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Israeli leaders' obscene reaction to the Brussels murders

Netanyahu, Bennett and Liberman used the most horrible sort of anti-Jewish attack as a shield against criticism of their anti-Palestinian policies.

Right-wing Israeli leaders get away with such shameless political exploitation of Jewish tragedies, and no one calls them on it. Their use of the Holocaust is of course an old story; the new one is the way they’ve capitalized on the murders of four people, including a Tel Aviv couple, at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on Saturday.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the killings were caused by “ceaseless incitement against Jews and their state. On European soil, tales and falsehoods against the State of Israel continue to be heard …”

Far-right religious party leader Naftali Bennett made roughly the same point on his Facebook page: “In this generation anti-Semitism has disguised itself as anti-Israel or anti-Zionist. Why are there people who hate the Jews? That is just the way it is. Why are there people who hate Israel? That is just the way it is.”

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman singled out the BDS movement for blame. “It’s the result on the ground of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement, among other things in calls to boycott Israel and Israeli products, in anti-Israel activities in international forums and in an automatic, one-sided anti-Israel position.”

Every decent, intelligent person can see what this is: Israel’s leaders are using the most horrible sort of anti-Jewish attack as a shield against criticism of their anti-Palestinian policies. And every decent person has to be appalled by this. Yet you won’t hear any criticism of Netanyahu, Liberman or Bennett from mainstream Jews and certainly not from European gentiles. They’re intimidated, they’re being emotionally blackmailed – the Jews by their fear of being accused of Jewish self-hatred, or treason, or collaboration, or whatever; the gentiles by their fear of being called anti-Semites.

So Israel’s right-wing leaders get away with this, and with everybody else remaining silent, their views are considered the “official” Jewish position, and maybe even the accepted “truth” of the Brussels murders.

This is depressing. As with so much having to do with contemporary Israel, it brings to mind the line from Yeats’ “The Second Coming”: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

The murders in Brussels were most likely committed by a Toulouse-style jihadist or a Kansas City-style neo-Nazi – and neither of those two lethal strains of anti-Semitism have anything to do with the BDS, anti-Zionist or anti-occupation movements, the last of which counts basically the whole non-Israeli/non-Republican world as fellow travelers. I have some familiarity with the international anti-Zionist left, and while I have seen a thin streak of anti-Semitism there, it is nothing compared to the broad swath of Islamophobia that runs through the Israeli and pro-Israeli right.

In his statement on the murders during Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu included critics of settlement construction and of the Fatah-Hamas unity agreement among the villains in the piece.

There are elements in Europe that rush to condemn the construction of a flat in Jerusalem but do not rush to condemn – or offer only weak condemnations of – the murder of Jews here or in Europe itself and, even worse, welcome unity with a terrorist element such as Hamas, which calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. We oppose such hypocrisy, we protest against it.”

First of all, this is false; the Brussels murders were widely condemned as a matter of course in Europe (here and here) and so are fatal terror attacks in Israel (while Israel’s leaders approve of every IDF killing of Palestinians and pay lip service at best to stopping settler attacks against them). But more importantly, no one, least of all the prime minister of Israel, should use a quadruple anti-Semitic murder to score points against European critics of settlement expansion and proponents of the Fatah-Hamas pact. Yet go explain that to the prime minister of Israel and the others who sit around the cabinet table.

If Netanyahu, Bennett and Liberman had blamed the murders on the true, indisputable sources of violent Jew-hatred today – jihadism and neo-Nazism – they would have been telling the truth, which is always a public service, and also would have shown respect for the victims. But by using the murders as an opportunity to strengthen their unholy cause by slandering its opponents, by blaming those opponents for the murders, they’ve done something obscene.

And with nobody of influence objecting, they’ve gotten away with it again.

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    1. Jeremiah

      The terrible murders on Belgium were carried out by a well-trained cold assassin. It was a highly professional attack.

      More evidence points to government spy games or retribution than any insane ideologies.

      Reply to Comment
      • shachalnur

        A few points ,Jeremiah.

        Did you watch the video’s and pictures of this “event”?

        It raises more questions than it answers.

        Do you know how a scene looks like after two people were hit with a AK-47 in their face and neck?

        Not like the photo that has been released,there’s no blood anywhere,except a little thick reddish pool.

        Did you ever see someone firing an AK-47 holding the rifle like a cheese sandwich and no recoil?

