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Likud MK: 'Netanyahu's two-state speech was a tactical move'

The prime minister’s Likud-Beitenu party has yet to present a platform for the upcoming elections, and if one is to be published, it most likely won’t include any reference to a future Palestinian state. Education Minister Sa’ar: ‘it is time to sober up from the idea.’

Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely said on Monday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not intend to ever carry out the evacuation of West Bank settlements, and that the Bar Ilan speech, in which he accepted in principle the idea of a demilitarized Palestinian state, was meant to please the world and corner the Palestinian leadership, Walla reports.

Appearing at an election event in Jerusalem, Hotovely (#15 on the Likud-Beitenu list to the Knesset) stated:

The Bar Ilan speech was a tactical speech intended for the world…the prime minister was facing an unbearable reality and the speech exposed the Palestinians’ true nature. Likud will not evacuate settlements.

Hotovely added that Ehud Barak will not serve in the new government, an estimate that is shared by most political observers, since the rising power of the settlers within the Likud will allow them to veto his candidacy. Hotovely also estimated that Moshe Ya’alon will serve as the defense minister in the new government.

The Likud-Beitenu party has yet publish a platform for the upcoming elections, and prominent figures within the party demand that if such a document is published, it should not include any reference to a future Palestinian state. The winner of the Likud primaries, Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar, told Ynet that the idea of a Palestinian state was never in the Likud platform and should not be implemented. At another event, Sa’ar said that “it is time to sober up from the idea of a Palestinian state.”

On Monday, a spokesperson for Netanyahu told the Jerusalem Post that the prime minister stands behind his support for the idea of a Palestinian State.

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    1. aristeides

      I think the word for this is “Lie.”

      Reply to Comment
    2. ‘Sa’ar said that “it is time to sober up from the idea of a Palestinian state.”’ : This is foregone. But she is drunk on what she thinks the consequences of her position entail; sobering up from that will the the task of years.

      Reply to Comment
    3. directrob

      Is there any doubt Netanyahu’s speech was a tactical move?

      He did not offer a sovereign state but, just a flag, anthem and government.

      What did he offer?

      – No ROR, no compensation (the world has to pick up the bill.)

      – Israeli controlled borders and air space.

      – No Jerusalem.

      – Joint economical exploitation of West Bank tourism.

      Reply to Comment
    4. The Trespasser

      >No ROR, no compensation (the world has to pick up the bill.)

      No RoR no matter who would take the PM seat.

      >Israeli controlled borders and air space.

      Obviously. At least until Gazans cease all hostilities.

      >No Jerusalem.

      No. Why? Palestinians never had a capital in Jerusalem.

      >Joint economical exploitation of West Bank tourism.

      What’s wrong with that one?

      Reply to Comment
    5. directrob

      “Obviously. At least until Gazans cease all hostilities.”

      In his speech for congress Netanyahu said: “And it is vital that Israel maintain a long-term military presence along the Jordan River”.

      Reply to Comment
      • Kolumn9

        Of course, so that rockets don’t flow to locations that are 10km from Tel Aviv. Gaza has demonstrated what can happen with PA administrations (they fall and Hamas rises) and open borders (rockets come in).

        Reply to Comment
    6. directrob

      My point was that Netanyahu did not offer a sovereign state…

      Reply to Comment
      • Kolumn9

        What is a sovereign state? Have you bothered to look it up? Bibi can offer Gaza only and it would qualify as a sovereign state.

        Reply to Comment
        • Piotr Berman

          1. Gaza does not have open borders, so the demonstration what is possible with genuine open borders was done by Hezbollah. And apart from IDF being annoying, like making sonic booms, the border with Lebanon enjoys a degree of stability and quiet that stems from some parity of deterrence. No incursions, no assassinations and no rockets.

          2. I do not know what Netanyahu COULD propose (you would need to specify conditions for the thought experiment), it is clear that Netanyahu cannot propose anything. Proposals like “only Gaza” or “only area C” would seriously jeopardize standing of Israel in Europe and even USA/Canada, while anything more generous would seriously jeopardize the position of Netanyahu as the leader of Likud and the leader of a coalition that includes Jewish Home party. So he will propose nothing. Trick number 1: keep Abbas away from negotiations by expanding settlements. Trick number 2: propose a time table for talks that starts with “water and security issues”. Trick number 3: provoke a crisis e.g. by some assassination (there are many ways to do that).

          Reply to Comment