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Kadima MK: Send leftists to camps; MKs attack African refugees

UPDATE: At the end of the Knesset hearing Tuesday, MK (Kadima) Yulia Shamalov Berkovtich said that “All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building,” referring to a facility now being constructed in the south to hold African refugees.  She referred to those aiding refugees as “hypocrites” that incite against Jews.  

After the controversy in which Likud MK Miri Regev denied (documented) footage of her calling Sudanese a “cancer,” National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari defends use of the term at Knesset special hearing.

On Tuesday morning, the Knesset Committee on Internal Affairs and the Environment held a special session to discuss the African “infiltrator problem.” MKs made comments calling on Africans to be moved to tent encampments, claimed most Africans carry diseases and demanded that they be deported immediately.

Six human rights NGOs, among them the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and the Hotline for Migrant Workers, announced their refusal to join the Knesset discussion in a letter to Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, explaining that they see it as a platform for  “wild incitement” against asylum seekers and human rights organizations – and not as a practical means to a solution.

According to reports and tweets from the discussion, MK Danny Danon blamed leftists for the rape of a 15-year old girl committed by Africans. MK Michael Ben-Ari said that MKs Regev and Danon “did good work” (referring to their incendiary comments at last week’s rally that ended in violence), but added that this discussion does not count for anything if the “prime minister doesn’t wake up” (my translation from live broadcast).

Ben-Ari also made a point to defend Regev’s comment that Africans are a cancer, but didn’t actually say the word “cancer,” instead expressed that he would happily reiterate the sentiment were it not to draw outrage from some MKs.


In an interview with Israeli media following the race riots last Wednesday in south Tel Aviv, Likud MK Miri Regev denied calling Sudanese a “cancer,”  claiming she was merely comparing the “phenomenon” of cancer spreading in the body to the “phenomenon” of African asylum seekers entering the country.

A video of MK Regev – who used to serve as the IDF’s spokesperson –  denying her statement has gone viral on Facebook in Israel, cutting between her denial of the statement with her explicit assertion in front of a large crowd in south Tel Aviv last week that the Sudanese community here is indeed like a cancer that spreads.

I compared the phenomenon to the

phenomenon of cancer that spreads in the human body.

I did not for a moment say that the Sudanese are a “cancer.”

(Cut to south Tel Aviv last Wednesday):

Friends, I told the Knesset plenum today:

The Sudanese are a cancer in our body!

(Cut back to interview):

I did not for a moment say that the Sudanese are a cancer.

The Sudanese are a cancer in our body!

I did not for a moment say that the Sudanese are a cancer.

The Sudanese are a cancer in our body!
In addition to her hateful comments, MK Miri Regev must also not be informed about the fact that most Africans in Israel are from Eritrea, not Sudan.

Another video against Africans made headlines on Monday, depicting an Israeli youth throwing an egg directly at a Sudanese man and then laughing.

You would think that with all of Israel’s technological expertise and pioneering in the hi-tech industry – including the invention of USB flash drives and instant messaging – combined with its obsessive efforts at Hasbara (Israeli PR), that its public officials would be a little more conscious of the power of social media.




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    1. max

      Such reprehensible expressions shouldn’t be accepted in public discourses.
      I should presume that Mairav had the same reaction when these expressions were directed at the settlers

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    2. Did someone call the settlers a cancer? If so, were they perhaps referring to the fact that the settlers are armed to the teeth, gratuitously homicidal, and protected by a brainwashed, racist army?

      Reply to Comment
    3. max

      I think that apart from the governments, with the ultimate responsibility, the next in line are those that were fighting against building the fence, which is the only practical means for making the problem manageable.

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    4. Philos

      Normative? These guys used the old “self-defense” defense that is so handy when a soldier has beaten or shot a Palestinian for no reason. Let’s see if it also works on Africans in Eilat.


      Reply to Comment
    5. If in fact there have been people ‘infiltrating’ across the border without running into border patrols, doesn’t that imply that anybody who really wanted to send suicide bombers in could have done so?

      Reply to Comment
    6. Rehmat

      Sudanese have served well the Zionist agenda in the breakup of Africa’s largest Muslim-majority country. Now, as US-Israel have been able to install a pro-Israel government in South Sudan – the Sudanese collaborators of yesterday – have become “cancer” now.