        Vice premier Didier Reynders was first at the scene, called the police,and stated that the shooting took place outside and then inside.

        What a nice coincidence.

        Where are the bodies outside,what are the names of the other two victims, when and where will they be buried?

        And the questions and discrepancies are mounting as we speak, it looks more and more like a false flag event,with no definite proof of anything that allegedly happened there is real.

        I’ll post any proof when I find it in local press in Dutch/Flemish Media.

        Reply to Comment
        • Jerimiah

          Errrr four people were murdered. Two Israeli tourists. The shots were made from the outside into the building. The victims were inside, the assassin outside.

          There is nothing unusual about confusing initial information, and on the face of it, his initial report was not wrong.

          The Israelis murdered might have been targets, the others appear to have been shot to assure a complete kill and because they may have made visual contact with the assassin.

          The Israelis were accountants with government agencies, I think. They had emigrated from Russia. If you want to play a conspiracy game, those details work better than, where are the bodies, were is the blood, blah blah…

          Whatever….indications are this has nothing to do with a so called antiSemitic attack and more to do with some powerful forces wanting two people dead, for whatever reason.

          Reply to Comment
    2. shachalnur

      Untill now there’s no proof of anything that allegedly happened in the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

      I read Dutch/Flamish and the Belgium press doesn’t buy the official story…at all.

      The reaction of the Israeli govt to this event(?)reminds me of Burgas,where Hezbollah was blamed within a minute ,and 9/11 where Barak blamed Al-Qaida within seconds.

      Nowadays it’s difficult to find people with a few braincells functioning that believe these fairy tales.

      Please wait a few more days untill it will be clear what happened in Brussels,and the Israeli govt blaming critisizing Israel for being responsable for this “(non)event”,is logical,winning some easy points.

      This one might backfire though.

      Belgium press doesn’t like false flags.

      Reply to Comment
      • Rab

        Ah yes, the Mossad spies had nothing better to do than visit a Jewish museum in Brussels. And somebody knew they were there and killed them. Good ol’ Silverstein has already proven himself to be a dupe when it comes to his “scoops,” but the killer joke here is that he wants us to assume that people are deranged when it comes to Jews because of Israel.

        Reply to Comment
    3. sh

      I don’t think Bibi or Liberman would have been telling the truth even if they had blamed the murders on “the true, indisputable sources of violent Jew-hatred today – jihadism and neo-Nazism”. With the little reliable information available at the time they chose to pronounce on it, the murders could also have been a settling of accounts with one of the victims – that happens here often enough – or something to do with one of the four different kinds of election that were due to take place the following day (elections are compulsory in Belgium and you pay a fine if you haven’t voted).

      It wasn’t any better in the media. The amount of speculation and wrong information in newspapers, including Haaretz, spoken media and even from bystanders was mind-boggling. Experts were grandstanding without knowing anything about the incident or the city it took place in. (Brussels, unlike Rome, Madrid, Paris or London, has the reputation of being boring and what brings the international press there is usually EU ministerial or NATO meetings that take place in bleak office buildings.)

      The reason Reynders (currently Foreign Minister, not Vice-Premier) and so many other important people were in the vicinity is because it was the jazz marathon weekend, which is an annual event that takes place all over downtown Brussels and draws tourists, particularly from neighbouring countries. The police will have had their hands full with the crowds. Getting into the museum unnoticed and slipping back into the mass of humanity and noise outside after the deed must have been easy.

      The identity of three of the victims was already known the night before last, but I’m not sure the name of the French, 60 year-old woman has been published.

      Reply to Comment
      • shachalnur


        Reynders is vice-premier AND Minister of Foreign Affairs.

        The jazz week etc,is known,I’m saying the Belgium media don’t buy it.

        For that you have to read Flemish.

        Richard Silverstein is on this one as well,with good link in German .

        The Rivas were working for the Israeli embassy in Germany since 2008,Miriam as an “attaché”.(several sources just say “Mossad”)

        Nativ’s program in Germany called “Operation Germany” is run by Avigdor Liebermann himself,started in 2008 incidently(?).

        About the names of the other alleged victims,they have not been published anywhere as far as I can check in Belgium media.

        It looks more and more like the Riva’s weren’t just sightseeing in the Jewish Museum.

        Just saying that these kind of “events” are most likely something very different than hoi poloi get fed.

        Just saw on Belgium television the police took a computer out of the museum for investigation purposes.

