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Israel's new motto: ‘Never trust a smiling Iranian’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (World Economic Forum)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (World Economic Forum)

There’s something that’s bothering Israelis these days, besides the Iranian nuclear program. It’s the Iranian Smile Assault.

I’m not kidding. That’s what the Israeli government and Israeli media are labeling the appearances of Iranian officials in various international forums.

When it was Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the talks for curbing Tehran’s nukes, Israelis couldn’t stand the sight of him smiling. “The Smile Assault of Zarif,” the headlines shouted in Israel.

And just yesterday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani got the same treatment in the Israeli media. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the goal of the “regime of the ayatollahs hiding behind Rouhani’s smiles” is to ease sanctions without giving up nukes.

That’s right, never trust a smiling Iranian, folks. Because if an Iranian is smiling there’s obviously something behind it. It’s not just a smile because that person might like to… ummm… smile. Or happens to be a nice guy. Or thought something was funny at the moment.

Nope. Persians smile because they’re liars. They’re devious motherfu…

And that, folks, is racism.

An Israeli Racism Assault.

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    1. Rehmat

      The Motto should be: ‘Never trust a supporter of Hizbullah’.

      The reason being, once Tehran pull-back its support of Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah, which humiliated Jewish army twice, in 2000 and 2006 – Israel and Iran would be “good friend” like under King Reza Shah.


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    2. JerusalemS

      Larry, if you actually spoke Hebrew, you would know that “smile attack” is just the Hebrew translation of a “charm attack”.

      How one would live in a country for decades and not speak either of its official languages fluently is beyond me.

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      • Terri Knoll

        he sure does need mental help!

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    3. Nir

      The correct translation would be “Charm Offensive”, which is a pretty common expression.

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    4. Vadim

      Here’s how most Israelis view these events –
      1. The Iranians are developing military nuclear capabilities.
      2. The sanctions have had some effect and Tehran has decided to change tactics and tactics only. Nothing changed on the big level.
      3. Europe is seen as gullible, Obama’s US has made every possible mistake in the middle east and is seen as very pro Arab and Putin does what makes Putin more money. It’s as if no lesson was learned from the deal with North Korea.
      4. Given the real desire in the west to conclude this in a diplomatic way – the new Iranian tactic is working wonderfully.
      5. This is what is called the Smile Attack. Iran’s new tactic of pronouncing all the nice words delusional people in the west love to hear, while changing nothing in their nuclear program.

      Nothing about trusting a smiling Iranian, no racism. Just awe and amazement at the way Iranians manage to manipulate others.

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      • Danny

        “Just awe and amazement at the way Iranians manage to manipulate others.”

        You mean awe and amazement at the way they’ve managed to manipulate others almost as well as we have, right? No one even comes close to the lies and manipulations of Israel.

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        • Vadim

          Danny –

          1. What Israel did or did not do is entirely irrelevant here. All countries have their secrets, all countries use deception when needed. Just because we supposedly lied sometime should not make me stop trying to expose Iran’s lies.

          2. “No one even comes close to the lies and manipulations of Israel.” I find it a bit hard to verify, given these things are mostly unknown. So what we have here is not a fact, but merely your opinion. Which we already know.

          3. I find it impressive when diplomatic skill and deceit manage to secure national goals, done by Israel or by Iran.

          So, what’s your point? Do you have to throw Israel in into every bad thing you hear about a Muslim or Arab state?

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          • Average American

            So, since Israel is proud (impressed) of using deceit in its diplomacy, USA can safely distrust anything Israel tells us, including about Iran, just as what Israel told us about Iraq was deceit.

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          • Vadim

            I said – “I find it impressive”.

            I said nothing of Israel’s official standpoint.

            All countries have their own interests to protect and use deceit, it would be foolish to behave otherwise. The US is free (and should) distrust everything Israel or any other nation tells it.

