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Israeli radio host: 'Islam is most terrible disease in the world'

Just a few thoughts on stuff that’s been “bothering” me… to say the least

1. My tax shekels pay too many idiots

I read a column today by Ofer Shelach [Heb], who writes for the daily Ma’ariv, and pounded my desk rather hard. Shelach was angry, rightfully so, for the words spewed by Army Radio talk-show host Avri Gilad on his morning show with Jacky Levi, called “The Last Word.” Unfortunately, they won’t be his last words on that show (no, I’m not calling for his death, for Christ’s sake). Shelach brings an excerpt:

Levy said that the fact that Israel is a special case does not exempt it from considering the tragedy of others, and “demands us to check how much available space we have.”

And this is what Gilad said in response, which I have shortened but kept things in context still: “It’s true we have to check how much available space we have, but let us not forget that those knocking on our doors belong to Islam, and Islam today is the most terrible disease raging around the world. It poisons its believers and poisons every place it reaches.

The people that come here, especially the South Sudanese, are very moderate people, the real beautiful face of Islam… the problem is that when you carry the virus, you don’t know when it will explode inside you…. every Muslim who enters here might become the flag carrier of the global Islam…. and therefore we must take care of our lives.”

Among many other stupid things, I pay for this crap with my taxes.

2. Don’t mess with us

So, apparently the thought police is here. I know, I know. You must think I’m exaggerating. “Ami, no need to compare to dark regimes immediately, come on, lay off it.”

How about I lay off it when the police stops investigating citizens on their future plans to protest? I repeat: “protest.” Which is my right in a democracy. Which is what we did last summer during #J14. Which was also the most peaceful #Occupy protest in the world last summer (not a single window smashed – and that, even though the Israeli protests were not only the largest in the world percentage wise, but also in absolute numbers).

Here’s what Haaretz reported:

Some activists received summonses in the mail, while others have been visited personally by officers. One such visit yesterday caused some anxiety at the home of Tamir Hajaj, who said his 17-year-old daughter called him in a panic to tell him police officers had come to their home looking for him. Hajaj told his daughter to give the officers his cellphone number.

“They phoned and said I was being called in for investigation,” Hajaj said. “When I asked why, they said they want to know my plans for the summer.” Hajaj said that last year he kept in touch with police, briefing them on events and demonstrations he organized.

So how about I stop comparing when this place stops interrogating me about my thoughts?


Or, is this what happens when we “mess” with you…

3. Stem the meme

There’s a war going on on Facebook, and the right wingers are winning. A page called “All of us against the radical left” has managed to shut down profiles of people they don’t agree with (thought police, anyone?). One of the more well known figures is Amir Schiby, famous for his witty and provocative memes.

Schiby is on and off of Facebook now, because a large number of the 15,000 people who are fans of that page have reported him to Facebook administrators.

Counter-attacks by leftwingers (myself included) reporting the racist (and that’s an understatement, trust me) page to Facebook have resulted in a resounding failure.

4. I hate Arabs, but…

A Facebook friend posted a screenshot of a status update [Heb] he saw on a woman’s page, which demonstrated her love of others:

With all my hatred for Arabs, I must say there a few of them who are real aces in medicine!!! One of them is Prof. Abu Shakra who saved my life and I am grateful for him every day!!!

This Facebook friend of mine later posted a message saying that he forwarded her kind words to Prof. Shakra, who he happens to know.

This is the kind of racism I fear the most. The way she says it so easily, without giving it any thought. It’s acceptable to her, because it’s acceptable to so many others. She’ll never be reprimanded by those around her. Who are the majority. Who think like her.

And to all you trolls who plan to say “she doesn’t represent Israelis,” I say to you: “The hell she does doesn’t!”

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    1. Matt

      Comment deleted

      Reply to Comment
    2. Hi Matt. I prefer you get me a beer, buy me a coffee, get to know me a bit before calling me a bigot.
      Oh well.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Jonathan Evans

      it’s “the hell she doesn’t” 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    4. @jonathan – thanks 🙂 I changed it…

      Reply to Comment
    5. S

      You are to be commended for getting the truth out to people.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Kern de Gaud

      “… are very moderate people, the real beautiful face of Islam… the problem is that when you carry the virus, you don’t know when it will explode inside you….”

      Substitute ‘Judaism’ for ‘Islam’, and this is what Nazis said about Jews. I recall reading about a dinner Himmler had with a neighbor whose children his went to school with, where Himmler espoused this point point upon being pressured to make some exceptions to his policies. I’m not calling anyone a Nazi, just noting the similarity in ‘sleeper pathology’ thinking in this instance.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Chepsky

      My friend you have lost Israel. I don’t believe the myth anymore of liberal jews in Israel. I think you are a tiny minority. The one guy who was about to make real change was gunned down (Rabin). What chance have ordinary liberal jews in this enviroment??
      I don’t care how many people call me “anti-semitic” as I’ll say it again – It’s not Israel anymore despite what Pseudo Leftist propagandists like David Aaronovitch say, it’s Leiberman’s Kahanistan….and it is ugly.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Ilan

      Right. The fact that a leading Israeli newspaper published this as a curio, in a negative light, shows how widespread and acceptable it is.

      And it’s also interesting how many times a web publication necessarily covering all of Israel and the WB/G reveals and condemns the cases of Palestinians being racist towards Israelis.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Danny

      Avri Gilad used to be a leftist who would have chastised his right-wing interlocutor on the show for saying things like this (which, if my memory serves me was usually Uri Orbach, who would have NEVER dared utter such a racist thing on live radio!) Now, it seems, that the enlightened leftist has “turned his skin”. So much for Israeli leftism, which we can see isn’t all that different from the right wing.