        When Israel shouts “anti-Semitism” after an alleged attack,it’s because she’s not in control of the situation,and just barks and bites to gain time(like Burgas,9/11,and now this one).

        Reply to Comment
        • sh

          OK so Didier Reynders is one Vice Premier out of half a dozen with the same title in Di Rupo’s government, but is the one and only Minister for Foreign Affairs, agreed?
          I do read Flemish, French too. I heard about the Rivas’ jobs in the Hebrew media and also saw a strange theory which I suppose is the one you allude to – in Hebrew Haaretz. In one of the Belgian newspapers Alexandre Stern was given as the name of the 23 year-old Belgian who was mortally injured and later died in hospital, along with a photo of him with one of those watermark signatures running across it. I don’t recall seeing the name of the 60 year-old French woman.

          Israel always shouts anti-semitism after an attack – it was a Jewish museum after all – even before it knows whether it’s in control of the situation or not. It’s a reflex that probably afflicts us all, and can also act as a deflection. This one was timely and effectively buried the story about the murder of the two boys at Beitunya. Which is where we came in: Israel’s blurring and muzzing of anti-occupationism and anti-semitism until they become synonymous.

          Reply to Comment
          • shachalnur

            I agree,Sh.

            Directrob,I’m still sceptical about this one,mainly because of the reaction by Israel.

            Trusting the Belgium authorities,the land of Dutroux and the Bende van Nijvel?

            Reply to Comment
          • directrob

            The past was ugly but the Belgium police has been reorganised. I trust them to investigate all leads and I trust them to get help.

            Reply to Comment
    4. Stephen Spencer Ryde

      Disagree on many levels. 1. This attack targeted Jews not Israelis. Jews were and are constantly attacked in Europe because of their association with a Jewish (I have first hand experience). 2. Europe’s attitude to Jews is awful and a track record which any Israeli politician can’t help but reference. See the election of anti semitic parties across the EU e.g Front National 25% of electorate in France. 3. The UK press barely reported the shooting (only 2 papers carried this on their front pages). 4. Clearly you have never been abused by people who call you a murderer for being Jewish, denying the Holocaust and calling you preachers of Aparteid. I want my politicians to stand up for me and clearly make reference to the attitudes that pervade non Jews on both wings of politics.

      Reply to Comment
      • Reza Lustig

        You’d have to produce some pretty hard evidence that anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe, to a degree anyone should be worried about (and preferably from sources that do NOT include the ADL or right-wing Israeli newspapers). Maybe you’ve had bad experiences; my cousin had bad experiences in the US, as a school kid, because of his Iranian name and looks. Your personal experiences are not necessarily the rule, rather than the exception.

        You’ve completely misread the rise of “right-wing” politics in Western and Central Europe. Anti-semitism is generally off the table for the new breed of rightists, if only because immigrants (especially Muslims, but anyone from Asia, Africa and Eastern/Southeastern Europe is fair game) are a much easier target for them to prey on, and Euro-skepticism provides a more “socially acceptable” ideological outlet for their rage than out-and-out fascism or national socialism. Many either work to court Jewish votes (e.g. Marine Le Pen) or even voice support for Israel (e.g. Geert Wilders). This isn’t to defend them (I’m very far from them, ideologically), just to dispute the sensationalism and alarmism of the Israeli press. Reporting abuses of Jewish people is one thing, but drawing generalizations from isolated incidents is another. Eastern Europe is a different story, but there’s always been racism and reactionary sentiment over there, especially with the fall of the Warsaw Pact.

        Reply to Comment
        • Marcos

          Have you heard of France? Seems to me you are being willfully ignorant.

          Reply to Comment
      • Emily 72

        I completely agree with you .The murderer is a little delinquent who got radicalised in jail and pent one year in Syria .Like Mohamed Merah (Toulouse) in Aghanistan .
        I dont like the exageration of Liberman &Netanyaou but if you read the Belgian and French press and their talkbacks ,you will see they are right .

        It has nothing to do with legitimate criticism ,it is one sided and ,often (the talbacks) simply sickening .

        Reply to Comment
    5. Rab

      74% of French Jews are considering emigration.

      ‘Nuff said.

      Reply to Comment
      • Reza Lustig


        On the poll in question:

        1. It comprises 3,833 respondents. France’s “core” Jewish population (according to Wikipedia)is about 478,000. This is thus an opinion poll accounting for only about 0.8% of France’s “core” Jewish population.

