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Israeli peaceniks release racist video to 'save Jerusalem'

A new video portrays a ‘nightmare scenario’ in which Jerusalem residents elect a Palestinian mayor.

Screenshot from Save Jewish Jerusalem's new anti-Palestinian video.

Screenshot from Save Jewish Jerusalem’s new anti-Palestinian video.

One would think a group that calls itself “Save Jewish Jerusalem” would hail from the right side of the political spectrum. But when it comes to maintaining Israel’s demographic dominance, it seems there isn’t much of a difference between the Right and Left.

The initiative, which seeks to maintain control over Jerusalem through further disenfranchising its Palestinian residents, released a racist video on Wednesday, portraying a scenario set in 2020 in which an Arab is elected mayor of the city, after its Palestinian residents (nearly 40 percent of the population) decide to vote in municipal elections. Despite having the right to vote, Palestinians have largely boycotted Jerusalem’s municipal elections for the last 50 years in protest of Israel’s occupation and annexation of East Jerusalem.

In the video, which its creators fashioned as a horror-thriller, revolves around a Palestinian political leader trying to convince a group of militants that the only way to get Jerusalem back is to do exactly what Netanyahu warned about on election day last March: go to the polling stations “in droves.”

After years of trying to kill Israeli Jews in a variety of ways, the leader tells the militants that it is time to “beat them using their own weapon: democracy,” and convinces them that every Palestinian resident in the city should take advantage of their right to vote in municipal elections, since they are the majority. (The video assumes that by 2020, Palestinians will constitute over 50 percent of Jerusalem’s population).

The video then shows a Palestinian man armed with explosives and guns walking to a polling station. When he arrives he puts down all of his weapons down and instead wields his new weapon — a blue ID card. The video then flashes to two months later, when the leader of the group has become Jerusalem’s new mayor. The leader is congratulated over the phone with an “Allahu Akbar” and “the Temple Mount is in our hands,” a direct reference to a similar quote by Lt. Gen. Mordechai “Motta” Gur, whose IDF division captured the Old City of Jerusalem in the 1967 War. A large picture of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is seen behind the new mayor’s desk, straddled by photographs of Netanyahu and Rabin.

The video is offensive and blatantly racist, portraying all Palestinians from East Jerusalem as violent and solely interested in wiping out Jewish Israelis. It is as if the systematic discrimination against Palestinians in access to water, housing, classrooms, infrastructure does not exist.

“Save Jewish Jerusalem” advocates that Israel “disengage” from the 28 Arab villages it annexed in 1967 (which today comprise East Jerusalem), relinquishing the residency rights of around 200,000 Palestinians in order to “repair the damage of the 1967 historic mistake” and ensure Jerusalem can maintain a large Jewish demographic majority. From the website:

Most of the Palestinian Arab villages annexed to Jerusalem in 1967 will be excluded from the sovereign territory of Jerusalem. IDF and other security forces will enter and operate in the villages that have been separated from Jerusalem – just the way they are currently operating in villages and areas of the West Bank.

Thus the group proposes that East Jerusalem — which is already occupied as far as the world is concerned — be put under direct military occupation. The only difference is that it wants Israel to strip all the Palestinians who live there of their remaining rights, thereby making East Jerusalem just like the West Bank, expanding and entrenching occupation further. It even boasts that such a “disengagement’ would lift the “heavy economic burden on Jerusalem and Israel” by “saving taxpayers an estimated NIS 2 to 3 billion (about $525 to $788 million) per year.

And what about all the Jewish settlements built over the Green Line that have been annexed to the city? They get to stay: “Full sovereignty and municipal unity and uniformity will be in force on all Jewish Jerusalem, including Jewish neighborhoods built after the Six Day War. Jerusalem will also include the Old City, the “Holy Basin” and the original Jerusalem neighborhoods surrounding them.”

The group, Save Jewish Jerusalem, is mostly made up of former generals and other ex-military careerists and politicians (mostly male, mostly of Ashkenazi origin) who identify as part of the Israeli peace camp. It includes Shaul Arieli, one of the lead negotiators of the Geneva Initiative, and Ami Ayalon, the former Shin Bet head and Labor Party MK who launched a two-state peace initiative with Sari Nusseibeh in 2003. Last month the group launched a billboard campaign posted around Jerusalem with the messages, “Shuafat is not our Jerusalem,” “Jabal Mukaber is not our Jeruaslem,” in reference to two East Jerusalem neighborhoods. It is noteworthy that out of 33 founders, there is only one woman.

