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Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli bashed for not being ‘pro-Israel’ enough

Bar Refaeli (photo: wikimedia commons)

Israeli top model Bar Refaeli, whose every move, shmooze, instagram and tweet is reported extensively in Israeli media, got herself in a bit of a jam when one of her posts on Twitter didn’t seem to meet the criteria demanded by the masses who support the assault on Gaza.

Refaeli tweeted on Nov 17:

The response was quick and lethal (almost like a bird of “pray”, which is how I suppose Refaeli would spell it (sorry Bar, I had to…)). She was bombarded on Twitter, and the mainstream media picked up on it, too [Heb]. She was even hit by fellow celebrity “The Shadow”, who calls himself a rapper (God knows why), who wrote the following [Heb]:

Good morning, Dear Mrs. Refaeli. With all due respect to the beautiful tits and ass that you care to show and represent on every magazine cover around the world, maybe you could represent your people, too (Israel is not the U.S., in case you forgot). Stop trying to seem humane and of a beautiful soul. You just come out hypocritical and fake.

Today, Refaeli tweeted and seemed a bit more in line with official party agenda, despite a tang of rebelliousness (and this time in Hebrew, of course):

Good morning, trying to concentrate on the important things, sending reinforcements to residents in the south and to our brave soldiers! And oh no, I’m still praying for the safety of innocent civilians.

That’ll teach her. She better not stick her neck out again. Or else!

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    1. gk

      i think she did the right thing and sorry for people they cant tolarate a diffrent opinion. i guess 1940 made his change in any democratic way of thinking. meaning being different, thinking diffrent is a threat again? sorry but thats why bombs are at the moment the only answer…for both sides…a stone into a glass house-….

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    2. Ken Kelso

      I could care less about this woman Bar Refaeli and her fake boobs.
      My main concern is that the radicals on here condemn Hamas for thinking they can fire hundreds of missles at Israeli civilians.
      But thats asking to much.

      Reply to Comment
      • Kolumn9

        How dare you come here with your propaganda and spew your hatred all over this thread? Your information is simply wrong and you should be ashamed for spreading lies on the internet. Her breasts are real.

        Reply to Comment
        • Here's the explanation

          This is surely not propoganda but facts – read the HAMAS charter calling for the destruction of Israel by force, deniying any possiblity of negotiation or political solution, and citing Quran sentences calling for the killing of Jews. HAMAS is a terror organization, opressing its own population in Gaza, smuggling missles from Iran and firing them at Isreali civilians for 12 years now (!) even tough Israel vacuated Gaza 7 years ago. All the HAMAS cares about is terror, not its own people – that’s why there’s always money for thousands of missles, but not for Humanitarian conditions – medicines etc. you are welcome to google “Israeli hospitals treating Palestinians”, you’ll see that even Hamas PM brother in law was treated in an Israeli hospital…we Israelis care about these people more than their own leadership cares about them. please check everything written here and don’t be missled by “neautral” opinions putting Israel in the same aquasation as HAMAS the terror organization. Bar Refaeli is critisized for many years now not just because of this tweet, but because the way she’s been avoiding mandatory military service by fictional marriage, becuase she’s believed to harbor money outside Israel to avoid taxes and for a very outrageous interview she gave an Israeli newspaper 5 years ago saying dying in service in order to protect Israel is stupid and she rather lives in other place in the world -that’s why she’s seen as someone who’s not supporting Israel and its legit right to exist.
          Saying that Israel and Hamas are radicals from both sides is unbelivably stupid – she had the chance to make the point clear that Israel is forced into this conflict and the blaming finger regarding this awful deaths from both sides should be pointed directly at HAMAS, instead of blur sentences like she did, playing into the hands of those accusing Israel for causing these deaths. it’s the HAMAS, not Israel!

          Reply to Comment
          • Kolumn9

            Of course it is propaganda and lies. He clearly stated something that isn’t true. Her breasts are entirely natural. I am offended that such lies are allowed on such a pure medium as the internet.