        2. The poll results are contradictory. of the 74% of respondents who said they were considering emigration, only 29.9% (i.e. less than half of those who said they wanted out, but even less compared with the survey as a whole) cited antisemitism as a reason; most cited a desire to preserve their culture, economic reasons, other countries looking better to them, etc. Of the total respondents, 95.2% were worried about antisemitism, and 93% said the media not being able to counter “Islamic exclusionist and pro-Palestinian propaganda,” with the slightly greater 93.4% claiming the media actually shared blame.

        However, the kicker is that only 14.5% said they had personally experienced antisemitism within the past two years.

        3. Thus, your OWN presentation of the poll was misleading. The number of Jews considering emigration BECAUSE of antisemitism is, in all probability, miniscule. Also, as to how the French media apparently aids antisemitism or presents “Islamic exclusionist and pro-Palestinian propaganda” is never explained. These are slogans. It’s very rich of well-off French Jews complaining about antisemitism and being paranoid over a few isolated incidents and some right-wing politician (who, at least for pragmatic reasons, isn’t anti-semitic) when Muslim immigrants have been the chief punching bag for European right-wingers lately.

        Reply to Comment
        • Rab

          So 95% of Jews are concerned about anti-Semitism and ONLY 14.5% of them have actually experienced a REPORTABLE anti-Semitic incident in the past two years. So basically 100,000 Jews in France have experienced an anti-Semitic incident first-hand in the past two years and you’re trying to tell me that the 74% wanting to emigrate is not representative of a discussion regarding overblown concerns about anti-Semitism in Europe.

          Let me guess, you’ll think it’s really a problem if they round them up and send them on trains to ghettos and extermination camps?

          Reply to Comment
          • Reza Lustig

            Yes. ONLY.

            Another reason why this poll is bogus: they never explain exactly what they mean when they ask if someone has “personally experienced” antisemitism. So, in all probability, I’ll make the educated guess that most (or at least a lot of) cases involve a poll respondent remembering some drunken a-hole on the street calling them a “dirty kike,” or some cabbie muttering “something something Jews something” under his breath, rather than a mugging or arson or something.

            Just to give you a reality check, France’s last President was Jewish, as is the current First Lady. If most Israelis REALLY think that France is anywhere near the next Kristallnacht, then you people really do rank just under the North Koreans, who think that at any given moment the US Army will rampage across the DMZ guns blazing, in terms of susceptibility to state brainwashing.

            Reply to Comment
          • Rab

            100,000 is “only?”

            Like I said, unless they put them on trains and send them to camps, you won’t consider there to be any problem.

            In many places in France, Jews no longer feel safe walking around with kipas (skullcaps) on their heads or other identifying garb. Do you know why? Sure you do. And guess what? Since they now go to certain lengths to avoid being noticed, there’s a good chance that 100,000 person number would be much higher.

            Reply to Comment
          • Reza Lustig

            Two things:

            1. Your math is off. Lets assume that it was 100% of France’s core (i.e. not including non-Jewish relatives) Jewish population, highest estimate being 500,000. 14.5% of that is 72,500, not 100,000. Keep in mind that: a) it was 92% of poll respondents that this applied to, not 100%, and; b) this is an estimate, using the opinions of roughly under 4,000 respondents. Polls are far from infallible, and have been misleading before.

            2. A reminder: the poll states that the vast majority of respondents who wanted to leave (roughly 70%) cited reasons OTHER THAN antisemitism.

            3. “Since they now go to certain lengths to avoid being noticed, there’s a good chance that 100,000 person number would be much higher.”

            That makes no sense. This was an online poll. Why would anyone be afraid to “be Jewish” online?

            4. Being “afraid” to wear kippas in public (for whatever reason) is one thing. Maybe you’d like to try switching places with a North African immigrant, see how you feel when you read about politicians actually trying to BAN you from wearing religious garb you are accustomed to, or trying to ban construction of places of worship for you?

            Once more, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage and the rest of the motley crew that is the modern European Right have long since abandoned anti-semitism for Islamophobia, Euroskepticism and anti-immigrant sentiment. This is not Germany circa 1933.

            Reply to Comment
          • Rab

            You missed the point. They’re not hiding being Jewish from the pollsters. They’re hiding it when they go out and when they’re in public situations. The numbers of anti-Semitic incidents would be higher if Jews were more identifiable.

            As for your quibbling, you truly don’t seem to have a clue. Let’s assume that “only” 50,000 Jews experienced anti-Semitism in the past two years and they represent 10% of the Jewish population. Do you not realize how extraordinarily high this number is?

