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Likud MK: “Delete” Gaza neighborhood for each rocket fired

Danny Danon's facebook page (10 November, 2011)

Likud MK Danny Danon makes me happy. On an almost daily basis.


It’s people like him that give me the giggles.

And I became an even bigger fan, when he brought over Glenn Beck to Israel. Because Beck actually gives me the giggles more than Danon. When I saw both of them at the Knesset, I was constantly – you guessed it – giggling.

So, today, Danon made me giggle some more.

Here’s his Facebook update from today (Now, now, settle down kids – I’m friends with Danon on FB only for anthropological reasons. That, and he makes me giggle, too):

“I am currently in Ashkelon to witness the security problem facing the city specifically in neighborhoods with new Olim and have come to two main conclusions. Firstly, we must do everything we can to ensure the safety of all residents with an emphasis on areas with new immigrants who greatly lack protection, and more importantly, to deal with Hamas leaders in Gaza, and for every missile that falls in our southern towns, we retaliate by deleting a neighborhood in Gaza.”
Here’s my question to MK Danon: If we’re talking about tit-for-tat (which means “equivalent retaliation”), why stop at just a neighborhood? Surely that would take too long, no?

I mean, if we want to stop the barrage of missiles on the South now (yesterday!), shouldn’t the equation be “one city for every missile”?

Actually, the whole talk about Iran really got me thinking. Everybody knows we gots the bomb, right? So I say, the next time the Gazans shoot a Qassam at us, we do it right.

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    1. Jalal

      I might giggle too, but to know such person is an elected MK with power in Israeli society makes me sick, I might even puke.

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    2. @jalal – I share your nausea.

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    3. Ben Israel

      What do you think of elected Palestinian officials honoring people who blew up Israeli buses, restaurants and hotels and what do you think of Palestinians in Gaza acting with official Gaza governmental blessing firing rockets indiscriminately into populated areas in Israel? It makes me sick.

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    4. @BI – I’ll let jalal answer that one. But allow me to ask you, as Danon is one of your/our elected officials, does his statement make you sick?

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    5. Zsolt Sandor

      Yeah, drop some nukes on Iran for every single Qassam. Why not?
      As for the Palestinians, nukes would hurt Israeli interests there, who would want to annex a nuclear wasteland actually, so just drop some napalm for every single Qassam. Why not?

      I wanna puke.

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    6. Jalal

      @BI: Which elected officials?
      Once…we had an election, and the newly elected government was put under sanctions and was overthrown immediately. It survived in Gaza. Do you know that about 21 elected Palestinian Members of Parliament are in Israeli jails? 18 of them under administrative detention which means that they haven’t been charged with anything. They are imprisoned for the sake of collective punishment.
      Palestinians haven’t elected anyone since then.
      As of a few years now, Gaza government hasn’t sponsored or blessed rocket fire. Unfortunately Israel pushes armed factions in Gaza to keep firing rockets as it continues assassinations and bombards neighborhoods on a continuous bases.

      There are a lot of arguments to be brought up here, but non serve on-topic.
      To get back on topic, would you answer this?
      “But allow me to ask you, as Danon is one of your/our elected officials, does his statement make you sick?”

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    7. @mubziii

      Tell him to keep quiet or I’ll delete him off Facebook & Twitter! #Fool

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    8. K. menda

      This comment has been deleted

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    9. I would like to see Ben Israel answer your question, Ami. And I have another question for him. Why is it that for every article here, you (Ben Israel) make a tangentially related claim rather than deal with the subject of the article itself?

      Reply to Comment
    10. K. menda

      To bad, that you can not acept an opinion that is not as you like.
      Best wishes.

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    11. and who’s the one to execute the extinction of Gazan neighborhoods, i.e. palestinian men, woman, children, elderly, disabled… most of them civilians: The most moral army of the world? Danny is just a slick one. Or is it “sick one”?

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    12. Philos

      Ben Israel, what about all those faded green copper tributes to terrorist attacks dotted all over Tel Aviv against the British forces that were posted here? There are two on the corner of Allenby and Yehuda Ha’Levy which proudly state how the “Jewish freedom fighters” ambushed some unsuspecting British soldiers. But Jalal and Ben Ami are right. That’s going off topic. So, what do you have to say about Mr. Danon’s marvelous gem of wisdom?

