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WATCH: Jewish Defense League activists beat Palestinian-American at AIPAC

Wearing shirts and carrying flags bearing insignia of the JDL, once declared a terrorist organization, the violent men and women also attacked left-wing Jewish activists. At least one was arrested.

Members of the Jewish Defense League severely beat a 55-year old Palestinian American man and assaulted several American Jewish activists with IfNotNow outside the AIPAC Conference in Washington, D.C. Sunday, new video footage provided to +972 Magazine shows.

Kamal Nayfeh, a father of four and an instructor at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC, was reportedly visiting his daughter Danya, a student at Georgetown University in Washington at the time.

He was punched and kicked and clobbered with flag poles, leaving him with cuts and bruises all over his face and body. He was taken to George Washington University Hospital and treated for his injuries. He had to have 18 stitches around his eye.

His daughter Danya, who can be heard screaming in the video “that’s my dad!”, recalled the attack in a statement provided to the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU):

When I heard the screams and found out my father was being beaten nearby, I was horrified. I ran to him as quickly as I could. He appeared stunned and his eye looked awful, all swollen and cut up. They beat him after they heard he was Palestinian. He was not threatening at all, it’s perfectly clear that my father was brutalized simply because of who he is.

Two of the JDL members who attacked Nayfeh were eventually arrested by the police and released, according to the IMUE. One was charged with a misdemeanor and another with felony assault.

Speaking via phone with +972 Magazine, Danya Nayfeh said she had to repeatedly plead with police to arrest her father’s attackers, screaming “who did this?” and that officers threatened to arrest her instead for if she didn’t stop demanding they take action against the JDL men. She said the first people to pull JDL guys off her dad were other protesters, she assumes from IfNotNow.

The violent confrontations went largely unreported in the coverage and social media buzz surrounding the IfNotNow protests against AIPAC.

A second video shows his eventual detention after appearing to assault IfNotNow activists:

In a Facebook status published Tuesday, IfNotNow member Shana Shawn Salzberg described a very scary confrontation with mostly “huge muscular white men”:

One of them took a pole smashed it on a tall person’s forehead, which started bleeding. I was shoved hard with a closed fist and a pole in such a way that my head ended up behind someone’s arm which ended up cutting off my wind pipe for a second…. These were Jews shoving and stabbing other Jews in the name of Jewish protection.

The Washington Jewish Week spoke with Meir Weinstein, who described himself as the coordinator of the JDL — before most of the violence occurred that day. He said that his organization was “primarily here to counter the anti-Israel mobs that are going to show up” and to protect Jews attending the conference, who he said were in danger of being attacked.

The Jewish Defense League, founded by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, has been described as a terrorist organization by the FBI. The group is believed to be behind several fatal bombings in the United States several decades ago, although it was largely dormant until recently.

The group’s Israeli affiliate, Kach, is outlawed in Israel and is listed as a terrorist organization in Israel, Europe and the United States. Kahane, who advocated the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Israel and the West Bank, was later assassinated in New York City.

Kahane’s violent, racist ideology has made a comeback in Israel as well in recent years, advocated by groups like Lehava and political parties like Otzmat Israel. Graffiti reading “Kahane was right” is a common sight in Israel today.

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    1. Jim Hetlyn

      I have researched the JDL and this article is incorrect. The JDL is not listed as a terrorist organization. The Southern Poverty Law Center makes this incorrect claim. The FBI could probably clarify this incorrect claim for your readers.

      Reply to Comment
      • john baptist

        Why its not listed as terrorist organization?

        Reply to Comment
    2. David

      Israel: Ever faster and deeper into the abyss of fascism.

      People all around the world, especially all important youth, including Americans and Jews everywhere, are bearing witness and growing increasingly disgusted with and enraged at Israel. It is not going to end well for Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Average American

      Reputations are earned.

