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Applying the law by ethnicity: Israel's dual legal systems explained

In the occupied West Bank, everyone is subject to Israeli military law. Unless, of course, you’re an Israeli settler. The dual legal systems — separate laws and court systems for different people in the same territory — are one of the reasons some refer to Israel’s occupation as apartheid.

Video by Tal Frieden. Story editing by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man

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    1. Mark Unsworth

      Using the definition of Israeli rule as one of discrimination is just another euphemism to perpetuate the current status. It is apartheid and just as cruel, if not more so, than the South African version. It is also endemic in Israeli society how can it be not so when that society will likely elect Gantz a man who boasts of killing Palestinians and currently faces a war crimes charge in the Netherlands. Another Sharon who was elected even after an Israeli inquiry described him as not fit for public office.

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