      Reply to Comment
    13. Alessandra

      by the way you’re not the only ones to have such politicians. last Sunday we had severe floods in northern Italy and a Lega Nord regional member (I guess you know which kind of party is..)said that floods were the only way to clean and empty roma gypsies illegal camps near the Po river in Turin…

      Reply to Comment
    14. AYLA

      omg. I think one of the most disturbing elements here (so many to choose from) is the word choice, “delete” which we use for words on computers and requires a simple punch on a key. At least don’t dehumanize and choose words meant for humans, such as “kill” or “destroy”.

      Reply to Comment
    15. alessandra

      @Ayla: I was quoting the disgusting sentence of this Davide Cavallotto (MP of Lega nord – our Danny Danon, let’s say), and not surely agree with that. I was just trying to show that wherever you may be, some politicians talk the same language. Unfortunately.
      and let me tell you, in Italy we have a very wide range of politicians saying bullshit, or even worst very racist and appalling declarations. the point is the many people is so fed up that do not even pay attention and let any “heresy” pass by, just like water on oil (again other Italian expressions, sorry!). that’s the most frightening thing: people do not care any more. but words are very heavy and can hurt and do a lot of damage.

      Reply to Comment
    16. RichardNYC

      “As of a few years now, Gaza government hasn’t sponsored or blessed rocket fire.”
      ha, you’re funny dude. I forgot that Hamas just wants to march to Tel Aviv so it can establish the secular democratic one state solution we’ve been hearing so much about. 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    17. RichardNYC

      Why don’t we all grow up and stop playing the “who’s the bigger hypocrite” game? Both sides say bellicose things all the time. Aren’t you bored of writing the typical one-sided nonsense about this? Its a freaking WAR: you’re not changing anyone’s minds by ignoring what the other side says/does/ EVERYONE can see. And tell Dana the same thing when you get a chance.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Danny

      What a retard this Dannon is (and I use the word not to put down intellectually challenged people, but to accurately describe this man). Just looking at his picture gives me nausea. Even Glenn Beck had a good chuckle at the expense of this man, and that says a lot. In Yiddish there is a great word that one can use to describe Israel’s current political situation: PHEH!

      Reply to Comment
    19. Mordechai Ben Yosef

      RichardNYC, you have clearly marked the divide between you and me in spite of your efforts to appear reasonable and equitable. “It is a freaking war.” This is the besieged mentality that will ensure that the siege of Israel will continue.In this one statement Palestinians and Arabs are placed into the category of the “other,” the subhumans. Your “war” is suicide bombings and short range inaccurate missiles against one of the largest, well armed and expensive military organizations in the world. You hate and fear them because they have the gall to strike out at the foot on their throat. What serious effort has been made by the Israeli Government to reach out to the Palestinians in a meaningful way? We have heard the mantra from conquerors throughout history. ” They only understand force.” I believe there was a British officer who made a similar statement about some terrorists about 60 years ago.

      Reply to Comment
    20. RichardNYC

      Yes, its a war. That Hamas (as opposed to its patron, Iran), doesn’t have fighter jets and tanks is something everyone should be thankful for. I see you have a passion for post-modern gibberish. That’s fine, but I didn’t say of the things you’re attributing to me silly! 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    21. Mordechai Ben Yosef

      You said “its a freaking war.” Everything else I wrote is what follows from that perspective whether its you or anyone else. It was meant to be a generalization, but I guess became “gibberish” to you, maybe more accurately in your mind, post Zionist gibberish.

      Reply to Comment
    22. RichardNYC

      “Everything else I wrote is what follows from that perspective whether its you or anyone else.”
      –>actually just a product of your imagination. Don’t lie about what people have said.

      Reply to Comment
    23. Philos

      Ben Israel’s silence is deafening

      Reply to Comment
    24. @philos – deafening, yet obvious. he might turn up after shabbat (although i’m sure he read the thread before). nonetheless, he’ll have an answer.

      Reply to Comment
    25. Ben Israel

      Shavua Tov, here I am. I can’t believe you people take what politicians, particularly Israel politicians say, seriously, I certainly don’t, I don’t ever comment on them one way or another. In the days when I listened to Israel radio I would turn it off when ANY politician came on, even if it was one from my camp becaues all they do is regurgitate the same tired slogans.
      Do you really think Danon would actually do that, if he had the power to? C’mon. And please, don’t assume that I really would like to see such a thing happen. It is always assumed that since I am a right-winger then I want to see Arabs creamed. It is true that up until Oslo the Right always supported maximum military force, however, as I have pointed out here at 972 on more than one occasion, those of us on the “New Right” has very little faith in the government or the IDF high command and I don’t believe that such an act would help us in any way. Same with bombing Iran….I am opposed to it for various reasons, although I can’t say I know enough facts about the situation to make a final judgement.