      Reply to Comment
    4. R5

      If we don’t blame Jews collective for this, we’ll have learned nothing from history…oh wait too late you guys already did that.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        This is illogical and incoherently stated. I can’t even figure out what you are saying. Perhaps you meant to say “if we blame Jews collective for this, we’ll have learned nothing from history.” Which, if you meant that, would be a non-sequitur since neither Zonszein or anyone else here is blaming “Jews collective.”

        Reply to Comment
        • R5

          “Collectively” – just a typo dude. Sorry that was so hard for you to figure out.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Nope. I took that typo for granted. It was the rest of it that did not make sense. Look again.

            Reply to Comment
    5. Grandpa Frost

      The Arab initiated the scuffle. However, it was conveniently cut out of the video. Why don’t you show the WHOLE video? There you have it folks. This is how anti-Semitic propaganda works. Goebbels would be proud.

      Reply to Comment
      • carmen

        What’s keeping you from providing proof of your claim and enlightening everyone, instead of babbling like an angry old man…

        Reply to Comment
    6. i_like_ike52

      I presume the reason this piece was posted was to say “see, this is what Zionists are like”.
      Well, one could also look at the recent murderous terrorist attack in London, which is merely the latest in a very long list of terrorist attacks against civilians done by Muslims in the name of Islam and say “this is what Muslims are like”. Or one could look at the fratricidal slaughter Muslims are inflicting on one another in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and even in more stable states like Egypt which have killed hundreds of thousands and uprooted millions of refugees and say “this is what Islam is like”. But, perish the thought that someone should say that. They would immediately be condemned as “Islamophobes”. Don’t want to be called that!

      Reply to Comment
      • Carmen

        Really? I think the reason for your post Ike was to have a segue into your oft-repeated whataboutery tropes. This article isn’t a condemnation of all Jews, which was obvious from the get go. This is about the actions of an organization that has been called by the FBI “a right-wing terrorist organization”, like the KKK and the Aryan Nations. If you’re ashamed of the actions by these Jewish Defense League fellas, you’re in good company. But don’t shoot the messenger because you’re ashamed. Shoot the ADL!

        Reply to Comment
    7. Bruce Gould

      According to Wikipedia: In a 2004 congressional testimony, John S. Pistole, Executive Assistant Director for Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) described the JDL as “a known violent extremist Jewish organization.”[100] FBI statistics show that, from 1980 through 1985, there were 18 officially classified terrorist attacks in the U.S. committed by Jews; 15 of those by members of the JDL.[30] According to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,[101]…In a 1986 study of domestic terrorism, the Department of Energy concluded: “For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States. […] Since 1968, JDL operations have killed 7 persons and wounded at least 22. Thirty-nine percent of the targets were connected with the Soviet Union; 9 percent were Palestinian; 8 percent were Lebanese; 6 percent, Egyptian; 4 percent, French, Iranian, and Iraqi; 1 percent, Polish and German; and 23 percent were not connected with any states. Sixty-two percent of all JDL actions are directed against property; 30 percent against businesses; 4 percent against academics and academic institutions; and 2 percent against religious targets.” (Department of Energy, Terrorism in the United States and the Potential Threat to Nuclear Facilities, R-3351-DOE, January 1986, pp. 11–16)…
      In its report, Terrorism 2000/2001, the FBI referred to the JDL as a “violent extremist Jewish organization” and stated that the FBI was responsible for thwarting at least one of its terrorist acts.[102] The National Consortium for the Study of Terror and Responses to Terrorism states that, during the JDL’s first two decades of activity, it was an “active terrorist organization.”[6] The JDL was specifically referenced by the FBI’s Executive Assistant Director Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence, John S. Pistole, in his formal report before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States.[6]


      Reply to Comment
    8. Eritrean So-Called Infiltrator

      “Activists”…joke of a title

      Reply to Comment
    9. Itshak Gordin Halevy

      Lehava is fighting against Arab-Jewish mixed-marriages (Arab men who marry Jewish women. Arabs forbid their women to marry Jewish men) which are strictly forbidden by the Jewish tradition. As a traditionalist Jew I admire Lehava.

      Reply to Comment
    10. IDF


      Reply to Comment