      The leaders of the World Zionist movement were aware of the necessity of an abundunt supply of potable water in order to fulfil their dream of ‘Greater Israel’ in the Middle East. According to Muriel Mirak-Weissbach of the Schiller Institute, most of Israeli invasion of its Arab neighbors (Lebanon, Egypt and Syria) had been to occupy and exploit their water sources.

      “Zionists realized that minorities in the Arab world represent a natural ally to their state of Israel and so they planned to build bridges with them. Zionist representatives communicated with the Kurds in Iraq, the people in southern Sudan, the Maronites in Lebanon, Kurds in Syria, and the Copts in Egypt; Zionism adopted the principle of divide and conquer, and saw that the most effective way to fragment the Arab world was to create secessionist movements within it,” Fahmi Howeidi, Al-Khaleej Times, January 14, 2011.


      Reply to Comment
    7. Louis

      Let the KKK games begin… who will win the make the best noose competition or the set afire a giant cross race?

      Reply to Comment
    8. JG

      ”All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building,”

      Well, that sounds familiar. Very familiar.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Dave

      ”All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building,”

      Glad I held on to the other passport. Time to get the hell outta Dodge.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Iman

      Miri Regev is hot

      Reply to Comment
    11. Aaron the Fascist Troll

      While we can’t do anything about the poisonous discourse in the Knesset, the good news is that at sites like this we can refrain from calling each other fascists, racists, anti-Semites, Arab-haters, Nazis, cancers, extremists, haters, and so on (except maybe in those very rare cases where it’s accurate). That’s good news!

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    12. I visited Sachsenhausen, the first German concentration camp. It was being built, quietly, during and not too far from where the Olympics where being held, where Hitler refused to shake the hand of the winning track running, Jessie Owens. It was being built by forced labor, its first prisoners, in fact. Being built not by Jews, but political prisoners, leftists.
      Israel won’t do that. But that’s not required. All you need are the words–too keep hitting what makes you so angry because you can not face their reason. Not all you’s out there, of course.
      There is a great sickness in your political discourse now. I recall what finally fell Senator Joesph McCarthy. In a hearing he began asking a young man about his associations. I think (not certain) a lawyer grabed the mike and said “Have you no shame, sir, have you no shame?”
      The Israeli polity will have to face this hate speech. Only electoral fear will stop these people.
      Finally, I think there is a hidden agenda. The High Court ruled that international treaties barred explusion (I think). If you can be that angry about the Africans, well, how about the entity which says they must stay? I think this is another pure anger attack on the Court. I also think the MK’s making this appeal would advocate abrogating the relevant treaties. Israel first and alone.
      And I continue to think that continuing events like this and the actual incitment to riot will push the Court towards ideological independence. And you don’t want that.
      I read that the MK’s brought party workers with them to South Tel Aviv, and that such could be seen in the crowd egging the hatred on. If true–that might well be actionable incitment to riot. The MK’s might be protected by immunity (and the Knesset isn’t brave enough to withdraw it), but the party workers would not be.

      Reply to Comment
    13. max

      @Greg, It’s good to sometimes leave the theoretical spheres for the factual ground of history.
      Even if only because it couldn’t, Judaism has not massacred as many people as either Islam or Christianity; even if only because it is older, Judaism has no direct calls to killing Muslims or Christians.
      And modern history tells us that religion isn’t the reason for massacres, it’s just an instance of ideals that count more than human life. The ‘left’ has had its equal share in such atrocities.
      As for Israel today: hate speech is reprehensible, and Israeli politicians have never been too accountable to what they say. This holds true to both left & right, and I doubt that an inspection will show advantage to either side, despite the minority in size of the radical ‘left’ in Israel – they feel that they have to use offensive language to be heard.
      But altogether, is Israel worse – words & deeds – than the average country in the world? Leaving aside the Arab & Muslim worlds, I’m quite familiar with several ‘Western’ and close-to countries, and can easily think of many that have a much worse record.
      Which doesn’t mean that the fight against evil is wrong. But when it gets into this anti-Israel mode it loses all credibility; it also loses all pretence of trying to get things better. It’s then simply about hate, and “If true–that might well be” speculations.

