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Israel demolishes 313 Palestinian structures in six weeks

Over 500 Palestinians have been displaced by the demolitions since the start of 2016, the vast majority of them in the West Bank.

A child sits next to her demolished shack, provided by the EU in the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley, West Bank on February 10, 2016. On that day Israeli authorities conducted mass demolitions in four areas in the Jordan Valley. Seven family houses and six animal shelters were demolished, leaving 71 people without a roof over their heads. In addition, a water pipes system that provide water to 300 people was deliberately damaged.

A child sits next to her demolished shack, provided by the EU in the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley, West Bank on February 10, 2016. On that day Israeli authorities conducted mass demolitions in four areas in the Jordan Valley. Seven family houses and six animal shelters were demolished, leaving 71 people without a roof over their heads. In addition, a water pipes system that provide water to 300 people was deliberately damaged. (Activestills.org)

Israel demolished 313 Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem between January 1 and February 15 2016, more than half the total such number in all of 2015. More than a third of those demolitions were carried out within the space of a week, between February 9 and 15, according to the UN’s humanitarian agency, OCHA.

The intensive rate of demolitions since the start of the year is in marked contrast to a relative lull at the end of 2015, which itself followed several waves of mass demolitions throughout last summer. Over 500 Palestinians have been displaced by the demolitions since the start of 2016, the vast majority of them in the West Bank.

Particularly affected have been Palestinian communities in the South Hebron Hills, the Jordan Valley and the E1 area around Ma’ale Adumim, according to Israeli human rights organization, B’Tselem. The overarching reason behind the demolitions vary across these three areas.

In the South Hebron Hills, eight villages lie within ‘Firing Zone 918,’ a military training zone unilaterally declared by the Israeli army. For the past 15 years, the army has been trying to force the Palestinians out of this territory in order to be able to use it for military drills. The most recent spate of demolitions took place at the beginning of February when the Civil Administration — Israel’s military government in the West Bank — demolished 22 structures in two separate villages.

The Jordan Valley is a long-term annexation target of the Israeli government. Demolitions, disruptive and destructive military drills and arbitrary rezoning of land are all being used in order to bundle the area’s Palestinian residents into smaller and smaller enclaves, with the ultimate aim of squeezing them out altogether. The Civil Administration carried out a string of demolitions in the Jordan Valley in January and the first part of February.

A Palestinian woman bakes bread in the ruins of her demolished home, Karzaliya, Jordan Valley, West Bank, February 11, 2016. (photo: Activestills.org)

A Palestinian woman bakes bread in the ruins of her demolished home, Karzaliya, Jordan Valley, West Bank, February 11, 2016. (photo: Activestills.org)

Palestinians living in the E1 area around the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, meanwhile, are under ongoing threat of expulsion due to Israel’s plans to create a contiguous territory between Jerusalem and the settlement. Several rounds of demolitions occurred there in January. On Sunday the only school in Abu al-Nuwaar, a Bedouin community in the E1 area, was demolished by Israeli authorities.

About a third of the structures in the West Bank destroyed by Israel this year were European-funded, according to a report in Haaretz [Heb]. The rate here has significantly ramped up since 2015: 104 European-funded structures have been demolished this year, compared with 108 last year.

According to the Haaretz report, the Civil Administration has come under pressure from within the government to speed up the pace of home demolitions, although the administration did not confirm whether this had indeed led to the increased activity since the beginning of the year.

Israel has issued over 14,000 demolition orders against Palestinian structures in Area C of the West Bank, which is under full Israeli security and administrative control, since 1988. Around 3,000 demolitions have been carried out in that time, leaving some 11,000 orders outstanding that affect over 17,000 structures.

The Israeli government argues that such demolitions are ordered and carried out due to of a lack of building permits, but between 2010 and 2014 only 1.5 percent of permit requests by Palestinians in the West Bank were approved.

Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the body that presides over the Civil Administration, did not respond to a request for comment on the matter. Should a response be received, it will be added to this post.

Update: After this post was published, +972 Magazine received the following response from COGAT: “Regarding the enforcement against illegal building, the Civil Administration, by its authority and power, takes enforcement measures against illegal construction, in accordance with the priorities and the operational considerations.”

COGAT did not respond to the question of how much territory in Area C of the West Bank had been allotted for Palestinian development, and what proportion of Area C’s Palestinian residents would be served by these plans.