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    3. jackson

      bar does more to promote israel around the world in a positive light than anyone else. politicians and sports stars come and go but show business people are in the public eye for a long time and bar always talks about how proud she is to israeli and how much she loves israel part from the fact that she is such a sweet nice girl who couldnt do a better job of representing her country. a classy lady.

      Reply to Comment
    4. “(Israel is not the U.S., in case you forgot). Stop trying to seem humane”

      This says it all. Question is, is this an accurate portrayal of a large majority of Israeli opinion — or is hers at all representative? (A USAer asks.)

      Reply to Comment
    5. Jonathan Affleck

      All those beauty contests seem to have warped Bar Refaeli’s thinking.


      Reply to Comment
    6. This model is the kind of person I would like to meet, not only for her charm, but for the statement that every leaders should say.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Ziminov

      Does no one care at all just how disrespectful the ‘basher’ was towards Miss Rafaeli?: “With all due respect to the beautiful tits and ass that you care to show and represent on every magazine cover around the world”

      Maybe it’s just me but just thought the person could have more class than that.

      And anyway, better be truly humane but coming out hypocritical and fake, rather than be all inhumane, like so many of us are.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Harvey Alexander

      There’s nothing wrong with caring about people and wanting a lasting peace between all parties involved.

      Reply to Comment
      • Piotr Berman

        Harvey, you are incorrect.

        I read that Netanyahu announced that the minute we start applying “false symmetry” to terrorists and Israel, terrorists win. (Correct me if I am wrong, because I read it in comments somewhere, I am sick with the news so I avoid reading proper news channels). Refaeli was “symmetrizing”, which may give victory to the bad guys.

        The only way to salvage the situation is to remove her from the scope of pronoun “we”. Perhaps she is not a person but a Barbie doll? That would be the most elegant solution.

        Reply to Comment
    9. aristeides

      She’s apparently not “pro-Israel” enough to enlist in the IDF, and the IDF doesn’t drag her to jail. Double standards.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Jeff

      oh no !!!
      an anonymous poster criticized a tweet and Refaeli stuck to her original sentiments of “praying for the safety of innocent civilians”. and this supposedly is proof of the Israeli masses pressuring her to be more militant. my goodness.

      Reply to Comment
    11. @jeff – Oh no!!!!!!!!!! Obviously you can’t read Hebrew, and read the links in Hebrew about the wide coverage. You’re kinda lazy and dumb, aren’t ya Jeff? Just knee-jerk commenting about stuff you have no clue about?
      That rapper is as far from anonymous as you are from sanity. And now, as you are from my blog. Ciao!

      Reply to Comment
      • Piotr Berman

        Ami, have some mercy. Many of us could not tell aleph from beth — I think I know what aleph is, but beth, not so much. “Shadow” sounds like an anonymous pseudonym.

        Anyway, now Netanyahu gets flak. Whipping up war frenzy is easier than finishing to the satisfaction of the masses.

        Reply to Comment
      • Vadim

        Ami, I think we have a winner for the immature comment of the year award. Just drop to pick your prize.

        Half the commentators here don’t read Hebrew, some wouldn’t be able to locate Israel on the map if their lives had depended on it, some use the word Zionist as an adjective synonymous to “evil”. And you’re OK with that – as long as they don’t disagree with you…

        Reply to Comment
        • Putting words in my mouth again? I love how people here have the ability to go straight into my brain. How do you do it, Vadim?
          Commentators who don’t read Hebrew shouldn’t comment about links where I specifically say it’s in [Heb]. That’s just plain dumb.
          And obviously, some don’t know my policy of zero patience on my channel. Shame.

          Reply to Comment
    12. diogod

      are you guys blind? she is defending the lives of pregnant women, children, elderly and defenseless and innocent people .. people who also deserve the status of universal human rights …
      caring for life is something that should never be out of fashion … let’s not be incensiveis with the death of civilians!

      Reply to Comment
      • Khaled Khalid

        Israel is not America – Stop trying to seem humane and of a beautiful soul.

        Reply to Comment
    13. Lior

      The truth is Israel has been amazing trying NOT to kill civilians. same can’t be said the other way around. Isn’t it a given that no one wants civilians killed. I think she’s a disloyal twit as well.

      Reply to Comment
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