            As for your North African immigrant, I’m afraid that a substantial amount of the harassment experienced by Jews in France comes from the Muslim population.


            I guess just before he died Ilan Halimi could be counted among the ranks of the Islamophobic. Of course, phobia indicated that you’re exaggerating the danger…

            Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          “Ben Zakkai”, good to see you today as “Reza Lustig” (who came to Israel with his “Iranian family”). We want our “Bob Wisby” back. Can you resurrect him? He certainly was smarter than Ben and Reza.

          Reply to Comment
          • Reza Lustig

            Fair enough. I accuse Rab and Bar of being the same person on occasion. Two can play at that game, I suppose.

            Reply to Comment
          • Rab

            I am Bar. For a couple of days, I wasn’t able to post as Bar so I changed it to Rab and magically could post again. Would you feel better if I returned to Bar?

            Reply to Comment
          • Reza Lustig

            Also, a correction: I do not live in Israel with my family, nor have I ever been to Israel. I am a US citizen, but have lived in the Middle East. And my family is only half Iranian, as I am mixed-race. Quarter Jewish (from Hungary).

            Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            You should not have lied in the first place! But it is encouraging that you have started to make corrections, while still lying. You see, Reza Lustig, even an average analytical someone who does not have any software to know who is posting with which IP-address and from which country, would be able to tie you, Ben Zakkai, Bob Wisby, etc, together – based on forensic language-analysis. For example, on the thread: “Israeli teacher who almost lost job for ‘leftist’ views gets fired” by Mairav Zonszein, you said the following: “I’m not liberal, (…). So yes, do tone down the claims that Israel is anywhere near the “democracies” WE (emphasis mine) enjoy in the West. You wanna sit at the big boy table? Get your acts together and see a psychiatrist about your untreated narcissism”. Bob Wisby who is not unfamiliar to you said as much and many more other abominable stuff you/Ben Zakkai have repeated with minor differences re length, ferocity, etc. Whether or not you are Jewish or Israeli is wholly IRRELEVANT to me. But when you falsely claim to be one and then proceed with anti-Israel/anti-Semitic rants using multiple identities to do that, they who need to take notice will definitely do. That’s all you need to know, for now. Btw, what the heck does this mean: “(…). And my family is only half Iranian, as I am mixed-race. Quarter Jewish (from Hungary)”?

            Reply to Comment
          • BaladiAkka 1948

            @ Ginger Rogers
            You’re a nutcase. Reza Lustig (whom you can easily find informations about on the net as he’s commenting with his real name) and Ben Zakkai (who’s written articles on Mondoweiss) are not the same person nor do they have the same opinions. But from a far right perspective as yours I guess it’s impossible to see.
            Bob Wisby (under various pen names) is clearly a troll though he’s exposing Zionist hypocrites as you pretty well.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            BaladiAkka, for a retard who spends most of her time in the bedroom and kitchen (not allowed to go out unaccompanied by male relatives!), if anyone posts here with the names “Ismail Haniyeh”, “Yasser Arafat”, etc., then it must be the real things posting. What a dunce!

            Reply to Comment
          • JG

            With your pathetic obsession with calling people regarded or degenerated, you would have done a good job at Hadamar.

            Reply to Comment
    6. Ginger Eis

      “If Netanyahu, Bennett and Liberman had blamed the murders on the true, indisputable sources of violent Jew-hatred today – jihadism and neo-Nazism – they would have been telling the truth, which is always a public service, and also would have shown respect for the victims”.

      Well, “Jihadism and neo-Nazism”, Jihadis, neo-Nazis and the Liberal Far Left constitute the European BDS-movement. Guess who is also a member/supporter of this BDS-movement that includes neo-Nazis and Jihadis? Larry Derfner. Regardless, these groups routinely engage in smear campaign and blood libels against Israel, they inflame passions against Israel and Jes with false stories – often using the utterances of leftist Israeli politicians and journalist as a fig leaf. As a result, people identified as Jews in some neighborhoods in European cities are harassed, intimidated, harmed or killed. Indeed, the Israeli leadership is correct calling out massive dog whistles and incitements going on in Europe against the State Of Israel/Jews. Reading some/most of the comments here, I just cant quit shaking my head in disgust. We are talking of the murder of four innocent people whose only crime is that they are either Jews or mistaken for Jews or just seen as collateral damage during intentional murder of Jews. What kind of human beings are you guys?

