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'Jewish extremists' arrested in murder of Palestinian teen in Jerusalem

Details of the police investigation into the kidnapping and murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir have been held under gag order.

Palestinians carry the body of Muhammed Abu Khdeir through the streets of Shuafat. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Palestinians carry the body of Muhammed Abu Khdeir through the streets of Shuafat. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Six suspects identified as “Jewish extremists” were arrested in connection to the heinous murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, police revealed as details began emerging about the investigation Sunday morning. All details about the investigation have been kept under gag order since the 16 year old was kidnapped and burned alive, an incident that sparked clashes and riots in Shuafat that spread to other parts of Israel in recent days.

It is important to point out that following the kidnapping/murder of the three Israeli teenagers on June 12, headlines in Israeli media and statements from the government quickly deemed it a “terror” attack perpetrated by  “terrorists” backed by the “terrorist” organization Hamas – before any evidence was shown or any suspects arrested.  However, in the case of Abu Khdeir’s murder, the suspects are, at worst, “Jewish extremists” or from the “far-right.”

While the Abu Khdeir family claimed from the very beginning  that this was an act committed by Jewish Israelis because their son was Palestinian, rumors spread (many believe by the Israel Police itself) that this was an inter-family honor killing, possibly because the victim was gay. However, that baseless claim was completely ruled out Sunday.
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According to a preliminary autopsy report released Friday, Abu Khdeir was burnt alive; soot was found in his respiratory system and he had burns over 90 percent of his body, in addition to a head injury.

Police were expected to hold a press conference Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, a Jerusalem court on Sunday ordered the release of Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s cousin Tarek, an American citizen from Tampa, Florida who was  brutally beaten by Border Police officers while  in custody on Thursday. Tarek has not been charged with a crime. His bail was set at NIS 3,000 and he was placed under house arrest and barred from entering Shuafat, where he has been on vacation visiting his family. The investigation against him is ongoing. There were various reports in Israeli media as to police claims ranging from: that he was involved in rioting, was carrying a slingshot, was carrying a knife, attacked policemen and the latest was that he hurled rocks and /or Molotov cocktails at police.

Tarek spoke to the media after being released from custody Sunday afternoon. He says he was watching and not participating in the clashes when he was beaten and then lost consciousness. (Video from Addameer)

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    1. GilGamesh

      the terrorist slime that did this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Reply to Comment
      • shachalnur

        What law?Israeli “law”?

        Shouldn’t you be more worried that Israeli Jews are able to kidnap, torture and burn a kid alive ,because their leaders tell them it’s OK(“Vengeance for the blood of a small child”Bibi dixit).

        The writing is on the wall,and hanging some confused sociopath Slaves out to dry,demanding “the full extent of the law”,will not change a thing.

        Like a rabid dog,once you tasted blood in this way,there’s no “law” that can stop the fall into the abyss,you stared into it for too long.

        And it’s by design,and the timing is extremely dangerous.

        The ones that did this have the support and sympathy of a significant part of the Israeli population,and to pillory these Slaves will not solve a thing.

        Bibi might have opened Pandora’s Box,and the “full extent of the law” will not close this one.

        Reply to Comment
        • GilGamesh

          Still waiting for your retraction of the proven hoax story you posted about the Algerian World Cup team.

          Reply to Comment
        • GilGamesh

          Oh and btw I realize you deal only with conspiracy but if you actually educated yourself you would find out the the quote you attribute to Bibi is from a poem that is anti revenge. Here it is in full context.
          “Cursed is he who says ‘Revenge!’
          Vengeance for the blood of a small child Satan has not yet created.”
          Haim Nahman Bialik

          Reply to Comment
          • shachalnur

            Check out Shmuley Boteach in JP,and learn about how to incite people,whip up hate,without actually calling for revenge literally.

            Just like Bibi’s Bialik quote,speaking to a rabid crowd,the subtleties will get lost,and it’s easy to do this on purpose.

            Just like you calling for “the full extent of the law”,as a crypto-fascist exercise ,so you can spew your venom under the cover of this hollow gesture.

            The good news is you’re not the only HasbaRat on this site using the same nauseating tactics.

