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Israeli activists push for ‘BDS’ in Boston

Dozens of American, Israeli and Palestinian protesters gathered Friday in front of the Israeli consulate in Boston to mark the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah. Jawaher was killed by American made tear gas fired by the IDF on New Years Eve during a weekly unarmed demonstration in the West Bank village of Bil’in.
Activists in Boston. Photo: Activestills.org
The Boston demonstrators marched through the snow and frigid cold weather demanding an end to US military aid to Israel. The demonstration is a natural extension of the one held in front of the US ambassador home in a northern Tel Aviv suburb last Saturday night. Israeli activists ‘returned’ empty tear gas canisters to the ambassador. Twelve people were arrested and jailed for three days.
"End Military Aid to Israel" Photo: Activestills.org

"End Military Aid to Israel" Photo: Activestills.org

Israeli activists throughout the world are beginning a new phase of vocal protest against Israeli behavior in the West Bank. No longer satisfied with convincing the Israeli public of the corrosive nature of the occupation, Israeli activists are pushing an aggressive program of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) aimed at the United States. BDS is the globalization of nonviolent Palestinian resistance which began in 2005. While the numbers of Israelis advocating BDS remains small, they are organized and growing. Naturally, Israel is expected to increase punishment for Israelis advocating BDS and especially Israeli activists protesting the ‘special relationship’ between the United States and Israel.
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    1. Sara

      These demonstrations and articles are very encouraging and show us a side of Israel the media fails to show to the public, whether it is by pro-israel movements to hide the hint of a conflict or by anti-israel organizations who try to show a violent Israeli population.

      Is there a fair number of Israeli activists?

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    2. Ben Israel

      If these people, while in the United States are calling for BDS against Israeli but not against India, for its occupation of Kashmir (where far more Kashmiris have been killed than Palestinians in their confrontation with Israel), against Pakistan for its state-sponsered religious terror against dissenters and minorities, against China for its occupation of Tibet and against Russia for its occupation and repression against Chechnya, then these BDS activists are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. ITS ALL OR NONE!

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    3. Laughing when Iraqi people kill each other is not Anti-Semitism.

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    4. Wooo hoo! I’m proud of my fellow Bostonians! Keep up the good work, the Palestinian people need all the support they can get.

      To “Ben Israel”: realize that Israel receives more US military aid than any of the other countries you listed. Israel is practically the USA’s 51st state. As Americans, we are far more responsible for our policy towards Israel than we are anywhere else. Grow a pair and learn the meaning of “responsibility” like these activists.

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    5. Ben Israel

      First of all, I forgot to add Turkey’s illegal occupation of northern Cyprus and their ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriots from the area. This is in addition to their brutal repression of the Kurds.

      I knew someone would say “Israel gets a lot of aid of from the US”. WELL, SO DOES PAKISTAN. It is totally dependent on American aid. Why aren’t you pushing for BDS of Pakistan? Turkey is a member of NATO. They get all kinds of preferential goodies in the military sphere from the US. Why aren’t you pushing for BDS of Turkey? China sells massive amounts of goods to the US. BDS would hurt them and maybe support domestic American manufacturers, instead of exporting American jobs to China, who also uses unfair trade practices. Why aren’t you pushing for BDS against China?
      Saudi Arabia represses all non-Muslims in the country including millions of foreign workers who have no rights. It also represses its Shi’ite minority. It is totally dependent on the US military umbrella and just completed the largest foreign arms deal in history. Why aren’t you pushing for BDS against them?

      All this tells me is that the pro-BDS “progressives” don’t really care about human rights at all. They have a totally different agenda in their singling out Israel.

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    6. Sara

      Ben Israel,

      You’re right, but this is better than nothing. This is refreshing, Americans standing up against Israeli occupation, Israelis denouncing their government, Palestinians and Israelis fighting together and not against each other.

      This conflict has affected the relations between Arabs, Christians and Jews. I’m not saying Turkey in Cyprus or Pakistan and India in Kashmir are nothing, but the conflict between Israel and Palestine is affecting everyone in every way. Whether it’s Muslims feeling the need to chant antisemetic slogans or racist Israelis wanting to take over innocent people.

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    7. anti-Israel

      Actually, this is always the position taken by scoundrels. America’s abominations in Iraq are cited to absolve Russia’s abominations in Chechnya and so on and so forth. Whenever the topic is Israel’s sickening conduct, the subject is turned to some other warped society’s crimes against innocent people. By the way, India is not threatening to nuke Kashmir as Israel is threatening Iran on a weekly basis. If it were, the world community would identify the Indian government as an intolerable menace to humankind, forcibly extract them and then hang them.

