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Exclusive Video: Israeli army arrests 11-year-old (Part 2)

Yesterday, I posted two videos of January 2011 night raids in Nabi Saleh. The videos were taken during a ‘mapping operation’ conducted by the Israeli army. The operation was to photograph and catalogue all the male children in the village. There is no violence, just violation.

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”400″]http://vimeo.com/19782878[/vimeo]

The above is another video from Nabi Saleh, shot a couple of days after the night raids. It was taken on a Tuesday morning after Israeli authorities had completed another house raid. As the army and police were leaving, one police van stops and two border police officers jump out. 11-year-old Kareem Tamimi comes running into the frame, running towards his mother. The camerawoman begins shouting “Child! Child!” in Hebrew to the border police officers to no avail.

The border police officers capture the child, handling him as if he was a fully grown adult. Within seconds he is in the police van and on the way out of the village toward an undisclosed location. His mother’s cries as she slams her hands against the windows of police van are disregarded by the border police officers.

Kareem’s arrest was part of a strategy to apply as much pressure as possible on his 14-year-old brother Islam, who was arrested the previous day in a night raid, in order that Islam will deliver any script that his investigators wanted. The strategy worked, and Kareem was released later the same evening.

After this arrest happened, the army spokespersons unit alerted the media and twitter followers that another ‘wanted suspect’ was taken in for security questioning. They failed to mention that he was an 11-year-old child.

Tomorrow I will post another video from the current wave of military repression of Nabi Saleh. These videos, seldom seen in the mainstream media, give the Palestinian perspective on life under Israeli Occupation. This is the price that Palestinians pay if they refuse to be silent under Occupation.

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    1. without doubt a eleven year old boy scares more than a suicide bomber!. maybe he has candies! and maybe he is not a terrorist… yet!
      silence and “fire” is health for our army!

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    2. nyc lawyer

      What is so “shocking” and “outrageous” about this? Do you think that minors are exempt from being arrested? Do you think in the USA they don’t arrest minors for reasons spanning juvenile delinquency and other such activities.
      The article doesn’t provide sufficient information to determine whether the detainment of said 11 year old was justified or not.

      And which “mainstream media” (USA, Israel?) has ignored these secretive videos that the author of the post surmises have been kept away from the eye of the public.

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      Unless you have specific knowledge as to WHY he was detained I suggest you abstain from engaging in conjecture. Your sarcastic tone does not alleviate you from being impartial.

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    4. NYC Lawyer,

      Perhaps you should read the text a bit closer:
      “Kareem’s arrest was part of a strategy to apply as much pressure as possible on his 14-year-old brother Islam, who was arrested the previous day in a night raid, in order that Islam will deliver any script that his investigators wanted. The strategy worked, and Kareem was released later the same evening.”



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    5. MR NYC Lawyer: (can you said me your real name?, please!!, i dont like to talk to “virtual” people)
      1: for me USA is not a parameter of anything(guantanamo, death penalty, etc, etc, etc). Ok, maybe for litearature and for destroying countries and societies. Ahh, and export dictatorships (Chile for example)
      2. i dont accept your suggestion, you are virtual!! and i am not impartial. Who is?
      3. yes, i think it is not right in a democracy to detain minors for an X period of time without bail and an order of a judge, and to mades interrogations without a lawyer or parents present. Plus i dont agree to mantain a minor in a normal jail.
      4. I forgot the excelent jail system that USA has, sorry.

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    6. And i dont agree that the army to take photos to minors without an order of a judge, where he can explain why and for what is this photos.

      Reply to Comment
    7. NYC Lawyer

      So you are against the army taking a photo. Let me guess that if they didn’t take a photo you would condemn them for trying to hide their war crimes. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t

      From the facts gleaned, we can’t sufficiently determine the reason he and his brother were detained. Maybe it was a necessary measure to prevent them or people they know from engaging in terror activities.

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    8. hi Nyc,

      I love how you invent/guess your opposite’s objection to the army not taking photos. You’re putting up a straw man and tearing it down. Bravo.

      About the army barging into private homes at 3am to take photos of the residents – if you don’t object to that (at least on a human level) then there’s little one can discuss/debate with you on this topic.