      Do you remember Gilad Sharon’s famous op-ed piece after the killing of the Fogel’s in Itamar. He brought out the old “Arabs are two-legged beast” cliches and you “progressives” naturally went ballistic over his “racism”. I pointed out at the time that Gilad had announced a week before that he was going to compete for a seat in the Knesset on Papa’s KADIMAH list. KADIMAH supports divinng Jeruslaem and knocking down most of the settlements and is even willing to consider accepting the “right of return” of the Palestinian refugees. If Gilad can sign on to a platform like that you should be able to understand that he is making these “racist” statements in order to pull in votes of “racist” voters who have gone for Liberman’s party. Isn’t the prize of dividing Jerusalem and destroying 100,000 settlers homes worth having a few “racist” statements made? If Amir Peretz and Haim Oron and Amos Oz can be “persona friends” of convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti, what’s so terrible about a few anit-Arab remarks that no one takes seriously anyway.
      You can’t get anything done if you don’t get elected, as LBJ once said.

      Reply to Comment
    26. @BI – I knew you wouldn’t answer the question with a simple yes or no. And I also knew you would take 3,000 words to dodge it.
      But what I love most about your comment is the “I can’t believe you take politicians so seriously” sentence.
      So, I guess that goes for Palestinian politicians, too? Right? Especially if they, let’s say, praise a suicide bomber, right (as you mentioned in your first comment on this thread)? Hey – he’s just a politician. Oh wait – unless you mean, we only take Palestinian politicians seriously, and the Israeli ones not… That would mean there is some sort of inconsistency in your logic, and knowing you – that’s impossible!!!!!
      But anyway, BI, here’s challenge for you. Answer the following with one of these two words: “Yes” or “No”: is Danny Danon’s statement sickening?

      Reply to Comment
    27. Max

      As an Israeli I can only agree with him. The first responsibility of a country is to protect its people. Before everyone jumps on me let’s not forget what (the greatest generation) the US did to Japan in WWII all in response to attacking a naval base not in the continental US. Gazans in comparison have fired more than 8000 missiles at purely civilian targets and have sworn to wipe Israel off the map.

      Reply to Comment
    28. Ben Israel

      Palestinian politicians do NOT lie to their people like Israeli politicians do about major issues. Not only do they praise suicide bombers, they take practical steps to honor them and, in fact, many encourage others to continue to carry out similar attacks.

      I will answer your question after you tell me what you think of Amir Peretz, Haim Oron and Amos Oz saying they are personal friends of murderer Marwan Barghouti and they want him freed even though the “holy” Israeli “justice” system (you know, the one that is frying Katzav) sentenced him to five life terms for first degree murder. Fair enough? After all they have been saying this long before Danon made his meaningless statement.

      Reply to Comment
    29. such a child.

      Reply to Comment
    30. Philos

      @ Max, ah the old WW2 defense… the problem with that defense Max is that since WW2 the nations of the world, including Israel, signed on to the UN Charter, most parts of the Geneva Conventions and accepted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in principle. The things that were done in WW2 by the Allies would be considered war-crimes in our age. It says a lot about the relative strength of norms in international relations that warfare has become less and less lethal relative the bloodbaths of WW2, Korea and Vietnam. That’s a little glimmer of light in a sky of darkness that still shrouds human civilization.
      Taking WW2 out of its historical context to justify present day international politics, as you have done, is just another form of the straw man argument. The “greatest generation” did their fair share of raping, pillaging and massacring; however, their crimes pale in comparison to the crimes of the fascists in Germany and Japan. Thus a reasonable mythology arose of the “lightness” of the Allied forces against the “darkness” of the fascists.
      And from an international law perspective 8000 rockets out of Gaza does not compare to a single strike from one nation-state to another nation-state. Gaza is not a state that can warrant Israel’s use of Article VII of the UN Charter.

      Reply to Comment
    31. AYLA

      @Ami–child, or committed hasbarist. If the latter, it’s a total waste of time to talk to Ben Israel, unless the only goal is to make the counter arguments public. This is why I have grown to find him (you, BI) exhausting and relentless. There are articles here that should appeal to the values/ideas of our Son Of Israel, but he’s too committed to countering 972, at all turns.

      Reply to Comment
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