      Reply to Comment
    14. Max,
      Torah is repleate with atrocity ordered by YHWH, or his acting agents, such as Moses; recall how angry Moses was when told that while all of a group’s men were killed, the women were spared: but they should too be killed so as not to be a temptation to you. Whether said women wanted to be a temptation, after admited onslaught, is apparently irrelevant. What is happening now in some sectors of your Ultra Orthodox is a reactivation of that exculsivity. Some sectors; I am sure that other Ultra Orthodox are repelled by this. I find all Abrahamic religions to have their share of necessary horrors.
      Clean you own house. Before you is charge of incitement to riot, perpetuated by some of your MK. Deal with that. Advocte the rule of law. Do not tell me what I am. (Try clicking on my site; you well never figure out what I am.)
      As to me, I advocate full implementation of your Declaration of Indepenence. Does that make me anti Israeli?

      Reply to Comment
    15. max

      The Torah is full of atrocities, which – as I wrote – haven’t been applied in the past at least 2000 years, if ever. It is also full of wonderful ideas that have been the base of much of what we appreciate in the Judeo-Christian culture.
      Either way, what’s relevant is only what people make out of it, and that’s the essence of what I wrote earlier.
      My house? Your declaration?
      I didn’t even insinuate that you’re anti-Israeli. I wouldn’t reason with people who think that Jews aren’t allowed to have their Home. The ‘mode’ I was referring to is a way of bashing Israel as if it’s the only sinner in town, as if a country – any country – is following a moral-only political discourse, when ‘your’ (in the generic sense) country doesn’t behave any better.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Unacceptable. Refugees are seeking just that: refuge. Remember, we were once strangers in the land of Egypt.

      Israel should be setting the example on how to help refugees. This is a chance to change a lot of perceptions and the Knesset cannot afford to blow it.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Joseph

      The Israeli leaders especially that woman and Danny Danon would supposed to take Haim Karen back from South Sudan because he will have “Cancer” if he will still to be an Israeli Embassador for South Sudan. Iam disturbed and stressed by their insults and I which Israel will stop their relationship with South Sudan. We are not interesting in having ties with Israel anymore. They are gigantic devil of the world and the hell is fills with such people like Likud MK Miri Regev and her partner Danny Danon. They have no difference with Bashir of northern Sudan who called us insects.

      Reply to Comment
    18. JG

      @Greg Pollock
      A little correction
      The first concentration camp was Dachau. Opened at the very beginning of the Third Reich in March 1933, for all the opposition social democrats and communists imprisoned after the Reichstagsbrand

      Reply to Comment
    19. Okbay

      Israel should abide by the 1951 UN Refugees convention as israel is one of the signatory nation.Most Eritreans fled persecution in their country. so it must assess their refuge claim.

      Reply to Comment
    20. JG,
      Well, on tour we were told S was the first; guess not.
      What is the point of defending Israel if you don’t deal with what it is doing? Not one word have I seen on incitement to riot. Not one word on the exclusion of other thought as inherently tainted in a call to send leftist to the camps. Do you think that if I did not care about Israel I would spend time on this site? The journalists on of this site have to fight for the standing because of what they say. I have no doubt they want to live in Israel, dearly want it to change. When I say “your,” “house,” yes, I presume you are Israeli. If not, are you helping Israel by ignoring the acts of these MK’s? I tell you, words of osctracism do have cosequence.
      All I see are charges of race denial, patriotic betrayal, or ho-hum, it doesn’t really matter. It does if you are Afriacn in Tel Aviv; it does if you believe in the rule of law.
      These MK’s have gone too far. They incited a riot. But because they are MK’s, not Arab, in the ruling coalition, it simply doesn’t matter.
      I cannot care for Israel and let hat go by unspoken.