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    1. Bruce Gould

      No doubt Hasbara Central will point out that many of these structures were tents. What the hell kind of government kicks people out of their tent-homes?

      Here’s another reason to NOT equate the Nakba with the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab countries: I have no doubt that there was some involuntary expulsion of Jews but many left willingly to build the new Jewish state:


      But Schama does not stop there; he also compares the Palestinians expelled in the Nakba to “Jews who were violently uprooted from their homes in the Islamic world.” But as Israeli academic Yehouda Shenhav has written, “any reasonable person, Zionist or non-Zionist, must acknowledge that the analogy drawn between Palestinians and Arab Jews is unfounded.”

      Palestinian refugees did not want to leave Palestine. Many Palestinian communities were destroyed in 1948, and some 700,000 Palestinians were expelled, or fled, from the borders of historic Palestine. Those who left did not do so of their own volition. In contrast, Jews from Arab lands came to this country under the initiative of the State of Israel and Jewish organizations. Some came of their own free will; others arrived against their will.

      Reply to Comment
      • Whonoze


        You are a fool, Achmed, who likes to repeat, re-litigate, repeat, re-litigate and re-litigate and re-litigate without end THE SAME tired old nonsense over and over again. You never made sense and you are not making sense now. When there is war, civilians flee the war zone, moron. Coupled to that, we have DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE of the Arab leadership calling on Palestinian Arabs to leave and move to neighboring Arab countries so that Arab armies can come in and slaughter the Joos indiscriminately without killing their fellow Arabs. Stop hiding behind Jewish sounding names such as “BruceGould”, “Ben”, “Eliza”, “GioraMeir”, “Lauren”, etc. all of which are the aliases you use to post on this site.

        Reply to Comment
    2. Whonoze

      More Propaganda and Palywood from Natasha Roth

      These are the FACTS

      1. The “structures” are NOT homes;
      2. Those “structures” are tents and wooden shacks;
      3. Those “structures” were built without building permit;

      4. Those who “dwell” in those structures have their real homes in PA-territory in Area A and Area B. But the PA organizes Palestinian Arabs to build tents and wooden shack in Area C (which is under Israeli jurisdiction) to grab land and knowing that those structures will be demolished. Their goal is, if and when Israel demolishes those structures, to start weeping in front of the cameras of the international media claiming that Israel is displacing Palestinians – as you Natasha Roth are now claiming. It is all PROPAGANDA. It is all THEATER!

      5. Those “structures” pose serious risk to public health. They have not toilets, bathrooms and sanitary systems. Those who are made to “dwell” in it shit and pie in open fields living pounds of their excrements there and thereby increasing the danger of spread of infectious diseases.

      6. Israel demolishes illegal structures built by Jews and Muslims alike,

      Those are the facts.

      Reply to Comment
      • Bruce Gould

        “Israel demolishes illegal structures built by Jews and Muslims alike.”

        “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” – Anatole France

        Many demolished structures are not tents, (as if that’s relevant); to the best of my knowledge no Jew in the history of Israel has had their home demolished because of a faulty ‘building permit’. As the article points out, building permits are usually denied to people of the wrong ethnic background.

        Reply to Comment
        • Whonoze

          “Many demolished structures are not tents, (as if that’s relevant);”

          Among that “many” are also demolished JEWISH “structures”. If you build in Israel or any other Western country without building permit, the built structure will be demolished and it does not matter if you are a Jew or an Arab.

          “to the best of my knowledge no Jew in the history of Israel has had their home demolished because of a faulty ‘building permit’.”

          Who said you have knowledge of anything? Muslim Jihadis like you are only intelligent enough to use Jewish sounding names in the comment sections of Jewish websites pretending to be Jews, while ranting and raging against the Jewish State and Israeli Jews and minimizing and distorting the tragedy of Jews from Arab countries who were subjected to centuries of pogroms, massacres, dispossession and other forms of human rights abuses in Muslim Arab countries and finally ethnically cleansed and expelled!

          “As the article points out, building permits are usually denied to people of the wrong ethnic background”.

