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Israelis who live along Gaza border: Stop the next war

Israelis who live along Gaza border suffer more than anybody in Israel whenever war breaks out. A group of local residents recently marched on the Erez military crossing into the Strip, demanding that leaders from Israel, Hamas, and the world, find a solution to the violence and hope for a normal life.

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    1. Carmen

      It’s good to see compassion for one another. More please.

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    2. Tom

      In what way do they ‘suffer’? Do their children routinely get run over or taken away to get tortured and imprisoned? Do their streets get bombed at times when children would be walking to or from school? Do they awaken to find teams of armed soldiers evicting them from their homes and see bulldozers revving up to demolish their homes? Do they face check-points and military scrutiny on their way to the shops, or to football matches, or to work? Do they get routinely bullied and harassed with no recourse to complaint? Does their electricity, food and water routinely get cut off or restricted? In what way do they “suffer more than anybody”?
      Regards from Tom

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