      Reply to Comment
      • BaladiAkka 1948

        “What kind of human beings are you guys”
        Well, coming from someone who basically claimed (cf. Mairav’s article) that the two Palestinian boys killed on Nakba Day were probably part of some Pallywood-movie, didn’t you ‘explain’ how their falling to the ground wasn’t natural etc.
        So we could ask you the same: what kind of a person are you ? A part from being a racist. Maybe these four people in Bruxelles are just ‘playing’ dead too, or maybe they decided to commit suicide and the footage is fake…
        You completely forgot your disgusting comments, didn’t you ?

        Reply to Comment
    7. Dazed and Confused

      What a bizarre article.

      On a week, when the global Left should be humiliated for its crimes – the German Green Party is going on about their Jewish enemies?

      Your people, Larry, your people slaughtered 4 innocent people in Brussels. In Mohammed’s name your people, Larry, your people, continue to rape those innocent schoolgirls in Nigeria. In defense of “Palestinian” ultra-nationalism, the global Left killed more than a thousand innocent Syrians this week. Those are your people, Larry, your people on the global Left who are committing that Shari’ah.

      The supporters of “Palestine” have a LOT to be ashamed about. But with the sex slavery and the suicide bombs and the Brussels massacre this week, you’d think you would be quiet for a bit. Perhaps Judith Butler would express a bit of remorse to their victims. But nope! On a week when the German Green Party should be hiding its face in disgrace about the Shari’ah committed in their name, they send their mouthpiece to complain about their Jewish enemy.

      Honestly, just when you think that the global Left couldn’t sink any lower – they do. This article is just another nail in the moral coffin of the “Palestinian” people and the global Left.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Johnboy

      Larry, your last sentence brings to mind the old question: if a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound?

      Netanyahu makes a comment, and nobody of “influence” objects?

      OK, sure, but maybe that’s because nobody of “influence” can be bothered paying any attentionally to what Bibi has to say.

      They’ve heard it all before, and they simply discount it as typical Bibi rabble-rousing.

      If that’s the case – and I suspect it is – then that begs the question: has he actually made a sound?

      Maybe not.

      Maybe he’s doing nothing more than muttering to himself.

      Reply to Comment
      • Piotr Berman

        “your people”

        It will be a sad days when politicians will not be able to grandstand and trolls will not be able to troll. We are talking about behaviors essential to their happiness. Even so, is it a tad premature to call an unknown person/alien/poltergeist who may be simply insane or even picking victims at random as one of “Larry’s people”.

        Who are “Larry’s people”? Larry is a liberal Zionist, so one they you could could all Zionist, another, all liberals, and next day, all South-East Asians (no more baffling category than the other).

        Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          “Larry is a liberal Zionist (…)”

          Larry Derfner is neither “a liberal” nor “a Zionist”, unless you equate ‘liberalism’ with degenerate chaotic ideologies. Guess why JP fired him? Well, watch an weep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpzRkE2gVDo

          Reply to Comment
          • Piotr Berman

            I am not a liberal, but I would call liberals “wishy-washy”. I try to avoid name-calling. The idea of referring to “degenerate ideologies” is distinctly fascistic. Check this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Degenerate_art

            Reply to Comment
    9. Ken Kelso

      Derfner has really lost it.
      He says, Netanyahu, Bennett and Liberman used the most horrible sort of anti-Jewish attack as a shield against criticism of their anti-Palestinian policies.

      To quote Morton Klein

      Look at the incitement to hatred and murder in the PA-controlled media, mosques, schools and youth camps that helps fuel the conflict. Thus, the naming streets and schools in honor of Jew-killing terrorists, publicizing false claims that Israel intends to destroy Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque, PA clerics reviling Jews as AIDS and destroyers of humanity, teaching Palestinian children that Israel has no right to exist and to aspire to becoming terrorists –– continues unabated.

      Unsurprisingly, this is reflected in Palestinian society. A September 2013 Pew survey found that 62% of Palestinians justify the use of suicide terrorism. According to a July 2011 Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCP) poll, an astonishing 73% of Palestinians agree with the Islamic teaching about the need to murder the Jews cited in Article 7 of the Hamas Charter. The same poll showed that 61% of Palestinians reject the idea of a peaceful Palestinian state living alongside Israel as the solution to the Arab/Israeli war, as against only a third (34%) who accept it.

      Reply to Comment
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