          It seems you are not just a racist, but also very crude and brutish. Natasha did NOT say what you attribute to her. Natasha wrote: “but between 2010 and 2014 only 1.5 percent of the permit requests by Palestinians in the West Bank were approved”. What Natasha did not tell you (which got you all confused) is that the Palestinians living in Area C make up LESS THAN 2% of Palestinian Arabs. The members of this group of Palestinians have beautiful homes in Area C. Palestinian Arabs living in Area A, Area B and Gaza make up more than 98% of the Palestinian population. They live in PA-territory and under PA rule and apply to the PA for building permits in PA territory, not Israel in Israeli territory or territories under Israeli rule. Their attempts to build tents and wooden shacks in order to grab lands under Israeli control is not succeeding very well as you can see.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            I’m always tempted to ask: You’re putting us on, right? This is satire making fun of the low brow crudities of the extreme right wing, right? I mean, c’mon? Yes?

            In any event, Bruce is quite correct. What is going on “under Israeli control” always meant to be temporary is permanent creeping annexation of Area C and the most blatant racial discrimination. A lot of cruelty. No amount of snarling anti-Arab-Semitism and no amount of crude flimflammery can obscure that. ==>

            Reply to Comment
          • Whonoze

            You are obfuscating again and trying desperately to change the subject, while transforming from one alias to another (BruceGould alias Ben alias etc.). That is what cowards do. The issue here is demolition of illegal structures that pose serious risk to public health. You can either discuss that or you can keep using one of your aliases (Ben) to tell your other alias (BruceGould) how “quite correct” YOU are, you psychotic jihadi. Or, perhaps you can turn the discussion into “Arabs are Semites too and cannot be anti-Semitic” as your kind (Assad for example) would have us believe and you are now alluding to – albeit clumsily.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            “The issue here is demolition of illegal structures that pose serious risk to public health.”

            You’re a comedian too! Multitalented!

            Reply to Comment
          • Whonoze

            Does Ben not understand that the demolished structures referred to in the article he “read” are shacks and wooden tents?

            Is Ben not capable of understanding that those shacks and wooden tents have no toilets, bathrooms and sanitary systems?

            Does Ben not understand that those who “dwell” in those shacks and tents pooh and pee in open public spaces living their pounds of excrements behind. Does Ben not have the intelligence to understand that human excrements are a source of infectious diseases that can spread quickly and endanger public health?

            Is Ben able to answer any and all of the above questions?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            So the illegal settlements and outposts all over the West Bank that lack plumbing are not similar urgent health hazards? The hilltop youth don’t poop? Is Jewish poop different? Is Arab poop especially hazardous? Inquiring minds wanna know, Dr. Whonoze. Or do permitless Jews get services permitless Arabs don’t? I can just see the journal article: “The Apartheid of Poop. Politics Plumbed.”

            Reply to Comment
          • Whonoze

            That’s another mindless obfuscation.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            The issue here is counteracting your one sided demonization ofIsrael. You do dat, and we point out criminal terror and hate crimes committed by your darling Arabs Benny.

            That way we have some balance and context. Of course in a very. negative sorta way coz that’s the way haters like you like it Benny. That’s the way to get more and more body bags on both sides.

            Of course there could be another more productive conversation but morons like you are incapable of being positive. Coz you are full of self righteous hatred.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Whonoze wanted to talk about the poop of Arab people and the alarming “danger to public health.” He’s just a public health minded guy. So I wanted to include some balance and context and talk about the poop of Arab and Jewish people. Be scientific. That’s a big problem for you. “Oh god Benny you are demonizing us! Demonizing!” So who’s balanced and who isn’t? You are poop discriminators. And where there’s poop there’s people.

            Productive conversations are one thing. Endless “negotiations” are another.
            It’s been tried. People gave the Israelis years. Gave them all sorts of breaks and special allowances and “evenhandedness” and the Israelis just used it to cynically “manage the conflict” and show no real interest in a solution. Without external pressure the Israelis think everything is just great. “What’s the problem? We will get around to it. Someday.” They couldn’t care less who’s “inconvenienced.” Yeah we could have a nice “evenhanded” byzantine conversation for another 50 years with manufactured ‘crises’ while in the background we hear:

            “chomp, chomp, chew, burp! chomp… ” [sound of Israel expending settlements] …negotiations are the only way, yessiree let’s talk, we love to talk. Borders last, we don’t need to talk about silly borders yet, but now about our ‘Jewish State’….chomp, chew…hey this is so fair and balanced it’s great…chomp, chew….”

            Reply to Comment
      • Neal

        These tents are on a large patch of unused land. This is a good place for a refugee camp. This is no way for a government to treat people, regardless their citizenship. I very much doubt that these people chose to live in tents so they could pose for the cameras and slander the glorious Israeli government.

