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WATCH: Police use stun guns for first time on Jewish protesters

A demonstration against the settler takeover of East Jerusalem was held in the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud yesterday afternoon. The demonstration was organized by members of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity group, an Israeli led nonviolent protest movement based in Jerusalem.  Days before the demonstration, a new and illegal Jewish settlement was inaugurated in Ras al-Amud with name of Ma’ale HaZeitim.

Yesterday’s demonstration was a nonviolent exercise of the right to protest the illegal Israeli act of creating new settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. Israeli police reacted with excessive and violent force against the chanting Jewish protesters. For the first time, police used electronic stun guns against protesters who, locked arm in arm and sitting peacefully, refused to move from the entrance to the settlement. You can clearly see the use of the stun guns in the first video at minute 1:35. The second video provides a fuller picture of the demonstration. Six protesters were arrested in the course of the protest. One claims  her hand was broken by police.

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    1. Ben Israel

      I am sure you are a person who opposed all forms of violence. However, can you say, ‘yad al halev’ as we say, the same for all the Jews who attend these demonstrations?….in other words, are there Jews who come to these things hoping to ignite Arab riots?

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    2. zoutat nebbia

      It’s about device entended to neutralize

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    3. zoutat nebbia

      It’s about device entended to neutralize a threatening or dangerous person. in the video, no element allowed to justify the employment of the Tazer ; the activists were quiet and not violent.

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    4. Does that matter? Can you say, “yad al halev”, that the police were convinced, or had any reasonable evidence, that those precise people they are videotaped beating and tasing were attempting to ignite arab riots? That they would not have done the same to anyone who happened to be on the front line? Can you say, “yad al halev,” that anyone was attempting to incite a riot? Can you say “yad al halev” that you are not just looking for any excuse for the actions of the police, and no matter what you are shown, no matter what you are witness to you will never stop believing in the inherent goodness of the cops and the government? What will it take? What will you have to see to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, at the cost of liberty and life?

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    5. Danny

      Ben Israel – yad al halev, don’t you think the police is excessively violent against left-wing protesters relative to right-wing protesters? I’ve never seen stun guns used against rioting settlers, or strong-arm tactics against female settler rioters. For some reason, these violent means are kept exclusively for the left-wing protesters, who are usually far less violent than their right-wing counterparts, if at all. It seems like this police violence is part of a well-coordinated effort to quash all anti-occupation protest and nip it in the bud.

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    6. Ben Israel

      The police have NEVER used against the Left anywhere the force and violence that it has used against the the settlers.. Here is an example from Amona in 2006:


      When road-blocking was attempted in the period leading up to the Gush Katif explusion, friends of mine were beaten to a pulp. One fellow had a policement shove his fingers up his nose. When some Leftist bicyclists blocked Highway 1 some months ago, it was reported here at “972” that the police gently took ONE and only one of the protestors into police custody (without laying a finger on him) for an hour and he moaned about this as being terrible treatment.

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    7. Piotr Berman

      “friends of mine were beaten to a pulp.”

      According to Wiki, “Over 300 people were injured, including about 80 security personnel” during Amona protest. How many security personnel were injured by Leftist bicyclists?

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    8. Ben Israel

      Did you look at the film? The police went into the buildings where the kids were passively sitting and beat their heads in with truncheons, which is against the law, by the way. Did the police wade into the bicyclists with truncheons.
      You have to remember, in Israel the heads of the security establishment, i.e. the SHABAK, police, and IDF, all of them, without exception are from the Left–Labor, KADIMA or MERETZ. When they go into politics, virtually all go into Leftist parties. So they are much closer in ideology to Leftist protestors than they are to the settlers. BTW-I am sure the new head of the SHABAK is Leftist even if he wears a kippah, he wouldn’t have gotten the job otherwise.
      The rank and file riot police are generally thugs who are apolitical and will beat up anybody they are told to…they hate all demonstrators. But the orders from on high are always to be more gentle with Leftist protestors than with settlers. I don’t know what happened in this particular incident, but if they broke through police lines and threatened the civilians living in the homes, I would think the police would be pretty nervous, and that is a recipe for trouble.

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    9. Danny

      Ben Israel – your friends in Amona and Gush Katif are some of the most violent, hate-driven thugs I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. These thugs regularly throw stones at police and attempt to sabotage police vehicles (like puncturing tires, etc). In one case, I’ve heard of a policeman’s arm being broken. I have NEVER heard of a policeman injured or a vehicle being damaged at any leftist protest. Do not compare passive and generally peaceful protest with the hooliganism of the settlers and the right wing! They are absolutely mutually exclusive.

