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Israeli army launches ground invasion of Gaza Strip

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli army to begin a ground incursion into Gaza on Thursday night. According to a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, both Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon called for the ground operation in order to damage underground tunnels leading into Israeli territory.

The move came just hours after the Israeli army thwarted an infiltration attempt by armed Palestinians through a tunnel from Gaza.

According to the statement, the order was “approved by the security cabinet, after Israel agreed to the Egyptian cease-fire proposal which Hamas rejected and proceeded to fire rockets at Israel.”

Palestinian sources say 240 people have been killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, including seven children who died Thursday. Approximately 1,800 have been injured. One Israeli died as a result of mortar fire from Gaza on Wednesday night.

According to Reuters, Gaza residents and medical officials reported heavy shelling along the eastern borders from the southern town of Rafah up to the north of the enclave. Ma’an News Agency reported that over 20 Palestinians have been wounded since the ground incursion began.

This is a war of choice. Netanyahu’s choice
Why I object to this military campaign, even as missiles fall on my city

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    1. Craig Vale

      Very suspicious of NBC pulling Ayman Mohyedin from the Gaza claiming it was done for “his” safety. If by that they mean he would be a target for the IDF, I may agree but otherwise it demonstrates yet again the Israeli sphere of influence over the feckless press here in the US. Ayman was at the scene of the horrific murders of four children yesterday and had only minutes earlier played sandlot soccer with the boys who were killed by Israeli guns from the waters just of the Gazan coast. While Ayman’s replacement is more than capable and I admire the work he does. Richard Engel was not there to report fist hand as to just what happened to these little kids.
      I wouldn’t discount for a minute that Hasbara and their cohorts here in the states whispered in the ears of NBC execs…” Get this guy outta’ there” so as to keep the Israeli propaganda about them being victimized from being interrupted. I’d be very interested in hearing Ayman’s version of events. Right now I smell Gifite Fish !

      Reply to Comment
    2. Richard

      LOVE your comment Craig.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Average American

      The article mentions that the invasion of Gaza was authorized after armed Palestinians were thwarted in a tunnel. Oh my, I’m sure they were able to carry quite alot of dangerous stuff with them through a little tunnel, so of course that justifies huge tanks and gunships invading Gaza. Of course this is orchestrated. This is Israel carrying out its primary Zionist objective, set at the formation of Israel, and that is to take over The Land Of Israel for The Jews. Israel won’t stop, and won’t care what it has to do to accomplish it, and worse, Israel glorifies itself while doing it. Classic ultra-nationalism bordering on fascism. Just look at Menachem Begin’s Irgun. Do you know the territory The Land Of Israel encompasses? Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, half of Iraq (to the Euphrates, already accomplished with the lives and treasure and equipment of USA, never the lives of Israeli soldiers, is that because Israelis are taught that Jewish blood is different than non-Jewish blood?), a quarter of Saudi Arabia, and the Sinai (to the River of Egypt). So the tanks going into Gaza are just a preview. Occupation of West bank is just a preview. Next will be East Bank. All hail Israel!

      Reply to Comment
      • rsgengland

        Well that certainly was a racist diatribe if ever I’ve seen one.
        Since when does Israel control anything other than the lands between the river and the sea
        Either you are totally ignorant, a conspiracy theorist, from another planet, or your whole post is tongue in cheek and you are trying to be funny.
        Cyprus, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, half of Iraq, a quarter of Saudi Arabia and the Sinai.
        I hope you are not representative of American education with the monicker ‘Average American’

        Reply to Comment