        Reply to Comment
        • Whonoze

          They did not chose to live in tents and wooden shacks, because they don’t live there. They all have their real homes in Area A and Area B under the PA. The goal of their tent/wooden shacks “villages” that spring up overnight in Area C which is under Israeli jurisdiction is to grab land they don’t own. After losing in court, they ignore court orders to vacate. They know the exact dates of the demolitions and organize the women and the children in front of the cameras of the international media waiting for the bulldozer to arrive. While the bulldozer do its work, the women and the children start “weeping” and “wailing” shedding fake tears in front of cameras, while the media and the PA tells the world that Israel is “displacing Palestinians” and “violating Palestinian human rights and international law”. When the Cameras are gone, they all melt away and return back to their real homes in PA-territories. It is all PROPAGANDA. It is all THEATER. That is not particularly difficult to understand, is it?

          “Watch: Elderly Arab Woman Puts on Show for Leftist Journalists
          In the latest incident of “Pallywood”, an elderly Arab woman filmed “crying” to the cameras as IDF troops evacuate a business in Hevron. In the video, the elderly woman is seen weeping as her daughter instructs her how to “cry” in front of the cameras. However, as the woman begins to cry, the daughter is seen moving aside and smiling towards the journalists and photographers. The staging of scenes for the purpose of delegitimizing Israel is such a common tactic in the Palestinian Authority, that the industry has come to be known as “Pallywood.”


          Reply to Comment
    3. been there

      Why do persist in using the the Kafkaian phrase ‘civil administration’? It’s the military.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Whonoze

      You forgot Mondoweiss and ElectronicIntifada and the Guardian and ‘KnifeIntifada’. Those great beacons of democracy that shine darkness where there is light.

      Reply to Comment
    5. carmen

      You’re just throwing something at the wall to see what sticks.

      Moderators – how could you miss this one?

      Reply to Comment
    6. Gustav

      PRONAY:”Palestine needs to learn from Hungary how it solved its Jewish problems”

      What a cute little Hungarian shit…

      For those who don’t know, in WW2, the Hungarians gleefully cooperated with Hitler’s Germany and their program to exterminate Jews. In the last few months of the war, the Hungarian government deported hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews to extermination camps where a large proportion of Hungary’s Jews were ruthlessly exterminated, men, women, children, young and old. Also, the Hungarian arrow cross militia indiscriminately shots thousands of Jews into the Danube river.

      Now along comes this cute little Hungarian moron and advocates that the Arabs should do the same to Israel’s Jews.

      Hey, Pronay, ya bloody moron, believe me, your Arab buddies would do exactly what you did to Jews if they could. But they can’t because we have learnt our lesson. Anyone tries anything like that again, and guess what will happen? [I am sure this moron will retort with a smart arse comment. It doesn’t matter though because this little shit knows exactly what I mean and that no “joke” of his changes what I mean].

      The old days are gone you bloody Hungarian pig.

      Reply to Comment
    7. carmen

      I’m not buying what you’re trying to sell. I think you’re a fake, Whonoze who you could be. I believe your comment was spamming only, but inappropriate and moderator should remove post by ‘Pál Prónays’ – I think it violates comment rules.

      “Pál Prónay de Tótpróna et Blatnicza (November 2, 1874 – 1947 or 1948) was a Hungarian reactionary and paramilitary commander in the years following the First World War. He is considered to have been the most brutal of the Hungarian National Army officers who led the White Terror that followed Hungary’s brief 1919 Communist coup d’état”. Wikipedia.

      Reply to Comment
      • Average American

        Daniel: I am quite sure that I am me and only me. You are suggesting a conspiracy of non-Jews. That is not any more reasonable than a conspiracy of Jews. Is there a conspiracy of Jews? You also use the oldest dodge in the book, anti-semitism, which cheapens any argument you make. I will correct you about me by saying I am anti-Zionism. How do you respond?

        Reply to Comment
      • Carmen

        “I don’t think that there is any doubt in any reasonable mind that Ben, Pál Prónay, BruceGould, Carmen alias Viktor Arajs, AverageAmerican etc. are the same person. Whonoze above showed how Ben/Bruce Gould uses multiple Jewish sounding names to talk with himself and to cover the fact that he is a Muslim. Ben then got angry, transforms into Pál Prónay and starts making anti-Semitic comments.”