      Reply to Comment
    10. max

      Ami, I don’t want you to get too upset by the ugly incidents you brought up. So I propose a comparative study – a short anecdotal collection of views and events around the world when you search for “[country] hate of [Muslims]” – replace the [] with whatever you want.
      Now the interesting part: I tried US, France, UK, Germany and Sweden and collected quite some interesting links.
      I then put Israel for [country], and got a very different result set.
      I can’t explain it, but it’s worth checking

      Reply to Comment
    11. Comment deleted

      Reply to Comment
    12. Mr. Foreigner: before WWII, you could find a large percentage of people in the following countries who claimed they had a “Jewish problem”: France, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Holland, Belgium, etc.
      On the other hand, in Muslim countries the Jews were never considered a problem and were part of the fabric of society.

      Your attempting to rationalize your bigotry is a common by product of Zionism and the Ashkenazi contempt for Arabs, which has poisoned the millenia old historic good relationship between Muslims and Jews.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Jack

      The usual hypocrisy practiced by Israel.
      In terms of racism, terrorism, human right violations / Israel always try to justify it, while if others do it, they are called racist terrorists that violate human rights.

      Reply to Comment
    14. max

      @AH – “the millenia old historic good relationship between Muslims and Jews”.
      Discounting infrequent pogromchiks here and there the Muslims, in general, didn’t treat the Jews much worse than any minority that had no external sponsor / protector.
      But I’d say that ‘good relationship’ is quite far fetched.
      As for your list – it’s a fabrication: show me a reference to it in Italy

      Reply to Comment
    15. Comment deleted and user banned

      Reply to Comment
    16. Max

      JF , you just need to add a disclaimer like KDG above “I’m not saying Muslims are, only reporting my observation” and you’ll be fine. This is an Israeli site, can’t afford to offend the not-enemy.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Rehmat

      The anti-Islam bigots are aware of the fact that while they can curse Islam and its Prophet – Muslims are not allowed to curse founders or books of other religions – because all prophets before the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), biblical or otherwise, must be honored. However, Muslims don’t agree with all the negative things said about those prophets in the OT, NT and Talmud.

      I never cared what a Zionazi says about Islam because, if need comes, he would curse his fellow Jews too. However, the fact remains that Muslims have treated Israelites far better than they treated the Christians. Even Israel’s president Ezer Weizman admitted that “Muslims’ treatment of their Jewish subjects were far better than the Christians’ treatment of their Jewish subjects”.

      And then there are bigots Jewish scholar Daniel Pipes, who wrote: “The global war on terror cannot be won through counterterrorism alone. The immediate war goal must be to destroy militant Islam and the ultimate war goal the modernization of Islam”.


      Reply to Comment
    18. Foreigner, bigots like you have existed since the beginning of time. They always find rationalization and have “proof” why this or that group of people is different, has sinister intentions and deserves punishment.

      If you were born 100 years ago in Europe you’d probably be advocating with the same conviction why there is a Jewish problem in Europe and why they should be expelled. Mind you, the classic antisemites today still claim that Jews are a bigger problem than blacks, muslims and other minorities because they “take over a society from its center of powers – banking, government and media – and enslave it to their needs”. Just read the Protocols, pretty convincing stuff, yet totally bogus.

      Such rationalization of bigotry usually is accepted by people like yourself, who just feel more comfortable hating Muslims than Jews because Islamophobia is “legit” while antisemitism isn’t.

      It is a sad turn of events that the bigots and racists of the world like yourself are Israel’s biggest supporters. That’s the end of my conversation with a bigot Islamophobe / antisemite.

      Reply to Comment
    19. max

      Here’s what the Pew survey tells us:
      1. Islamic extremism is seen as a problem by all. Top are PA(!), Israel and Russia.
      2. Muslims are seen more negatively than Jews in Western countries; Christians are seen negatively in Muslim countries, and Jews are seen extremely negatively in Muslim countries
      3. Muslims are seen very negatively in Israel, but Israeli Muslims view Jews 10 times more favorably than in Muslim countries
      4. Lebanese, despite a Muslim majority, have a better view of Christians than Muslims
      5. Only a small minority in Muslim countries believe that 9/11 was carried out by Arabs; Muslim publics blame Western policies for their own lack of prosperity
      What the survey also tell us is that while the West has improved its view of Muslims in the past 5 years, the reverse isn’t true.
      Game theory tells us that if you’re looking for a compromise and your adversary doesn’t, you’re going to lose.
      Which is the rational fear of the Israeli thinking right.

      Reply to Comment
    20. Max, are you telling me that the Zionist/Palestine conflict is a religious one? That’s a very interesting perspective because if that’s the truth, then it’s Jews against Muslims AND Christians.

      But of course this is nonsense, the issue is a political one stemming from the establishment of a colonial state on the expense of the native inhabitants who were expelled and reduced to refugees while the rest live under a colonial occupation under barbaric oppression entering its 46th year.

      Reply to Comment
    21. max

      AH, you may have lost contact with the topic of this post and the comments above

      Reply to Comment
    22. Max,
      Game theory? You need a refresher. I suggest Roger Myerson, Game theory: analysis of conflict; or Ken Binmore, Fun and games.
      I see no reason to hate because others hate. Clean your own house.

      Reply to Comment
    23. Free Thinker

      Comment deleted

      Reply to Comment
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