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    10. Shoded Yam

      Okay, people. Lets cut the crap, shall we?
      #1. Whether the left likes it or not, the right control the appartus of gov’t and they are going to use it. The fact that the left has not prepared itself for this inevitability is a function of its cognitive dissonance.
      #2. While its true that the right is seemingly in the ascendant, victory is often ephemeral and fleeting. Isarel is controled economically more or less by 10 or 20 families and some varied and powerful investors from abroard. Heretofore, they have found it convenient to use the settlers and their nationalism to further their interests. But as things have progressed, that nationalism coupled with the primitive energies of the shtetl have begun to deliver ever diminishing returns. As the patience of the oligarchs wear thin from time to time, this has been and will be reflected in the behaviour of the security forces when confronted with the intransigence of white,ashkenazi,religous fanatics.
      Yep. It’s all shits and giggles until you get hit with 50,000 volts to the nutsack. 😉

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    11. Piotr Berman

      Yes, I watched the film, and it looked like a gratuitous violence. I also know about “Wiki wars” to manipulate the record of events, but with enough attention from both sides, I think the record is resolved with proper citations.

      It is a fact that after having some collegues wounded, security forces are usually less restrained than they should. If 80 members of security forces were injuried, then in the case of non-Jewish protester you would see many dead protesters.

      Ben Israel does not help his credibility when he calls Kadima “Leftist”. We are talking about Ariel Sharon’s party, after all.

      Then there is the Cause espoused by Amona protesters. What kind of cause it is that defends theft? Is this a joke: “You shall not steal.”

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    12. Ben Israel

      I don’t accept that 80 members of the security forces were injured, however 2 members of the Knesset were seriuosly injured (Eitam and Eldad), mounted police ran over demonstrators. Also an Aluf Mishne in the IDF (Lt. Colonel) was very seriously injured. There were also a couple of protestors crippled for life . On the day of the event, the media reported “hundreds of security forces” injured. However, people at the hospitals in Jerusalem say many protestors brought in but few if any police.

      All of this was done because Olmert’s media advisors told him that the public likes seeing Israeli Prime Minister use force and violence before elections…e.g. Begin bombing the Iraqi reactor shortly before the 1981 elections, Peres carrying out the “Grapes of Wrath” bombing of Lebanon just before the 1996 elections and then there was the media’s ecstasy in seeing Gush Katif destroyed. Olmert thought Amona would do the same for him.

      Danny-Your comment about “hate-filled thugs” shows you have not been there nor seen any of the events you are describing.
      Relying on second-hand media reports is not useful.

      Shoded Yam-I would say that half of the setter population is Sefardic.

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    13. Shoded Yam

      “…Shoded Yam-I would say that half of the setter population is Sefardic.”
      Quite possibly, but the real sh*theads screaming for a beating tend to be vitamin d deficient with a NY accent. And the powers that be know exactly who to send in to do the business when the pasty-faced talmud thumpers start throwing a temper tantrum. I seem to remember about a year ago, an incident took place in Hebron. A building had been illegally occupied by some shtetlers. Barak ordered them evicted. So the Mishmeret Gvul sent in a couple of machlakot of ethiopians to rewmove the infestation. I saw the video on youtube. You should’ve seen the look on Baruch Marzel’s face as these rather large african gentlemen were dragging rifkah and yankel through the gutter. He didn’t know whether to shit or go blind. 😀

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    14. Ben Israel

      Shoded Yam-
      Why are you so obsessed with race? I thought liberal/progressives like yourself are supposed to transcend primitive classifications like that. In any event the progressive Left is Israel is also dominated by pasty Ashkenazim, one prominent one has the disgusting doss name of Avraham (Burg). Many pasty Ashkenazim of various political persuasions, including a prominent member of Peace Now in the Haifa Pesach restaurant bombing were blown to bits by a progressive Palestinian suicide bomber.
      How about Yossi Dana who wrote this column, another doss name?
      Also please note that Marzel is an Israeli, so were all the founders (Levinger, Porat, Harel, Etzion) of the settlement movement. So were the Israeli politicians who supported them…Moshe Dayan and Yigal Allon, among others. Of course, Golda Meir had a heavy American accept, but she was in the Labor Party. I could go on….

