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Israeli rapper: 'First burn all jails with Palestinians inside, then destroy Jenin!'

The Facebook status on Subliminal’s page

One of Israel’s most popular hip-hop artists, Subliminal, was pretty angry after a Palestinian teen murdered an IDF soldier in his sleep earlier this week.

Subliminal posted a photo of the Palestinian, who was bandaged after apparently being roughed up during his arrest, and had some harsh words for the lad. Here are just a few of his choice phrases:

“… Now he’ll go into a jail in Israel like a hero! Will study a few degrees and get connected to all the heads of Palestinian terror groups…

Damn all those savages, we should burn the jails with all of them inside! And a second later we should destroy Jenin whose inhabitants gloat that they are the stronghold of terror against Israel…

Another embarrassing moment for me to be an Israeli! The people of Israel – wake up!

And all the lefties who hate what I wrote here – kill yourselves already! I wish what happened yesterday would happen to a relative of yours and you’ll wake up from the zany dream you’re holding on to and splitting and weakening my people!”

Needless to say, the comments were very supportive. But I’ll spare you those…

Instead, I’ll leave you with some of his wonderful, inspiring “music.”

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    1. CigarButNoNice

      You who rationalize Arab atrocities against Israeli Jews as “a result of the Occupation” can spare us the hypocrisy of condemning Jews who react naturally and realistically to Arab aggression.

      Reply to Comment
      • William Burns

        You who rationalize Israeli atrocities against Palestinian Arabs as a result of “terrorism” can spare us the hypocrisy of condemning Arabs who react naturally and realistically to Israeli aggression.

        Reply to Comment
        • The Trespasser

          In 1920’s there was no “Israeli aggression” of any kind, yet Palestinian Arabs still found a reason to massacre a Jew or two.

          You see, Arabs does not really need a reason to kill Jews.

          Reply to Comment
          • William Burns

            And yet Israel provides reasons anyway! How generous!

            Reply to Comment
        • CigarButNoNice

          Nice try, but yours is the party line and mine is the subversion. There’s nothing new in speaking of “Zionist colonialism”; it’s my talk of Arab imperialism that’s the heterodoxy today.

          Reply to Comment
    2. Shelly

      Welcome back to our favorite 972-er.

      Remember though, it’s RAP.
      As we (older) adults know it, RAP is known for its violent-provocative-obscene lyrics. Consequently “Subliminal’s” dismal composition seems right in line with the genre. We are not justifying it. It is what it is.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Danny

      Poor Subliminal doesn’t realize that he is himself an Arab. Israel’s greatest achievement in the last 64 years was, and still is, creating an ideological chasm between Jewish Arabs and Muslim/Christian Arabs.

      Reply to Comment
      • CigarButNoNice

        Poor Danny don’t realize he is himself a neo-Nazi. The Western Left’s greatest achivement in the last 40 years or so is adopting wholesale the Nazis’ racial way of looking at the world, only with whites rather than dark-skinned people as the Devil.

        Try though you might shoehorn it, this conflict is about nations, not races. There’s no such thing as a “Jewish Arab” except in your race-obsessed left-wing neo-Nazi mind.

        Reply to Comment
    4. Philos

      I don’t agree with Subliminal’s violent FB outburst, in fact I condemn it, however, the rap you posted was pretty good. Rather than the shitty Kanye and other “big money” rappers who rap about consumerism Subliminal, at least in that song, is keeping to the original roots of the genre; namely, protest. IT’s too bad that he can’t see that poor Palestinians and poor Israelis are used and manipulated through nationalist ideologies that divide them against each other.

      Reply to Comment
      • Dave

        All this handwringing and hair-splitting is absurd.

        Dude, this guy’s nothing but an entertainer. As such his suppositions about justice and revenge can largely be ignored. He wears make-up as part of his job. That pretty much puts him one step above a carnival barker. I don’t care how poignant his rhyming is. The protest shtick and all the cadderwalling about humble beginings is a marketing gimmick designed to sell music to guilt-ridden white people of all flavors (American, Israeli, or whatever).

        Reply to Comment
      • Kevin

        Israel is a damned place because that land doesnt
        Belong to them.never did never will.the saddest part for me is seeing how America is so scared of Israel!! We are Americans
        We don’t fear our beliefs
        Or any country especially Israel

        Reply to Comment
    5. The Trespasser

      >Israel’s greatest achievement in the last 64 years was, and still is, creating an ideological chasm between Jewish Arabs and Muslim/Christian Arabs.

      Oh. I thought that is the hole Quran, where racism against Jews, Christians and others is enshrined.

      Reply to Comment
      • William Burns

        The Qu’ran is racist? That’s hilarious. Ever read the Torah, dude?

        Reply to Comment
    6. Dave

      Really? We’re gonna start lending credibility to the idiotic utterances of rap stars to the point of having heated discussions over them? Hell, why stop there? Lets convene a round table discussion group consisting of Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, Ice Tea, Biggy Smalls, L’il Kim, etc. The topic will be; “world affairs, my tight ass grill, and other bling” lol

      Reply to Comment
    7. Reality Check

      On the one hand, of course that rapper’s angry outburst was exaggerated and probably not to be meant literally.

      On the other, of course I question his judgment in saying such stuff.

      But as for Ami Kaufman and 972mag writers, what do you think their motivation is in literally almost never condemning Palestinian attacks against Jews, bigotry against Jews, attacks against Israel, hate against Israel, etc. and literally almost always being silent about it, and just waiting for Israelis to say or do angry things, and only condemning Israelis?

      Like, when a Palestinian murders a Jew, why are 972mag writers quiet or even apologetic about it?

      And then when some Jew yells “ENOUGH!” and is sick of dealing with insane jihadists, suddenly every 972mag writer is outraged.

      What’s the deal with that?

      Reply to Comment
    8. Charles-Jerusalem

      Ok ! On the other side, the Palestinians are singing the same words with even more violence and determination to kill us all.
      With one big difference, they don’t pretend to be civilized and we do.
      This is their victory, the curse of the occupation is that we are losing our principles of civilization on the way.

      Reply to Comment
    9. ariel ben roni

      I agree 100% with Subliminal, We have a duty to end this madness of the Israeli people to behave as goyim. It’s a shame on us to act any differently. Give fair warning to leave HaEretz Ha Kadosh, if they fail, destroy them all, period. We are not humanitarian by design of HaShem. We have no goals only very clear instructions from on high.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Agree with Subli in 100% Burn them all down!

      Reply to Comment

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