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Introducing 'The +972 Podcast'

In our first episode, MK Aida Touma-Sliman discusses why she thinks an election boycott is the wrong way to fight for Palestinian rights in Israel. In the second episode, Ethiopian-Israeli activist Mazal Bisawer talks about why Israelis have such hard time seeing anti-black racism in their society.

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Listen to this week’s episode:

If you’re anything like us, you don’t always have enough time to sit down and read enough on the issues you care about. If you’re also like us, you make up for it by listening to smart podcasts while washing the dishes, driving to work, hitting the gym, or just lying on the couch.

Which is why we just launched “The +972 Podcast.” Every two weeks (and every week until the Israeli elections) we’ll be giving you the top-quality storytelling and analysis you’ve come to expect from +972 Magazine — but in a podcast.

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On the show, we’ll be interviewing activists, politicians, and journalists. +972 writers and editors will take you behind the scenes of our reporting. We’ll be bringing you a diverse set of voices that you won’t find anywhere else. In short, the podcast will be everything you’ve come to expect from us: smart, interesting discussions about the issues and stories that other media outlets tend to ignore.

In our first episode, Palestinian Member of Knesset Aida Touma-Sliman discusses the disqualification of an entire Arab party from running in the upcoming elections, and pushes back on the idea of an election boycott, asserting that “when it gets bad, you’re supposed to fight harder and not run away.” In the same episode, +972’s Noam Sheizaf discusses the political re-alignment taking place in Israel, the anyone-but-Netanyahu platform of his sole challengers, and why Kahanists in the Knesset is bad news.

In our second episode, prominent Ethiopian-Israeli activist Mazal Bisawer talks about protests following the police shooting of a young black Israeli man, whether anyone is representing the Ethiopian community in these elections, and why it’s so hard for Israelis to admit there is anti-black racism in their society. Later in the episode, editor-in-chief Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man discusses the disqualification of a Kahanist candidate from running in the elections, and what the backlash could look like.

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    1. DR EBERT


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    2. Ben

      Very, very well done, +972. Very well done, Edo Konrad. Very well done, Michael Omer-Man. More high quality on-the-ground journalism. Fresh, raised to another level.
      I think you are one of the best papers in the world. (People should be interested in reading you even if Israel and Palestine are not a particular concern of theirs.)

      These podcasts are very effective. There is nothing like authenticity and these podcasts radiate authenticity. They really explain what is happening in a way that makes it vivid and real to Israelis and non-Israelis.

      Mazal Bisawer skewers Benny Gantz and the whole charade.
      Mazal Bisawer, in addition, on the refugees, and the Judeo-centric hypocrisy of Israeli Jews, is fantastic. Listen to her, people.

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