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    8. lorenzo

      Russia is not building settlements in Cecenia. On the contrary thousand of Russian left Cecenia in the last few years. Kahhsmir is a region contended by 2 (actually 3) States. The day that the State of Palestine and the State of Israel will fight for a portion of land the comparison will be accetable…ect…ect..anyway, what is happening in kashmir or cecenia is shameful. That doesn’t mean that these persons are not doing something valuable. Tomorrow morning I will go to demonstrate againt Pakistan’s support of terrorism so that in the evening I will be entitled to express my disgust for what’s going on in places such as Ni’lin and Bil’in.

      PS btw, 3 possible explanations for all this interest by the international community: a) the holy land is the only place in the world sacred to the 3 monotheistic religions. b) Israel is the only State in the world created by a resolution of the UN c) antisemitism, i.e. the first enemy of the palestinian cause

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    9. Ben Israel

      Well, none of you have responded to what I said about Pakistan (you know, that nuclear armed ethocentric/theocratic state created in the wake of massive ethnic cleansing) which is one of the top recipients of the US military and financial aid. Why no call for BDS from you, especially in the wake of the publicity about its “blasphemy law”, a modern form of the Inquisition which is used to persecute the Christian minority. WHEN ARE YOU “HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS” ALL GOING TO DEMAND “BDS” FROM PAKISTAN?

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    10. anti-Israel

      um..let’s see. Do we have a Pakistani organization in the US comparable to AIPAC that forces its Nazi agenda down everyone’s throat, controls most of the public discourse on Pakistan, decides who can say what about Pakistan, demonizes all dissent from Pakistani policy with idiotic slurs of “anti-semitism”, exerts a Pakistan-uber-alles stranglehold on our Congress?? Further, everyone knows that the US supports the rotten regime in Pakistan because they are involved in our so-called “war on terrorism” just as we feed Israel money and weapons for the same sorts of vile, oppressive activities under the guise of “stabilization.” Further, there are and have always been human rights activists working to bring an end to America’s cozy relations with all kinds of vile dirtballs–in Africa, Indonesia, Honduras, Russia, Nicaragua, Haiti, AND Israel. There’s no double standard at all.

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    11. anti-Israel

      People like John Pilger, Kathy Kelly, Noam Chomsky, Alan Nairne and SO many others have been on the front lines of human rights struggles and protests against oppression by murderous regimes in dozens of countries all over the world. They are also (like ALL people of character) outspoken in their opposition to Israeli criminality and Israeli Nazism, so again, this ludicrous charge of a sinister double standard that singles out poor Israel due to some underlying anti-Jewish affliction is both insulting and absurd.

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    12. David

      US help to Israel harms Israel more that it helps. It should be ended as soon as possible.

      I wonder how different would have been, had Israel been aligned with the CCCP instead.

      The now called “occupation” would be called “liberation” against monarchic regimes. It would be a completion of the “armed struggle”.

      In some minds, all governments (who don’t adhere to a certain ideology) are criminals, and all insurgents (who adhere to a certain ideology) are freedom fighters. And viceversa, if a state adheres to certain ideology, it’s the embodiment of the people’s will. And anyone opposed to it is a contrarevolutionary.

      If not, how come that the Pol Pot holocaust is so largely ignored? And how come that war criminals (murderers) like Abimael Guzman are considered “political prisoners” by “human rights struggle” groups?

      As I said, it’s all about hate or love. Thinkers, freethinkers are a minority. Most people hate or love. Most thinkers actually manipulate masses for their own (or someone else’s) agenda.

      Love. Hate. Emotion. Art… Corruption. Greed.

      All the reasons in the world claim for a total stop of American military aid to Israel. It only fuels more hatred. More war. I wonder what would people think if the US militarily aided the Arabs and China and Russia aided Israel. But there would still be war…..

      It must be convenient for someone who sells weapons, to perpetuate the conflict. I wonder how much $$$ is profited every year, from the conflict.

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    13. Rahul Aggarwal

      Israel is a soft target for these activists. this is because they are afraid to oppose islamic fundamentalists, because they know, when they do,they will get a ‘fatwa’ issued against themselves. What about the suppression of non-muslims in arab world, promotion of terrorism by Pakistan and many others.

      Now we know why Brtish media is silent on Saudi Arbaia. Because a saudi prince owned half of thier media…

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