        Wow. ‘reasonable mind’? Sure, if the reasonable mind you refer to believes in UFOs, Bigfoot, Hawaii isn’t part of the US and therefore Pres. Obama is a foreigner AND a Muslim, PLO = Hamas = ISIS, slavery wasn’t ‘that bad’, all Jews are zionists, hating israel is antisemitic, hating zionists is antisemitic, that Netyahooo really did want a 2-state solution but for those damn Arabs, etc. Don’t quit your day job, unless of course your day job is trolling websites that aren’t in lockstep with the zionist narrative and spamming threads. I’m hardly surprised but angry nonetheless that the antisemitic trope is pimped with such regularity that it has succeeded in diminishing in to the point that we know the opponent has conceded defeat as soon as he/she/it plays the antisemitism card, which is, more often than not, even before any argument or point of view is even made.

        A lot of the trolls are droning on with the same lie, Ben/Carmen/Bruce/? are the same. It’s Goebbel-speak, McCarthyite logic, just keep telling the same lie over and over and before you know it, it’s fact. Me Carmen – understand Daniel? Anyway, as I wrote to PP “I’m not buying what you’re trying to sell. I think you’re a fake, Whonoze who you could be” and you show up with your script and the admission “I kept quiet about those comments” (the alleged antisemitic comments) until now? Interesting tactic Daniel – sure hate to see you have to decide whether you should start CPR or just wait until the victim is as purple as a concord grape.

        Reply to Comment
        • SkyHawk

          The leopard never …

          February 1, 2016

          “Just state the obvious – you don’t have a f&#k’n clue. You’ve skirted around the points made by David and TB7 – instead of being a “man” you hide behind more obfuscation and whataboutery, name calling and insults, the “Ben, oops I mean (fill in the blank)”, obviously the result of a zionist “education”. Oops indeed. Please don’t forget to include a side or two of antisemitism with your regularly programmed eruptions of vitriol and self pity, like a Mt. St Helen’s of drek and schmaltz”.


          In that link,“Ben” was posing as “Ben”, “David” and “TB7” debating with Gustav. When cornered by Gustav, “Ben” started posing as “Israel” to distract and insult. When confronted with his behavior, “Ben” transformed into “Carmen” to defend himself. That is exactly what you are doing here now, again! And, as usual, you are always in denial. But you fool only yourself, my dear she-male, “Ben Carmen”!

          Reply to Comment
      • Gustav

        CARMEN:” If you insist that all Jews are zionists, you’re the biggest antisemite of all”

        LOL. What a stupid comment to make. There are about 13 million Jews world wide. To suggest that any group of 13 million people have uniform thoughts about anything, I say anything, is utterly ludicrous…

        Having said that, I can confidently make the statement that MOST, I say MOST, Jews have Zionst sympathies or are actually Zionists themselves.

        How could they not be? After all Zionism is a very simple idea. It is the idea that the Jewish people must have our own state in which we are a majority. That is the idea of Zionism. No more no less.

        There are far left Zionists, there are far right Zionists, there are secular Zionists and there are religious Zionists and all shades of Zionists in between. Some Zionists are against the settlements, some are for it.

        The one thing in common to all Zionists is that we believe in the idea that like all other ethnic groups, we Jews too have the right to our own Jewish majority state. But those people, like Carmen, Ben and Pronay who hate Jews, or the idea of a Jewish state, are constantly trying to misrepresent what Zionism is. And to further their propaganda, they are trying to turn the word “Zionist” into a pejorative term. They won’t succeed.

        Am Yisrael Chai.

        Reply to Comment
    8. Ben

      Of for god’s sake. You know, this just shows the sheer desperation of some right wingers here that they are resurrecting “Victor Arajs,” that right wing false flag artist posing as a “leftist n*zi,” in order to try to slander +972 and paint the left in sinister anti-Semitic tones. “Victor Arajs” was exposed as a right wing fraud artist 13.5 months ago on this page:


      by Brian. Smart guy, that Brian.

      This clown “Pál Prónay” is none other than “Victor Arajs” or an imitator of the game played by “Victor Arajs,” that campy “Latvian and Palestinian patriot with an obsession with Judith Butler’s Queer Studies.” Just pathetic. It has the same operator’s footprints all over it.

      You’re bankrupt and panicking guys! A laughing stock! Except for your shamelessness, your dishonoring the memory of the six million murdered and the survivors by so cheaply co-opting the Holocaust for propaganda purposes is really sad. Look at what you have become. Shame. Is nothing beneath you?

