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Likud MK gives a nod to his role model: "McCarthy was right"

Likud MK Ophir Akunis defends his aggressive anti-democratic legislation in Channel 10 interview: “Joe McCarthy was right about everything”

It’s amazing how just a few words of criticism from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who voiced fear for Israel’s democracy and women’s rights yesterday, can really make some people show their true face, as you’ll see below. Likud MK Ophir Akunis was interviewed today on Channel 10’s “London and Kirshenbaum.” If it were up to Akunis, who helped propose the law to limit funding for NGOs and is a very close ally of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, an Israeli McCarthy probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Just a few hours later, by the way, Akunis’ colleague in the extreme faction of Likud MKs, Danny Danon, announced on the same Channel 10 that he is proposing a law which will require each citizen who wants an ID card, passport or driving license to sign a declaration of loyalty to the State of Israel.

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    1. Dregen Jelencovich

      I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or to cry or probably do both.

      The culture of silencing dissent seems to be in full swing in the middle east’s supposed bastion of democracy.

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    2. Karen

      Holy f&cking sh!t sh!t is all I can say

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      So, wait… was Joe McCarthy wrong? Or is Akunis wrong by making the outrageous suggestion that Joe McCarthy was right? That must be it. Such a devious thought should not be tolerated in an enlightened politically correct society!!!

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    4. Philos

      Holy crap! He said McCarthy was right because there were Soviet agents in America!!! WTF is wrong with the Likud!?!

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    5. There is no parallel with the US McCarthy era. The Israeli laws and bills under consideration are designed to silence the left. But the left’s sole quasi-effective recourse is to the law, that and simply documenting what they see, placing such on You Tube and whatnot. So the right’s fear is fear of Court decisions, there being no polling evidence that I know of indicating an electoral shift from the right. They want the left silenced so court cases, of whatever likelihood of success, will mostly dry up from the start. They want to make it impossible to cry out for redress. Their world so secured, nothing else matters.
      There were Soviet moles in the McCarthy era. But the silencing the left of that day was completely unwarented. People lost jobs, careers, mates. Others replaced those silenced. These advanced for a while. This dynamic is in Israel today. Many are really not solidly anti-left, probably don’t care right from left; they want their place, maybe to advance, their family to do well. J 14 revealed a middle class under considerable stress. This flames the left hunt higher.
      The flame will consume itself. But many may be hurt–permanently. You are in constitutional crisis, and I believe the courts will ultimately act. But, as in the United States, only after much damage has been done.

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    6. steve Davis

      Bloody hell, here we go again…

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    7. Robert M.Schors


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    8. Dr.Bill

      This idiot does not look old enough to have lived through the McCarthy era. It was a horrible time, and many lost their livelihoods with no recourse. This was especially true in Hollywood where many actors and directors were blackballed for years.
      I was a child at that time, but remember my parents discussing it, even now.
      I’d suggest this MK go on YouTube and see if the McCarthy-Army hearings are on there, and also check out the great newscaster, Edward R. Murrows interview with him where he asked him pointedly, “Have you no shame sir?”
      McCarthy and his slimy companion Roy Cohn did a great deal of damage to American democracy at that time, and McCarthyism now refers to blatant character assassinations without evidence.

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    9. the commies were jews, not russian. Trotksy was jewish mason. He wasn’t even a Russian. He was a New Yorker you conned fools. His real name was Bronstein. Stalin was Joseph Djugasvili, means, son of jews.

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