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Israeli news site scandalised: The Arab gets out before the Jew

I’d really like to come up with a more charitable explanation for the following headline, but so far, no luck. Israel’s leading news site, YNET, chooses to highlight the story of one of many prisoners getting an early release as part of the Schalit deal by stressing that the prisoner – a Palestinian – will get out before his accomplice, a Jew. The tone seems to imply that such a reversal of the accepted privilege hierarchy is inconceivable enough to be newsworthy:

Translation: “The Arab Is Out, the Jew is in Jail. The terrorist who murdered Claude Knap will be freed tomorrow. His Jewish accomplice, Angelica Yusupov, will sit longer than he did.”

Note that this isn’t about the perpetrator getting out before his accomplice – the headline very clearly underlines the nationality is the story.

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    1. Sylvia

      I don’t think they are scandalized. I think they are thrilled.
      In addition to her participation in the crime, she is also a traitor.

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    2. RichardNYC

      You’re right – if you totally ignore what motivated this nationalistic crime, and pretend that this guy wasn’t participating in a larger Arab war on Jews, then the headline feels weird. But if you consider the context honestly, you’d acknowledge that when Arabs are murdering Jews in an ethnic war, there is something morally repulsive about treating the Arab (and hence the Arab CAUSE) more leniently. Maybe you’d have a point if this was a drug murder or a love triangle gone wrong, but it wasn’t. The subtext here is, of course, that we SHOULD ignore the context (because the Arab war on Jews is ok? Because we’re deaf and dumb? Because we want to “understand” the “other”?).

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    3. Alex

      The headline is race baiting, but hides a reasonable question. If one accomplice to a crime is being pardoned, why not the other?

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    4. Sylvia

      Why not the other, because the Palestinians didn’t put her on their list. If there is racism, the allusion is to Palestinian racism.
      Here again, the ugly notion that the active party can only be Israeli raises its head.
      Let’s remember that the list of names was compiled by Hamas. She was not on it.

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    5. I will not try to justify nor to explain, just to give a broader perspective: The Israeli media in general was very much in favor of the release of Shalit, and served the Shalit campaign very well. So no wonder they are looking for stories with different angles – even remote and awkward.

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