      As for impartiality, no one is obligated to impartiality when forming a comment. Many here have already formed opinions about the occupation. Some express them.

      Also, some of us are not as capable of impartiality as you, obviously, are.
      Try to make some exceptions for us lesser folk.

      Reply to Comment
    9. NYC Lawyer, Ezequiel is referring to the army’s habit of waking children up at 3am in order to photograph them and record their identities so that they can come back and arrest them on another occasion.

      Children are arrested, taken from their parents and interrogated without legal counsel or any adult present. They are not armed. They are not terrorists. They are kept in a military prison together with adults. They are traumatized for life.

      Your easy defense of the indefensible is disturbing. A rabbi I know refers to this as ‘moral autism.’

      Reply to Comment
    10. doron cohen

      תודה רבה לך יוסף על ההסברה ועל איך שאתה מציג אותנו בעולם, כן יש דברים שאנחנו לא עושים נכון וכן אחרי עשר שנים של טרור מצטבר פה ושם איזשהו כעס ונעשים דברים שמעבר לעדשת המצלמה נראים קצת אחרת אם זה אנחנו ואם זה הם
      אז אולי במקום להוציא את כל התסכול והשעמום על פרסום הוידאו הבא של ילד פלשתינאי בוכה, תנתב את האנרגיה הזאת לנסות לשנות משהו בארץ ולא ליצור לנו אויבים בחוץ, כי בסופו של דבר האנשים שרואים את הוידאו הזה מאחלים שגם אתה תמות כי אתה ישראלי / יהודי

      Reply to Comment
    11. Abbas

      this comment was removed

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    12. […] הוא איחוד בין שני טקסטים שפורסמו באנגלית במגזין המקוון 972+ 0 תגובות […]

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    13. Tal

      דורון היקר, תמשיך להדחיק. הייתי רוצה לראות איך היית מגיב אם זה היה קורה לילד שלך.
      מעניין שתמיד הטענה המגוחכת על פגיעה ב”הסברה” מופנית כנגד מי שמתעד את הפשעים ולא חס וחלילה נגד מי שמבצע אותם

      Reply to Comment
    14. אין ספק זה לא נראה טוב שעוצרים ילדי בן 11
      אבל מי שמבין ערבית יתהה ודאי כיצד הצלמת המוכשרת ידעה לביים את הקטע אחרי שזרק את האבן הצלמת צועקת לו רוץ מהר אחר כך שהשוטרים רודפים אחרי הילד היא צועקת ילד קטן חולה מסכן הילד פתאום הוא חולה
      בהמשך היא צועקת שהיא מבצלם
      המסקנה היא אחת החברה הפלסטינית חולה – חולה מאוד כל כך חולה עד כדי שהיא מייצרת שינאה ומחנכת ילדים לשינאה
      חבל שבצלם נותנים לזה במה האירגון מזמן איבד מאמינותו בעניי

      Reply to Comment
    15. Victorous

      There is no doubt in my mind who is the terrorist in this video!! For those who cant figur it out – it´s not the boy.

      Josheph! You say ” The strategy worked ” So are you saying that everything is allowed if it will works it agenda?

      NYC lawyer! If I where you I would focus on the war crimes that happens in you own country. Been to it – lived there for 3. years and I was never free in US – Everything is run by fear and its very sad to hear americans call there country free of the brave! Thats bull – There is one word for it and its fascism and same to Israel – Same phychos in both your goverment.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Goj

      It is a step forward. If the IDF pinned a yellow star to them, they can even be faster recognized on the street. We’re almost there. Someone who does not realize it is wrong to criminalize all children of a whole nation is no better than the Nazis. Really.
      As Europe learned anything from history, it should revise its policy of quiet approval.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Jason

      Interesting you guys are censoring the comments you don’t like – like my previous one, which was in no way offensive to anyone.

      Reply to Comment
    18. […] this occupation – under which land is stolen every day from dirt-poor subsistence farmers, 11 year olds are arrested and treated with shameless brutality, and 66 year-olds are shot in their beds in actions deemed to […]

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