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'Israeli troops shoot Palestinian teen in back near Ramallah'

Witnesses, Israeli army offer contradictory stories about whether clashes were taking place, but neither suggest the boy took part in any violence. The teen, Wajih Wajdi al-Ramahi, is pronounced dead at a Ramallah hospital.

Israeli forces reportedly shot and killed a 15-year-old Palestinian boy as he stood outside of a school in the al-Jalazoun refugee camp Saturday afternoon.

Residents of the camp, which is located in between Ramallah and the Israeli settlement of Beit El, told Maan news agency that Wajih Wajdi al-Ramahi was standing outside of the camp’s school when he was shot in the back with live ammunition.

According to AFP, al-Ramahi was the 26th Palestinian to be killed by the Israeli army since the start of 2013.

An unnamed Israeli army source told Israeli news site Walla that “a unit from the Givati Brigade was operating in the camp in order to locate stone throwers. During the course of their operations, a violent incident developed while soldiers were attempting to arrest a suspect. They shot in the air and for an unknown reason the youth was shot.”

However, residents of al Jazaloun told Maan that there were no clashes or violence that “might have provoked the killing.”

On Twitter, Palestinian journalist and activist Linah Alsaafin remarked: “People stressing how there were no clashes/rock throwing going on, but even if there was so what? Not an excuse for murdering a child!”

While Maan and Walla both report that al Ramahi was 14, AFP and activists on Twitter put the boy’s age at 15. Others said he was 13.

Palestinians from the camp immediately began protesting.

A local journalist told +972 that al Jazaloun residents began to protest in Ramallah’s city center and asked storekeepers to close their shops. The protest was stopped when Palestinian Authority police forces arrived and ordered the refugees from al Jazaloun to go back to the camp; stores remained closed in Ramallah’s city center.

Palestinian authorities said they would conduct an autopsy Sunday morning, Ynet reported (Hebrew).

On Friday, Israeli forces shot two Palestinians in Bethlehem near the separation barrier at Aida refugee camp.

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    1. Fine grained command and control is as much a product of culture, the words spoken by soldiers among themselves, their emotional responses and jokes, as it is orders from above. If this culture disdains the occupied, then the trigger finger is less secure. Words matter; jokes matter; disrespect and disgust matter.

      Friday, yesterday of this writing, Activestills published photos of a teen with bullet wounds in both legs in Bethlehem. If protest begins and is not respected, do you expect violence to abate? Power which does not question itself becomes monstrous in the lives of some. From that stories grow, until those calling themselves a nation respond together. Then what?

      Reply to Comment
    2. Joel

      “However, residents of al Jazaloun told Maan that there were no clashes or violence that “might have provoked the killing.”

      Even Haaretz, and the NGO’s B’tselem and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights are saying that the youths were throwing rocks at soldiers.

      Reply to Comment
    3. bob wisby

      Joel, when they said that…

      “…there were no clashes or violence that “might have provoked the killing.”

      ..they meant it. Throwing stones really oughtn’t result in killings, should it? Or is that a reasonable response? What if some group decided it was ok to shoot and kill Jews for throwing stones? Would that be reasonable too?

      Reply to Comment