            The Algeria hoax came from Hasbara central ,by the way,like the alleged honourkilling of Muhammed for being gay.

            You twist and turn and lie like a reptile,and you’re not scoring any points on this site anymore,

            The more you push your lies ,the more damage you do to your 1897 Zionist paymasters.

            So keep puking your poison,there’s no better way to demonstrate what kind of creeps you represent.

            Reply to Comment
          • GilGamesh

            So let me get this straight shach, now you’re admitting you post stories that come direct to you from hasbara central. Hmmmm

            Reply to Comment
    2. shachalnur

      Developments are moving fast.

      After arresting 6 suspects in the Arab teen case,and a suspect in the case of the 3 Israeli teens,the police claims to have solved the alleged murder of Shelly Dadon.

      All on the same day.

      The suspect(male) of the Dadon murder,has confessed under questioning to have stabbed her to death.

      How convenient.

      A few problems though:

      -the timing.

      -a call from Shelly Dadon before she died,tells the story of a female trying to strangle her,while the current story is that she was stabbed by a man.

      Desperate antics by the Israeli government,who has lost control over the situation and the narrative.

      Rapid chess with limited time on the clock and no control over the rules shows that Israel is competing on a level that’s out her league right now.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Jan

      Waiting for the retraction of the lie given out by the Israeli police that Muhammad was killed by his family because he was gay. Is there no lie too horrible for Israel to give out to cover crimes committed by either their government or by Jewish terrorists? The lie that this horribly murdered boy was gay has spread through social media like a virulent virus. The Israeli police owe the public an abject apology and those involved in fomenting the lie should be fired immediately.

      Reply to Comment
      • Tzutzik

        Waiting for Palestinians to identify and arrest the terrorists who kidnapped and murdered three Israeli children, just before the bastards mentioned in this article murdered the Arab kid in revenge.

        I suspect it will be a long wait. “Never” is a very long time. But the Jan’s of this world will never worry about such “trivia” …

        Reply to Comment
        • Felix Reichert

          Why and how should the Palestinian Authority or any other Palestinian be responsible for arresting the murderers of the three settler boys, when they were kidnapped and most likely killed in Area C, which is under FULL control of the Israeli security establishment?

          Also, you know as well as we do that the PA is right know (as in the past) working closely with Israeli officials to find the perpetrators of said murder. If the Israeli police/the IDF isn’t sabotaging all their efforts, because the situation plays into their hands.

          Reply to Comment
          • Tzutzik

            “Why and how should the Palestinian Authority or any other Palestinian be responsible for arresting the murderers of the three settler boys”

            Trust a Palestinian apologist like you to come up with an excuse for not identifying at least, let alone arresting murderers of Jewish Israeli children.

            In answer to your stupid question, here are just a few reasons as to why they shoulda’ …

            – For the sake of human decency.

            – For the sake of showing that they are serious about peace.

            – For the sake of confidence building.

            – For the sake of reciprocity.

            I could go on but I know it would be like water off a duck’s back with people like you. After all, you people only care about the murder of Palestinian children. Hey I have no problems with that. The thugs who did that, deserve to be severely punished.

            But the blood of Israeli children crying out from the ground you have no interest in, Felix. They are just “Settler boys” to you. Disgusting … !!!

            Reply to Comment
          • Reza Lustig

            Didn’t he already say the PA was working with the Israeli government to find the killers?

            Reply to Comment
          • Lana

            I would genuinely like to understand how Israeli civilians can be so ignorant? Not a rhetorical question.

            Reply to Comment
      • Samuel

        “Waiting for the retraction of the lie given out by the Israeli police that Muhammad was killed by his family”

        Isn’t the arrest of the Jewish suspects enough admission for you Jan?

        Reply to Comment
        • Reza Lustig

          Not Jan, but no, not until we have six convictions, and six life sentences handed down.

          Reply to Comment
    4. Rab

      So, to review:

      Israeli police responded efficiently and effectively in a relatively short time to uncover the murderers.

      Israeli police’s gag order apparently helped them find the perpetrators faster.

      Israeli police treated the alleged murderers as they do terrorists by not providing access to lawyers.

