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Likud MK can’t decide: Do I support foreign interference or not?

OK, I’m thinking I might have to start writing a Danny Danon daily. His Facebook page is supplying me with material faster than Herman Cain dodges questions on foreign policy.

In fact, I think there’s only one question in the world that could make me pause longer than Cain does when asked about Libya (a must watch, by the way): Who’s the bigger clown – Danon or Cain? I’d have to do some serious research on that first. And I’d be sure to pause before answering.

But anyway, Danon seemed to be just a tad inconsistent today on his page. He’s a big supporter of the law that will limit donations to left wing NGOs, claiming it’s foreign money interfering in our local politics. Read carefully:

So, pretty simple, right? Danon is against interference from outside powers. OK.

But then… how do you explain him interfering in American politics just a few hours later, on the same page?

Oh well… if it’s for the good of Israel, anything’s game I guess.

h/t Facebook.

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    1. RichardNYC

      The real double standard concerns foreign funding of right wing orgs. What you’ve got here isn’t really hypocrisy because Danon hasn’t said anything about foreign interference in domestic politics generally, just the well-being of Zionism and Israel.

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    2. Camilla A

      Please, do it! This man makes me laugh so much – at least, at first: then I realize that he’s not joking…

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    3. Robert

      It’s not a serious analysis to see in Danon’s statements a contradition. Clearly, foreign gov’t funding of so-called “NGO’s” is completely different in character from US citizens exercising their right to vote. To my mind, the reason foreign funding should be limited is because an NGO is supposed to be non-governmental. The moment an organization takes money from a gov’t, it is by definition governmental. That the gov’t involved is foreign is irrelevant. Such an org shouldn’t get tax breaks, and all donors should realize they are donating to a GO, and they should know exactly what the G in GO really means, i.e. what gov’t or gov’ts are funding that GO. This is not a right-left issue. It’s about transparency and distinguishing between NGO’s and GO’s. The new law is not just in consonance with democracy, it is the very expression of it.

      Here’s a link to a serious legal article which actually supports pseudo-NGO’s getting foreign gov’t funding. I’m posting it because it cites a number of countries that realize the problem and are taking legal action just like Israel, which shows that it’s not just the current Israeli gov’t that is realizing the error of allowing foreign gov’t funding of erstwhile NGO’s.

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    4. John


      Hats off! That link is priceless. Israel bravely following such beacons of democracy as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and, wait for it, Vladimir Putin!

      Your post was ironic, right?

      Reply to Comment
    5. leah

      ami kaufman makes no sense
      what does one have to do with the other?!

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