      Reply to Comment
    21. Miri Regev is going to have serious problems with her political career, even in the Israeli political swamp, though there will be people who think she is witty (just like there are people who think she is ‘hot’). She has now apologised for likening Africans to human beings. She released a 40-second YouTube video:
      Here she says: “The phenomenon of infiltration is a phenomenon that is spreading everywhere in the State of Israel: South Tel Aviv, Arad, Eilat, Orr Akiva, Pardes Hanna. I spoke of the phenomenon of infiltration that is spreading in the manner that the phenomenon of cancer spreads in the human body. Heaven forbid, I did not talk about human beings and I did not compare them to human beings. If someone feels hurt by that statement, or understood my statement incorrectly, or if my statement were incorrectly interpreted, I apologize for this. I say again, the infiltration phenomenon is a phenomenon that we must put boundaries to, we must handle, because it both constitutes a demographic threat on Israel and also constitutes a violation of the personal safety of our citizens.” A note accompanying the Regev video from one Alon Uziel, who uploaded this copy to YouTube, provides some context: “MK Miri Regev posted the above video yesterday. What is said there at 15 seconds is entirely crazy, both that it is said, in error or otherwise, and because it just came up, obviously, without any of her people remarking about it. After too many hours of the video being on air and flooding Facebook, Regev’s people took down the video, but as they were so slow, I had time to download the original. Here it is. I’m not changing a thing, so people won’t say that any of the context was removed.” Several days ago Regev supposedly “apologized” for her 23 May comments, however the transcript of her words provided by the JTA shows that she did not apologize to Africans, she apologized to cancer sufferers for likening their disease to Africans. She said: “When I compared the migrant worker phenomenon to cancer I was referring to the way the phenomenon had spread, and not anything else. If anyone took it otherwise and was consequently offended, I apologize and I surely did not intend to hurt either Holocaust survivors or cancer patients.”

      Reply to Comment
    22. Piotr Berman

      Miri Regev, Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich, Anastasia Michaeli, Fania Kirshenbaum… a lot of formidable ladies in the Knesset. Perhaps they should start speeches with “Hoyotoho heiaha” (battlecry of valkyries).

      Reply to Comment
    23. Piotr Berman

      Upon little investigation, it is much too hasty to attribute Yulia Shamalov-Berkowich to prejudices of Judaism or some kind of focused racism. Here what she says about fellow Jews:

      “One of the worst problems in our society, in my opinion, is a crisis of trust,” Shamalov-Berkovich said. “No one trusts anyone, and it’s clear why, it’s because we’re a Jewish state and Jews are shady and remained shady. They came to Israel and forgot that this is our trait, and kept tricking each other, and 60 years later, it’s come back like a boomerang to our face.”

      Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! Heiaha! Few people in Kadima would shed tears about leftists and Eritreans, but now it seems that at long last, Yulia may be in trouble. Politicians should be careful to have at least SOME people they haven’t offended.

      Reply to Comment
    24. Rehmat

      MAX – your knowledge of world history is laughable.

      “We must not forget that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,” TNet, 2006.

      More than half of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin. They’re responsible for the murder of 60-100 million Russian and Ukrainian Christians under Lenin and Stalin.

      European Christian societies did treat ordinary Jews among them as third-class citizen. In Canada, some of top hotels in Toronto and Canada used to have sign posted at their front entrances: “No dog, no Jew allowed” until 1940s.

      Muslims, mostly, became liberators for the oppressed Jews. They liberated them from Christian slavery in Jerusalem (638 CE), Spain (711), Palestine (1186) and saved over 100,000 European Jews from Nazis while 150,000 German Jews and terrorist organizations like Irgun collaborated with Nazis.


      Reply to Comment
    25. get your facts straight

      Rehmat, first of all your numbers concerning soviet atrocities are VASTLY exaggerated. though noone really counted the victims of lenin and stalin, they are mostly estimated around 5-20 million, depending whether deaths by famine are regarded as murder or not. secondly, “more than half” of soviet executives being of jewish origin is also highly doubtable.
      the reason why jews were prone to support communism was their persecution under the Czars. however, it was not their jewishness, neither ethnicity (obviously) nor religion (as most communist jews were obviously atheist) which made them commit crimes. Jews were among victims of the soviets as well, and the majority of Soviet jewry were rural peasants and swamp-dwellers who had nothing to do with soviet policies.
      btw in Islam, the religion COMMANDS you to oppress nonbelievers and violently expand islamic rule over all people.(depending on the interpretation though, of course).

      Reply to Comment
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