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Jordanian king: "We have fought Israel more than once, we're calm"

King Abdullah II of Jordan used some harsh words against Israel yesterday:

“Jordan and Palestine’s future (prospects) are stronger than Israel today and that it is the Israeli who is afraid now. When I was in the United States, an Israeli intellectual talked to me and said that what is going on in the Arab world is in the best interest of Israel; but I answered him and said: on the contrary; your situation today is harder than ever before.

“We support the Palestinian people right to a Palestinian state; our political stance did not and will not change and that the alternative homeland issue must not be part of the discussion.”

Most of the headlines in Israeli and international media went with the “Jordan will never be Palestine” or “Israel in tough situation” headlines. I would have chosen something else, which for some reason is a part of the King’s speech that was not translated in most of the news sites I skimmed through, and gave me the chills:

“We have an army and we have fought Israel more than once. We are calm.”

Talk about “tough”. A few days ago I wrote about the lethal cocktail in the region that could lead to war. Turkey, Egypt and Israel have all acted irrationally over the past few weeks, and the U.S. and EU have been watching silently from afar, except for the usual flurry of diplomatic activity that ensues behind the scenes during these kinds of outbursts. Hopefully someone will understand soon that this situation is already out of control.

And now, even small and virtually powerless Jordan feels it is time to use war rhetoric.

UPDATE: MK Arieh Eldad (Yisrael Beitenu Ichud Leumi) said today: “In my meeting in Washington with members of Congress I found people willing to listen to the ‘Jordan is Palestine’ plan. Abdullah knows very well there is no other justification for Jordan’s existence, and he is terrified of the day when the masses in Amman will do to him what they did to Mubarak and Qadaffi. He’s better off declaring today that Jordan is the national Palestinian state or requesting diplomatic asylum in London as long as still has control.”

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    1. Grace Ghunaim

      Jordan King is scared shitless that he will be overthrown by his people as was done with Gadaffi, Mubarak, Bin Ali and so on…
      He has to adopt the lingo that pleases the street…
      And seriously, All those horrible Arab dictators need to recreate Israel as the enemy for the Arab world to substitute themselves….
      And for the people of Arabia, and with the track record that Israel has with the Arab world and the negative stance that Israeli politicians are adopting now, it’s much easier to believe that Israel is a bigger, and long lasting enemy…
      I think both Israelis and arabs must unite on a popular level and screw the happiness of all those corrupt politicians who want to benefit from war and kill our kids in useless battles…If we unite, then we will be an invincible power….food for thought..

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    2. The USA and EU have been acting irrationally. For 44 years, they have watched and practically cheered as Israel violated the law of belligerent occupation. Now the settlements are vast and the settlers are 10% of the Israeli population.

      In 1980, with UNSC-465, the UNSC could have acted to require Israel to comply with UNSC-465 (remove settlers, demolish settlements), and THEN it would have been easy. TODAY it would be difficult.

      Nevertheless, as the middle east heats up, it is STILL CORRECT for the USA/EU to demand (with severe modalities of enforcement) that Israel first remove all settlers (550,000 of them) and then demolish all settlements and the wall.

      It was always the time, it is still the time, for this demand that Israel comply with the law.

      With the settlers gone and the settlements demolished, Israel will see that the end of its settlement project is not merely a subject of idle conversation but a final chapter of an inglorious episode. Peace making can then follow relatively easily, whereas today peace making is essentially impossible.

      Thus international lawlessness BY the USA and EU (by winking at Israeli lawlessness) is responsible for all these wars and tensions adn enforcement of the law will bring peace.

      And the settlements will be SEEN not to have anything whatever to do with Israeli security, which is assured by its army.

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    3. Yitzhak

      Arieh Eldad is not from Yisrael Beiteinu; he’s from Ichud L’umi.

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    4. @Yitzhak – thank you. corrected.

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    5. Philos

      @ Grace. Yes there is some concern in Jordan about the regime, however, the content of the Jordanian protests is markedly different to the ones occurring in Egypt, Syria and Libya. For starters the demands of the protesters there is for a constitutional monarchy and not the removal of the monarch. Although there are malcontents in Jordan who wish to see the regime replaced altogether for the most part the Hashemite monarchy is generally considered legitimate and a top demand of the social protesters there, incidently, has been the abrogation of hte peace treaty with Israel.

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    6. Ben Israel

      Before the Six-Day War, a war hysteria broke out in the Arab world, saying…”this time we are going to do it right!” and everybody jumped on board. Things got out of control and Nasser ended up riding a tiger which he never intended to do when he first started inflaming the rhetoric. A similar thing happened in 1914 when crowds in countries that managed to stay out of World War I such as Sweden were demanding they go in.
      I just saw a report that Turkish newspaper report (The Turkish Star Gazette) has stated that electronic weapons that use IFF (identification friend or foe) which had been supplied by the Americans which automatically disengaged the weapon if Israeli targets had been sighted (or other NATO states) have been retargeted by Turkish technicians to allow attacks on the Israeli targets. If the Turkish goverment is now encouraging talk of war with Israel and the Jordanians are joining in, how can others stay out? A repeat of 1967. Wow.

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    7. aristeides

      Eldad would find people in the US Congress willing to listen to a plan to mine green cheese on the moon. The place is full of ignoramuses who don’t believe in evolution or science, and their AIPAC paymasters make sure they give a friendly ear to any equivalent ignoramus from Israel.

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    8. Mitchell Cohen

      Whatever you feel about Eldad’s politics, with an MD from Tel-Aviv University and being a medical doctor at Hadassah, he is certainly no ignoramus. For sure, he believes in science.

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    9. The science of racism.

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    10. aristeides

      Good point, Mitchell Cohen – he doesn’t have that excuse.

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    11. RichardNYC

      Uh yeah, you fought Israel before and look how that turned out. I think the new slogan describing Palestine will soon be “From Anbar to the Green Line”

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    12. Philos

      Mitchell Cohen, that’s so sweet you think MD’s can’t be bad people. Really I admire your innocence. Sadly, I know too much about the Holocaust, Gulag, Guatemala, Egypt, Guantanamo Bay and…. well, the list is rather endless of MD’s who didn’t seem to take their Hippocratic Oath very seriously; you know the part about swearing “never to do harm to anyone”. Bashar Assad is a MD isn’t he?

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    13. Danny

      We all saw the IDF’s performance in Lebanon in 2006, and were less than impressed (to say the least). Israel cannot win a war today against Turkey and Egypt, two countries whose armies rival the IDF in terms of materiel and human elements. Throw Iran into the mix and we see that Israel’s security situation is more precarious than possibly ever. The only thing Israel has going for it is that the U.S. would probably defend it in case it was ever facing certain defeat (a la 1973).

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    14. Ben Israel

      What you said is exactly what the Arabs said in 1948, 1967 and 1973….”this time we’ll do it right!”.

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