Other than its explicit racism, the video — and the initiative as a whole — is a total affront to the notions of civil and democratic rights, treating the right of individuals to have a say in who represents them as a privilege to be given or taken away. It completely disregards the reality on the ground for Jerusalem’s disenfranchised Palestinians, and assumes that further separation between Palestinians from Israelis will somehow make the city a safer place for all to live.

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    1. Ben

      Wow. Just incredibly racist and machinating. Even by Israeli standards. Et tu, Shaul Arieli? Israelis, the majority of you are proving yourselves to be a lost cause. Have you no decency at long last? Explain to me again why this racist, apartheid state should not be boycotted?

      Reply to Comment
    2. bh

      You say:

      Well, of course, a 1 meter high fence is an EXCELLENT reminder – no Palestinian or Egyptian in his right mind would DARE to cross it without permission.
      And as for those who are NOT in their right mind…

      Reply to Comment
    3. Bruce Gould

      Ehud Barak at a recent talk: “Barak likened the Israeli government to apartheid South Africa. He was “very well acquainted with Afrikaners” in South Africa. They are “extremely intelligent people, top quality,” he said. “Great people.” You could talk to them about Kant and Schopenhauer and listen to Brahms.

      “But they didn’t know what happened around them. They lived in a kind of bubble of their own self righteousness.”


      Reply to Comment
      • Nasdaq7

        As an Afrikaner, I can only say you “Palestinians” or “Palestinian Arabs” or “Arab Palestinians” aka terrorist groups are absolute losers compared to all nations on earth. Have you thought how you will function with Jewish skills, education, expertise, professionalism, innovation, trade, companies? Have you given any thought to the economic challenges that lie ahead. Suicide bombers that teach your children to hate, have you given any thought to your economic future without Israel? Enjoy the disastrous fate you are creating for yourselves. Zimbabwe. 90% unemployment. 250 million percent inflation. No Jews. No whites nothing left!

        Reply to Comment
    4. Ben

      Read this and you will understand what the occupation is and you will understand the perverse, disgusting reality Israel does not want you to know about but now wants to visit on East Jerusalem Palestinians:

      How Israel Is Inciting Palestinian Violence
      Inside the oppressive and far-reaching occupation designed to give Palestinians the “feeling of being chased.”
      By Ben Ehrenreich
      June 14, 2016

      Reply to Comment
    5. Eilon

      End the occupation……Repatriate all Jordanians & finish off the 6 day war.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        Shall I book you a date with the ICC? Which room in the Hague would you like? None of them have views.
        Even the word “occupation” is at this point false, and allows rightists to claim that this is an unpleasant necessity. Occupation is temporary, militarized control, external to the state’s sovereign borders. Israeli rule in the West Bank and Gaza is the opposite: Control is civilian, permanent (according to Israel’s own leaders) and internal to Israeli society and politics. The accurate descriptive terms are colonialism and apartheid. That is the reality.
        As Oren Yiftachel explains, “The main harm to human rights and the obstacles to establishing a Palestinian state are not a result of the military occupation, but actually stem from the civil transformation… separation long ago disappeared. Israel created a continuous Jewish civilian space…. But Arabs have inferior collective citizenship…closely linked to their identity as Palestinians…. In international law, a situation whereby a country appropriates and settles territories outside its sovereign borders is called colonialism. Southern Lebanon was an example of military occupation; the West Bank is an example of colonialism, one that seeks to entrench itself over time while preserving the privileges of the ruling population, and incidentally creating an apartheid regime….Apartheid in the West Bank seeps into the entire area between the Jordan and the sea.”

        Reply to Comment
    6. Average American

      What would be “nightmare” if the mayor was ELECTED? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? Or is it because those pesky Non-Jews might have exercised their right to vote and messed it all up for the nice Jewish folks? No problem, just selectively take away their rights. It’s really ridiculous from an outside perspective, it’s like a parent watching two little kids fight. Israel is a third world third rate country stuck in the past. Really, it’s fascinating to watch Israel with its twists of logic, dual meanings of language, and selective application of law. All for the betterment of ONE race of people, the RIGHT kind of people. I don’t trust them.

      Reply to Comment