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Lars Von Trier banned from Cannes for sympathizing with Hitler

For the first time in Cannes Film Festival history, a director has been banned from the lavish event for making remarks that indicate support, even esteem, for Adolf Hitler. Sitting in a press conference beside his screen star Charlotte Gainsbourg – herself a descendant of Holocaust survivors, Danish director Lars Von Trier, best known for “Dancer in the Dark” and cofounder of the Dogme 95 collective, said about Hitler, “I think I understand the man.” He went on to say, “I’m not against Jews. I’m of course very much for Jews…no not too much…because Israel is a pain in the ass.”

Here is a video of the press conference – watch from about 34:30.

Actually I can understand Israel being a pain in the ass sometimes, but I don’t need to hear it from some Danish film director who goes on and on lauding Albert Speer (Hitler’s chief architect).

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    1. RichardNYC

      Oh come on, he’s just an anti-Zionist, not a Anti-semite right? Because he said something bad about Israel at the same time right???? That’s the playbook here right??? Help me out here guys, we’re going to need to convince everyone that the Jews have nothing to fear in Europe.

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    2. Dannecker

      WE Europeans are tired of the thought police. Van Trier speaks for us

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    3. Sylvia

      European Jews are stupid. Everytime a film director, writer or singer wants to promote their work, all they have to do is say something about the Holocaust and they’ll save themselves $millions in publicity.
      When will they learn that the best way to punish that jerk is to just say nothing.
      He is banned from the Festival maybe, but nonetheless someone most people have never heard of is now a household name. Enough.

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    4. Ben Israel

      I know many Left/Progressives Jews don’t like hearing these things, but they should be re-iterated:
      (1) Radical anti-Israel positions are motivated chiefly by antisemitism.
      (2) You can’t be a Leftist/Progressive and a Zionist at the same time.

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    5. David

      Lars won’t be the only fan of hitler when he comes to the region. Hitler has many fans in the ME. He had many of the attributes which were considered honorable in Arab societies. He was strong and paternalistic, he was a nationalist, he loved his country and wanted to make it more strong and proud and he had issues with the Jews. Also, his book is supposedly a best seller in many countries of the region. That is what I have read.

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    6. max

      Ben, your 2nd statement is meaningless without first defining the term Leftist.
      I know many people who define themselves as Left, are Zionists (i.e. think that it’s right to have a Jewish state), but disagree with Israel’s mainstream about how such a state should look like and how Israel should treat Palestinians and their aspirations.

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    7. Yishai

      Au Contraire, Ben Israel. You can’t be a greater Israel fascist and a Zionist at the same time. All of the Zionists I admire (Herzl, Buber, Feiwel, Weizmann, Ben Gurion, Magnes, Agnon…just for starters) would be what you would call “progressive,” even “leftist.” Their vision was for a just state, a state that at least attempted to live by the highest standards of decency and morality, and they agonized over every difficult decision they made — in other words, they were good liberals. And last I checked, none of them were anti-Semites.

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    8. max

      Here’s what the Danish press writes (approx. translation):
      A liberating boundary has been drawn with the declaration by the film festival in Cannes of Lars von Trier as persona non grata.
      It signals that there’s a limit to what can pass on stupid and insulting remarks even for so-called genius. (…)
      One can only guess whether he has made his stupid Nazi nonsense for good film advertising.

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    9. Leonid Levin

      Lars von Trier is a truly big name in European and world cinema. In this press conference, it looks like he makes a joke and than finds it a good joke and goes on repeating that he’s a Nazi to a point of absurdity. Of course, he’s no Nazi. He has his kind of humor, which other people may not understand and may take literally. He is a freak, and he went on this word rampage and didn’t know how to stop.

      This is what he had to say afterwards (http://www.movieline.com/2011/05/lars-von-trier-apologizes-confirms-he-is-not-a-nazi.php): Von Trier later, at his own press conference, apologized, stating that “Holocaust is the worst crime that ever happened; I have nothing against Jews; I have a Jewish name, and all my children have Jewish names”, and said that his distinctive Scandinavian humor was misunderstood by the international press corps: “It was really stupidly done and it was in the wrong forum. At the press conference with Danish journalists, there were no problems, but I do not think the international journalists understand my Danish humor”.

      @Mairav, Von Trier did not say he approved of Albert Speer. He only said that Speer was a talented architect. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, I don’t know. But Von Trier is definitely not talking about Speer’s Nazi activities. Give him a break …

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