      It should be noted that Lisa Goldman removed and banned “Arajs,” and I admire Goldman for taking that stand, but Natasha Roth might think leaving up the comments is more instructive of the layers of lies people erect to justify the oppression of others. More instructive of the ironies of history. Who can say Roth is wrong? Look, in short order we exposed the whole business right here. Not before someone, like a bull to a red cape, fell for it and charged. But soon enough.

      Reply to Comment
      • Gustav

        The extreme left and the extreme right are tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Dumb and dumber.

        One lot perpetrated the holocaust, the other the gulags. Extremists are extremists right or left, they are both the same. Both are evil.

        Pronay all I can say to you is that you better watch out. If you don’t shut your stupid hungarian mouth, it will be shut for you.

        Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        I haven’t gotten around to calling you names yet. Except fraud artist. For this recidivist little smear job of yours. Go back and read them and put them together. Every sentence of your comments drips with contradictions, with calculated sneakiness and malevolence. You’ve only upped your game by holding yourself back from your obsessions with Heinrich Böll and Judith Butler and “the international left.” Being more slithery this time. But the use of the showy, hateful Eastern European WW2 moniker coupled with unctuous praise for a +972 writer and an obsession with “the left” is a dead giveaway. You’re lonely and feeling ignored? Thought you’d make a splash here and get everyone distracted and interested in guessing “oooh, gee, I wonder what he really means?, oooh gee, I wonder who he really is?” Roth is not “encouraging” you. End of “dialogue.” Ain’t gonna happen. End of distraction. Ain’t gonna happen.

        Reply to Comment
        • SkyHawk

          You are a very manipulative guy, but apparently not very clever. The whole theme of “Pál Prónay”: ‘Palestinians are indigenous people, Jews/Zionists are foreign colonists; Jews/Zionists stole Palestine from indigenous Palestinians, Jews/Zionists have no right to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine, Israeli Jews are not real Jews, etc., are the same theme Ben/Carmen/Viktor Arajs has been parroting on this site – every single day. What is unfortunate is not that there are voices such as the one represented by +972 (which is very legitimate no matter if you agree with them or not), but that +972 is generous enough to give platform to anti-Semites like you.

          Reply to Comment
    9. Ben

      If ever there was an Internet troll trying to bait people from all directions for his own malevolent purposes Prónay is a classic. No one should take the bait.

      Reply to Comment
      • SkyHawk

        Ben/ Pál Prónay/Carmen/Brian/Viktor Arajs/etc. is a perfect example of how desperate, deranged and manipulative anti-Semites are getting. You are a very sick individual, Pál Prónay. You will waste your entire day and in fact your entire life obsessing about Jews, but, at the end of the day, you achieve and will continue to achieve nothing here. Your incendiary anti-Semitic comments affect you and only you alone. The Jewish State of Israel is here in the Land of Israel to stay – for eternity – and there is nothing you can do about it. Let that be carved with the figurative knife deep in walls of your heart.

        Am Yisrael Chai!

        Reply to Comment
        • Carmen

          Am Yisrael Chai has got to be one the most self-indulgent phrases ever, aside from ‘veni, vedi, veci’ (which didn’t end well) and repeated most likely by the same he/she/it posing and posing as PP. You are yet another he/she/it (or maybe the same, whonoze?) that will never be taken serious enough to respond to again.


          Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        If anyone still had any doubt that you are a far right wing Jewish Internet troll masquerading as the anti-Semitic ghost of an Hungarian n*zi, you just removed it.

        Actually you are an anti-Semite in the sense that the settlers’ Herr Stürmer video has been called the most anti-Semitic video ever made, but that’s a whole different level of meaning.

        Reply to Comment
        • Gustav

          LOL. Behold….

          Benny unhinged. LOL.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            The removal from this page of the comments of a devious exploiter of the mass murder of Hungarian Jews is a source of mirth to you, Gustav? An occasion for troll antics? How interesting.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Boo hoo Benny is showing his pretentious holier than thou sanctimoneous face.

            The only source of mirth to me is YOUR childish attempt to deliver us a double whammy. To benefit from the anti Israel/anti Jewish message that this fellow pig of yours delivers, which you espouse too, and try to smear Zionists with what you people do.

            Again, please tell us in your words. Which bit of what Pronay has said, do you disagree with? And please say it with a straight face.

            Waiting… waiting …. waiting….

            Reply to Comment
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