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    15. Shoded Yam

      “…Why are you so obsessed with race?”
      I’m not. But despite your protestations and transparent disingenuity, you are. I just like poking you with a stick to see if I can’t get a rise out of you.;)
      “..I thought liberal/progressives like yourself are supposed to transcend primitive classifications like that.”
      I find it intersting that you construe my dislike for people like yourself as being a product of an ideolology. You know, its funny. Theres an old joke. A guy is on trial in Texas for murder. The trial ends and the man is convicted. At the end of the proceedings the judge asks the convict; “Why’d ya do it?”. The convict replies; “he needed killing”.
      “…one prominent one has the disgusting doss name of Avraham (Burg)”
      While consistent with the rest of your duplicity, the claim of an ethnic association with Mr. Burg only serves to illustrate that duplicity (not to mention your racism, depsite your efforts to camoflage it). Mr. Burg, as you well know, long ago saw the light and repudiated such associations, having witnessed the inner-workings of beast first-hand.
      “…Also please note that Marzel is an Israeli”
      No. Your confused. You see, I’m an Israeli. An Israeli serves his country. I served my country for three years as a chayal kravi. Baruch Marzel’s “Israeliness” is purely a function of his geographic location and his oppurtunism, nothing more. No, no sweetheart. Baruch Marzel is a piece of sh*t who showed up one day, proudly displayed his kahanist affiliations, demanded a free house and then spent the rest of his time manipulating Israelis to help him get his testicles to descend.
      “..Of course, Golda Meir had a heavy American accept, but she was in the Labor Party. I could go on….”
      And she was a known bigot, having made several well reported comments regarding the cultural “deficiencies” of the mizrachim. Yes you could go on, and I can keep handing you your ass. 😀

      Reply to Comment
    16. Ben Israel

      All I know is that NO ONE else here talks the way you do here, regardless of political leanings.
      BTW-As far as I know, Marzel served in the IDF no less than you did. He is not a Haredi.

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    17. Shoded Yam

      “…so were all the founders (Levinger, Porat, Harel, Etzion) of the settlement movement. So were the Israeli politicians who supported them…Moshe Dayan and Yigal Allon, among others.”
      True. But it never really caught on with the average Israeli. The requisite starry-eyed, kool-aide drinking theo-fascists came out of places like Boro Park and Fairfax, while the financing was provided by wealthy orthodox jews seeking absolution for a lifetime spent with their d*cks in one hand and a tanach in the other.

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    18. Shoded Yam

      “…All I know is that NO ONE else here talks the way you do here, regardless of political leanings.”
      Thats because no one here has the balls or the talent.
      “..Marzel served in the IDF no less than you did. He is not a Haredi.”
      Serving in a regional defense unit, swaggering around in bigdeh bets, brandishing an obsolete .30 caliber M1A1 carbine, threatening arabs, is not serving. It’s jerking off. 😀

      Reply to Comment
    19. Ben Israel

      How do you know he wasn’t kravi? A lot of people you despise were and are. The combat units today are heavily made up of right wing/religious settlers.

      Reply to Comment
    20. Shoded Yam

      “…How do you know he wasn’t kravi?”
      I don’t. But I imagine if he had been, youd’ve sung it from the rooftops by now.
      “… The combat units today are heavily made up of right wing/religious settlers.”
      And judging by recent performances, mores the pity.

      Reply to Comment
    21. max

      Amusing, the pirate is also one of those building up their full rhetoric based on their own fabrications 😀
      Fabricate, believe, convince!

      Reply to Comment
    22. David

      Here is a link to the NYT’s The Lede. We see much footage of leftists being treated roughly by Barcelona police last weekend. Extensive use of the truncheon is made, and the left spins it to no end.
      My point again is that a few seconds of tazering to the outer limbs is rather benign.
      Here is some German police action last summer.
      I could go on. The point is that what is on the 972 video is harmless or a non story.

      No need to point out here that Spain and Germany are international human rights pariah’s and are known to shoot hundreds of demonstrators just for the kick of it. It’s a disgrace.

      Reply to Comment
    23. Shoded Yam

      “…Fabricate, believe, convince!”
      No Max, thats a projection. I’m not in the “convincing business”. Thats your bag, not mine. Quite frankly, I’ve got enough friends. Furthermore, I’ve become a big Groucho Marx fan of late, and as the great man once said; “I would never join any club that would have me as a member. That being said, anyone who doubts the veracity of any of my assertions is welcome to do their own leg work and consult Google, the oracle of our time.

