll ban if I want to, ban if I want to, ban if I want to. You would ban too if it happened to you. Or not 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    35. max

      Ami, the title on the top says “Independent Reporting”, not “Blog as you want”.
      Of course, you may put what you want on top and do otherwise inside – hey, it’s your blog!

      Reply to Comment
    36. @max – it also says “commentary”, but hey – you can read as far as you like!
      Max – you’re one of the ones I can tolerate. But not with a half-baked comment like that. So, please, keep it the usual level.

      Reply to Comment
    37. one more thing:
      interesting how the right wing hasbara trolls have nothing to say about Michaeli’s statement. Only about my blogging. Talk about diversion tactics. Pathetic.
      One person brought up how her party said it was not the party’s line, it’s her own opinion. A normal party would have condemned Michaeli and kick her out. But no, they just say: those are her words… So yeah, Max, you’re right. I should have included Beiteinu’s weak condemnation. Would have made this post even better 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    38. max

      Ami, I thought that you do the reporting and we the commentary 😀
      I don’t think that Michaeli’s views are worth more than a label of homophobic and stupid. Luckily, the majority of Israelis, and official Israel, seem to have a very different attitude

      Reply to Comment
    39. @max – official Israel might. I don’t know. Did official Israel condemn her? Not that I heard.
      How do you know about the majority of Israelis, by the way?

      Reply to Comment
    40. max

      I don’t ‘know’ about the majority, I wrote they ‘seem’ to, based on comparative impressions.
      I don’t think that official Israel has to condemn every stupid, racist or homophobic remark made in the Knesset.

      Reply to Comment
    41. @max – ah… “seem”. Good word.

      Reply to Comment
    42. sh

      Piotr Berman – “Why not? If some other nation has policies that work, why shouldn’t they be adopted?”
      Individual policies, fine, no reason why not. But I know of no nation as a unit that I’d hold up as a role model, which is what I thought was Max’s question. What I meant when I made the original remark about role models was people within Israel who could inspire respect based on something other than boorishness. Israel has them, but the public at large rarely hears about them as we jump from crisis to existential threat and assorted government loudmouths get blanket coverage.

      Interesting how commenters who imagine that +972 consists of anti-Israel self-haters often use arguments showing that (for example) the USA has policies similar to Israel’s or worse which in their eyes makes Israel’s conduct ok – and then ask their interlocutors why they are looking abroad for role models…

      “Can Knesset hint a potential displeasure by forcing a tycoon to spend a few months in Arctic every year?”
      No, not yet. But the hottest summer months in the (soon-to-be-candidates for Guinness Book of Records) ruins of Al-Araqib or Palestinian Susya might be a viable alternative if the will is really there. Oh, and soon there’ll be the vast Negev tent camps for asylum seekers. At least there, the tycoons’ll find a bit of shade, a regular bite to eat and – who knows? – maybe also a future business partner.

      Reply to Comment
    43. Piotr Berman

      Clearly, many politicians, including MKs like Michaeli, have Putin as their role model. Here not as particularly homophobic, but as a leader who knows how to improve the content of TV broadcast.

      Putin allegedly manipulated Roman Abramovich into running for Governor of Chukotka, where poor Roman had to spend some time. To create an analogous situation, Ron Lauder should be manipulated into becoming the mayor of AL-Araqib and spending some time there in that capacity (which would give him some immunity from arrest while he is bribing his way out of bribery accusations). Of course, once there Ron would have a choice of sitting in the sweltering heat, or, like Roman, spending some cash to refurbish the place.

      However, Ron Lauder already promised to be more involved in programming of Channel 10 and to keep it more amicable to PM office and MK Michaeli is simply an incoherent idiot. She spoke during a session on Status of Women. If gays are usually sexually abused in their childhood, WHY DOES SHE WORRY ABOUT HER CHILDREN? Perhaps Michaeli was afraid to say something more intelligent than, say, MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich (Kadima, rebel applauded by Danny Danon). This is what Yulia said on a session devoted to the defense of nuclear family units in Israel:

      “One of the worst problems in our society, in my opinion, is a crisis of trust,” Shamalov-Berkovich said. “No one trusts anyone, and it’s clear why, it’s because we’re a Jewish state and Jews are shady and remained shady. They came to Israel and forgot that this is our trait, and kept tricking each other, and 60 years later, it’s come back like a boomerang to our face.”

      Reply to Comment
    44. max

      SH, we seem to agree on the issue of role model, but not on that of comparative judgement.
      Countries – government – have to balance their views of what’s good / moral / right / … with what they think fits the interests of their countries, now and in the future.
      So looking at what others do is certainly a part of an assessment and judgement process.
      When I look, I see 3 measurement systems applied: there’s the one for dictatorships and non-democratic countries, which comprise the majority of the world countries, from which nothing good is expected; there’s one for democracies, and there’s one for Israel.
      And the bar for Israel is set to a level that is unattainable.

      Reply to Comment
    45. Piotr Berman

      Unattainable bar? To create a parliamentary majority without deputies that talk nonsense, or urge to send opposition activists to concentration camps?

      Reply to Comment
    46. max

      Piotr, I presume you have a list of parliaments where all members espouse only sane ideas, right? Are you suggesting a well selected Soviet-style one?

      Reply to Comment
    47. max

      As far as ‘concentation camps’ are concerned, what do you know of the proposal in Israel and the existing ones in the EU?

      Reply to Comment
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