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      • Bahram Karimi

        There are two sides to this story. This is how Iranians view these events:
        1. In the past 20 years, Israel has repeatedly claimed that Iran is several months away from developing a nuclear bomb. None of these claims have ever been materialized.
        2. Iran has signed the non-proliferation treaty while Israel’s program is under no supervision.
        3. Israel has massive arsenals of nuclear bombs, while Iran is merely claimed to be developing one (Although it is not obvious why even in the last 8 years and under radical Ahmadinejad’s government, no definite sign of moving toward a nuclear bomb has emerged.)
        4. Israel has enthusiastically taken advantage from the diplomatic weaknesses of Ahmadinejad government to emphasize the notion that Iran aims to develop and use a nuclear bomb against Israel. Now, they are mad that the new government knows the diplomatic language and they are not able to take advantage of it. This is what they call “Smile Assault”.
        4. In the last decade, Israel has been responsible for initiating war with its neighbors, while in the past 100 years Iran has been involved in only one war in the region, which based on UN resolutions, Saddam Hussein was responsible for.
        5. US aided Saddam Hussein in war against Iran. This war caused almost one million casualties on the Iranian side, and US aided Saddam to build and use weapons of mass destruction against Iran.
        6. US mistaken policies in Afghanistan resulted in emergence of extremist Muslim groups that caused 9/11 catastrophe. Iran was engaged in a Sunni-Shia war with Taliban long before 9/11 attacks.

        This is a statement that is supported by many in Israel:

        “In Any War Between The Civilized Man And The Savage, Support The Civilized Man.”

        The real racism is considering your non-allies as savages, and your allies as civilized. The real racism is to deprive a country with thousands of years of history and 80-million population from access to medication and necessary supplies, just so that a country that did not exist 60 years ago, and has a population less than 5 million feels comfortable in building its illegal settlements in the so-called “disputed” regions.

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        • Craig Vale

          What is always missing in this conversation re: the Iranian threat is the most basic premise of whether or not Iran has a legal right to procure a weapon. There is no international law that prohibits any sovereign nation from attaining nuclear capability. NONE ! and while I’m aware of the angst that Iran’s program may engender, we’d do well to keep in mind that what they aim for is not illegal. To think that folks walking the streets of Tehran don’t have in the back of their minds that Tel Aviv has nukes pointed in their direction is to be purposefully naive. No need to remind Israeli’s that their own nation has refused to be a signatory to the Non Proliferation Treaty while Iran is. Israel still will not confirm or deny their own nuclear prowess in the region. I would argue that what Iran is doing is not in contravention of any international law at all. They see Israel as a nuclear threat and their wish is to counter it. I don’t buy their explanation that it is for domestic production of energy for a minute but I do question how on legal grounds Iran’s ambitions can be challenged.
          Here in the US the push is on by AIPAC to undermine what is perhaps the last chance at diplomacy to diffuse the ominous developments that will lead us down the path to what easily could be a bloody war making the conflicts of the last couple of decades pale in comparison.To think that we would forgo what is perhaps the last chance to come to an agreement before an all out war is foolhardy and only serves the interests of those who lust for blood in the furtherance of their goals of domination in the region.
          APAIC attacks Debbie Wasserman Shultz? One of the most staunch supporters of Israel? Makes me wonder if an all out war with Iran is number one on their list of ” Things To Do Today”

          Reply to Comment
          • Vadim

            Let me get this straight – an unexpected and undemocratic regime, that funds terror organizations and is friends with Assad, wishes to achieve nuclear weapons and you’re interested in whether other countries have a *legal* right to stop them?!

            Nobody wishes a war with Iran – but a firm stance now can prevent a much bloodier conflict later. Appeasement is never a solution with leaderships like that of Iran.

            I am pretty certain that no Iranian walks on the street fearing an imminent Israeli nuclear attack. Saadat and Nasser weren’t scared, Hussein didn’t fear it, Nasrallah doesn’t fear it, why should they?