      Reply to Comment
    24. Dannecker

      Mr Yam, thanks for documenting the SS like brutality of zionist shokk troops. Would you be willing to provide testimony to The Hague about this? We need inside views

      Reply to Comment
    25. Shoded Yam

      Mr. Yam?!?! LOL 😀 Only my mother calls me that.

      Reply to Comment
    26. David

      you think this is what it looked like when the SS moved across Russia?

      Reply to Comment
    27. Shoded Yam

      You know what? If an einsatzgruppen is your rubric for bad behaviour, you got bigger problems then stun guns.

      Reply to Comment
    28. David

      from Tazers to SS. I mean if you think about it, the connection is clear to see.

      Reply to Comment
    29. Mikhael

      ShodedYam–if Marzel’s Hebrew wiki bio is accurate, it appears that after he made aliyah and studied in a hesder yeshiva, he indeed did serve in the armored corps and fought in Lebanon in 1982


      I’m no fan of Marzel or his ilk (nor yours, either) but I find it amusing and a bit disingenuous that you cite combat service in IDF as a litmus test of what makes a true Israeli. You seem the type who would have rushed to denounce the recent “Yisraeli amiti lo mishtamet” campaign as right-wing demagoguery, except when it suits your agenda, I guess.

      Reply to Comment
    30. Shoded Yam

      “…I’m no fan of Marzel or his ilk (nor yours, either)”
      Again, I’ve got enough friends.:-)

      Reply to Comment
    31. Shoded Yam

      As I mentioned, I did not claim to know whether or not Marzel had been kravi. I simply made a supposition that dum dum was too lazy or too stupid to verify. The topic wasn’t important enough and my intrest wasn’t sufficient enough to warrant any further research on my part. Kol Ha Kavod. Your erudition is commendable. Nonetheless, Marzel is still a piece of shit.
      “Yisraeli amiti lo mishtamet”
      As there’s at least a half million people in Israel sucking at the public tit, doing so without the burden of national service, on the face of it, it certainly is in my intersts (and if not mine, then certainly my sons) to support this concept.
      My understanding of the world in general, and Israel in particular, is somewhat different from what it was when I was in my twenties. That said, knowing what I know today, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with Israel. I remember seeing this film, “Jarhead”, a couple of years back. The first scene in the film, is Toby Maguire at a Marine induction center being screamed at by a drill intsructor. Anyway, the DI has maguire in a headlock, screaming; “How the f*ck did you get into my corps!?!?!” Maguire replies; “I got lost on the way to college”.

      Reply to Comment
    32. Shoded Yam

      So tell me Max, do they pay you time-and-a half for putting in overtime? Whats the benefit package like? You know, maybe you’re on to something here. If I’m gonna waste this much time, maybe I should start getting paid. 😀

      Reply to Comment
    33. max

      Come join! At your level, I’m sure you’ll earn great bonuses!

      Reply to Comment
    34. Eitan

      Hi, I’d like to point out something that would have thought Joseph would have noted. It’s not the first time that shockers or tasers were used on demonstrators in Jerusalem. It’s the first time, to our knowledge, that they were used on *Jewish* demonstrators. In this vein, it’s worth mentioning that while they used shockers on 2 Jewish demonstrators, the Palestinians at the demo got batons.

      Reply to Comment
    35. Mikhael

      “Your erudition is commendable. Nonetheless, Marzel is still a piece of shit.”
      Aww, shucks. You don’t have to be particularly erudite to look up Baruch Marzel on wikipedia–and granted that without checking the footnotes on wikipedia you always have to take the wikipedia info with a grain of salt.
      “Nonetheless, Marzel is still a piece of shit.”

      Agreed. Marzel and his pals in Kakh and Kahane Chai represent one type of extremist a-hole that can be found in Israel, and people like Raed Salah, Tali Fhima, Jonathan Pollak represent the other type.
      Yamutu ha kanaim le mineihem!

      Reply to Comment
    36. Shoded Yam

      “…Aww, shucks. You don’t have to be particularly erudite to look up Baruch Marzel on wikipedia”
      I did, (the english version) but I assumed it was a given, since every jackass with a wild hair up his butt is rushing around here trying to validate themselves as you’ve so aptly demonstrated :D. Since I didn’t see a notation as to marzel’s service, I didn’t see any reason in mentioning it. I suppose, if I had actually given it more than the cursory 1/100 of a second that this issue actually warrants, I might have checked the hebrew version and discovered my error. Ooops, my bad. 😉 I guess I’ll have to live with the contempt and derision which comes from having pissed off sanctimonious nitwits in search of a venue in which to showcase their virtue but little else.

      Reply to Comment
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