      Israel’s PM demanded the police find the killers. And they obviously expended significant resources doing so despite the fact they were also contending with riots in Jerusalem and now outside of it.

      Israel’s PM issued an initial statement severely criticizing this murder and today issued another, unequivocal speech in which he compared this act and these alleged murderers to the worst murderers on the Palestinian side.

      And yet, reading this article, one would think there was bias, bigotry, unfair play, etc. all directed at Arab Israelis. And, of course, the article doesn’t mention the horrendous rioting that has gone on…probably because articles such as this help foment the discontent of Arabs in Israel. Shameful.

      Reply to Comment
      • Samuel

        Well said Rab. I agree with you totally.

        Reply to Comment
      • Reza Lustig

        Everyone, irrespective, has to be granted legal representation when the police pick them up for something they intend to charge them with. I find it disturbing that you think we should find the Israeli police’s failure to observe this basic human right “not so bad” since this one instance apparently makes it “equal opportunity.”

        Abbas condemned the kidnappings and said the kids should be returned, so I guess Bibi doesn’t have a monopoly on professionalism.

        Reply to Comment
      • jdledell

        Rab – I am also pleased that the Israeli police found these Jewish terrorists so quickly. A cheer for the home team.

        It would help if they also tore down the homes of the 6 Jewish suspects like they did of the two “suspects” in the murder of the 3 yeshiva students. I understand the difference between Israeli civil justice for Jews and military justice for West Bank Palestinians but it sure looks bad.

        My relatives in Israel claim at least 2 of the suspects came from the settlement of Adam, in the occupied territories.

        Reply to Comment
        • Rab

          My natural instinct is to agree with you. I think all of their houses should be torn down. Ironically, that would serve as a real deterrent to Jews since there won’t be a government or some foreigners paying them and their families significant compensation for their loss.

          But yes, they should lose their homes.

          Having said that, I’m not sure their houses can be torn down by law. The laws of Israel are not the same as those of areas controlled by Israel.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben Zakkai

            No to home demolitions, and No to protracted detention of criminal suspects without access to legal counsel. And it doesn’t matter whether the criminals or suspects are Jewish, Arab or otherwise. Regarding home demolitions, even if one member of a household is a psychopathic murderer, that doesn’t mean it’s just or wise to wreck the house where his wife or mother or children or brothers and sisters live. And it’s not even effective – apparently the IDF long ago concluded that the deterrent effect is minimal, and not greater than the additional hatred generated by the practice.
            Regarding a suspect’s access to a lawyer: granted that the US Miranda rule, where you have to inform a suspect immediately of his rights to silence and to a lawyer, may be over the top in terms of discouraging honest confessions and the provision of useful information; but when the interrogation without a lawyer continues not just hours but days and sometimes weeks, it creates serious doubts about the validity of any confession obtained.

            Reply to Comment
          • Rab

            The effectiveness of home destruction was questioned but one of the issues is whether there is someone offering compensation for the crime or its punishment. Suicide bombers used to receive $25,000 presents from Sadaam Hussein, the PA gives imprisoned terrorists stipends, salaries and other assistance, etc. As a result, losing a house would be a wash financially.

            Reply to Comment
          • Reza Lustig

            I don’t give a crap how much the PA gives “terrorists” families, the IDF has no right to destroy their home for something their father/brother/son did. This is like a Neo Nazi burning down his Jewish neighbor’s house with a molotov cocktail and saying “big deal, he can just go to Israel and they’ll give him star treatment!”

            Reply to Comment
    5. Tzutzik

      Looks like there is censoring going on this thread. Enjoy it. It does not make me look bad. It makes those who do it look bad.

      Reply to Comment
      • Felix Reichert

        It WOULD be difficult for you to look worse than you already do. Yes.

        Reply to Comment
        • Tzutzik

          “It WOULD be difficult for you to look worse than you already do. Yes.”

          Good old Felix. Trust you to make a stupid comment.

          Coming from the likes of you, I cannot possibly take offense. I could not possibly have a lower opinion about anyone else, than the one I already have about you. Yes.

          Reply to Comment
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