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        • Vadim

          Bahram Karimi –

          When replying to one’s comment, it’s customary and useful to actually address the comment. Otherwise, it’s not really a dialogue.

          Regarding what you wrote –
          1. 20 years is a very exaggerated number. I would say 10, with only the last few years having the current intensity. Not all estimates are correct and perhaps these claims slowed things down. It is also possible that Israel has exaggerated. But the point itself is still valid. Iran is actively pursuing nuclear weapons.

          2. That’s correct. On the other hand, treaties have been broken before. North Korea is a fine example.

          3. Israel *allegedly* has massive arsenals of nuclear bombs. You just said – we are not under any supervision. Perhaps Israel is
          viewed as more rational. Those alleged capabilities did not stop Nasser from threatening us, nor did it stop Saadat, nor did they stop Sadam Hussein. People don’t seem to be afraid of Israel nuking them. The same Arab world is much more wary of Iran’s program. What does that tell you? “no definite sign of moving toward a nuclear bomb has emerged”. Without getting into the debate of what are such signs and what are not, do you actually expect anyone to believe that Iran has went through the sanctions for some vague ideal of nuclear research?

          4. Agree. Only have to note that we think the policy is the same, the language is different.
          5. Of course. Arming and sponsoring Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad and other fine organizations are all acts of peace, meant to spread love and understanding among the nations. Supporting Assad is also an act of kindness, for he is such a wonderful leader. What a peaceful country. This is opposed to Israel, that initiates wars for fun and kills children as sport.

          6. I’m not familiar enough with the Iraq-Iran war to comment on this.

          6. Of course, only the US is responsible for the existence of extremist Muslims. Islam has nothing to do with it, nor parts of the culture found in Arab and Muslim states. Only US and Jews.

          I think the statement will be supported my many non Israelis as well. Please review the vile anti-Semitic propaganda shown in Arab and
          Muslim media. Then feel ashamed.

          “The real racism is to deprive a country with thousands of years of history and 80-million population medication and necessary

          Nothing racist here, don’t overuse the word. The ones responsible for the deprivation are the Iranian leaders that choose nuclear weapons over medicine and food.

          “just so that a country that did not exist 60 years ago, and has a population less than 5 million feels comfortable in building
          illegal settlements in the so-called “disputed” regions”

          No, this is done because the world does not trust Iranian leadership. Iran as we know it only exists since the revolution,
          much less than Israel, not that it makes any difference. The settlements are irrelevant here.

          I’m hope the average Iranian has more sense and doesn’t see the situation this way.

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    5. Ron Johnson

      Can we be realistic for just a second and not whitewash all Israelis with the “Israeli Racism Assault” allegation. Painting all Israelis with the same brush is as reprehensible as painting Iranians with the same. The Israeli Right – Bibi, Avigdor, JPost and other right-y outlets – obviously have problems with Iran and Rouhani. But don’t lump all Israelis in with them. Please.

      Reply to Comment
      • Average American

        Well said. That is a completely fair statement. There are many ultra-nationalists in the Israeli government. However, if Israel is a democracy, then all Israelis can be assumed to at least go along with what its government is doing, since it directly represents them. Or perhaps like USA, which is no longer a democracy, a small group with its own goals controls the country AND its government.

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    6. Joel


      Hasn’t Iran’s 30 year ‘Death to Israel’ mantra made even the slightest impression on your psyche?

      Reply to Comment
      • Craig Vale

        Hasn’t Israel’s 30+ yr. occupation made an impression on your psyche ? Opps, I see it has , never mind.

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        • Vadim

          Please address the comment and not the commenter. Some of us would have been (and were) censored for much more subtle personal attacks.

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        • Joel

          Oops. You haven’t read the thread to know that the discussion is Iran.

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    7. Israel’s new motto: ‘Never trust a smiling Iranian’

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    8. samin

      i think this is not a true story.
      usually having prejudgment is not an appropriate method of thinking.

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