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Intellectuals call for investigation into police shooting of Arab youth

A group of prominent Jewish and Arab intellectuals published a petition Thursday calling on the Israeli government to establish a committee of inquiry to investigate the shooting death of Khir Hamdan at the hands of Israeli police officers. Hamdan attempted trying to attack a police van, and was shot as he turned his back and began running from the police. The killing lead to widespread protests across the country, as well as a one-day general strike.

The petition states that tens of Arab citizens have been killed by the police since 2000. The signatories see that fact as a sign of a trigger-happy policy and a culture of racism within the police. According to the petition:

The list of deaths indicates the ease with which the police use weapons against Arab citizens – an unbearable ease that reflects the deterioration of professionalism and values of the police, and whose outcome is the unwarranted, brutal and illegal treatment of Arab arrestees and suspects.

The police’s brutal treatment of Arab citizens in Israel reflects the fact that the conclusions of the Or Commission were not internalized in the Israeli political establishment or in the police command, and were not implemented among the officers and policemen who work in the Arab sector. Policemen must remember that they are representatives of the government’s executive authority, and are responsible for protecting the life of Israel’s citizens, regardless of religion, race or ethnicity. They are not judges, not to mention executioners.

The signatories to the petition include journalist and former politician Yael Dayan, author Savyon Liebrecht, Dr. Ruwaida Abu Ras, journalist Oudeh Bisharat, Professor Shimon Levy, playwright Motti Lerner, author Salman Natour, playwright Joshua Sobol and author Yehudit Katzir among others.

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    1. Joel

      ” Hamdan attempted trying to attack a police van”

      No. Hamdan attempted to open the police van door and stab the policemen after his failed attempt to stab the police through the glass window.

      Was the shooting justified? Dunno. There is a question of which police office shot Hamdan.

      Reply to Comment
      • Yeah, right

        Joel: “Hamdan attempted to open the police van door and stab the policemen after his failed attempt to stab the police through the glass window”

        AFTER banging on the window??

        No. Demonstrably untrue.

        The video clearly shows that Hamdan only hangs onto the handle of the front door WHILE he is banging on the window.

        And the moment he STOPS banging on that window is the exact moment that he…. lets go of the handle.

        He was hanging onto that handle to gain some purchase WHILE he bangs on the window, and the instant he no longer needed that purchase he let go.

        You can SEE that, even though Joel claims the exact opposite.

        Also, look at what Hamdam does when that dimwit cop opens the back door, because at that exact moment you are looking at a cop who is still sprawled in his seat with an open door between him and Hamdam.

        A sitting-duck, with nothing – absolutely nothing – between himself and Hamdam’s knife.

        And how does Hamdam react?

        Well, we can see that Hamadam attempts to close that door in that cop’s face, and when he fails we can see Hamdam retreating out of knife-slashing-range.

        Or, put another way: we can see Hamdam doing the exact opposite to what Joel claims he was aiming to achieve.

        Honestly, there are those who look but will not see.

        Reply to Comment
        • Joel

          Your out of your *expletive deleted* mind.
          @12 secs and @15 secs, Hamdan is trying to pull open the front door by the handle. That’s why he’s not stabbing the glass.

          How do you gain a better purchase by holding onto something? He’s standing, not rock climbing.

          Reply to Comment
          • Yeah, right

            Yer an idiot.

            Look at the video. Hamdam has his left hand on the door. He
            bangs on the window with his right hand.

            The harder he bangs the more HE bounces back – that’s simple Newtonian physics.

            That’s why he scrabbles to grab hold of something with his left hand, and once he DOES (your time point) he recommences banging on that window.

            You can SEE that, so why lie about it?

            Reply to Comment
          • Yeah, right

            I note that Jploel doesn’t address the 2nd point in my post I.e. Officer Plod actually opens the rear door for Hamdam.

            What does Hamdam do then, Joel?

            After all, he’s got just what YOU claim he wanted – an open door and a cop still sitting on his big fat are.

            Sooooo, what did Hamdam do then, Joel?

            Reply to Comment
    2. Why didn’t cops exit from the opposite side of the van and wound their assailant? Are they unable to think beyond shoot to kill? These mean don’t appear to be intelligent enough to protect and serve.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Yeah, right

      mm: “Why didn’t cops exit from the opposite side of the van and wound their assailant?”

      Oh, that’s easy to explain.

      That big-arsed cop had already decided that he was going to kill Hamdam.

      He needed to get out of the van to do that, and he couldn’t very well exit via the left-hand door – there was another cop in the way.

      Think about it: if the intent had been to confront the assailant then Officer BigArse could have – and would have – just sat tight and let his partner do that from the OTHER side of that van.

      But if Office BargeBottom was determined to kill ‘imself some A-rabs then he needs to get out of the car, and the only option available to him was that right-hand door.

      Reply to Comment
        • Yeah, right

          No, the driver would have to be 12 feet tall to shoot Hamdam in the stomach from over the top of the van, AND his bullet would have to turn at right-angles.

          You really do talk some unmittigated nonsense, Joel. It appears to be your one and only talent.

          Reply to Comment
    4. phil

      @ Joel

      the only conflict here is between what is shown in the video and the bullshit you are posting

      Hamdam CLEARLY pushed the door shut twice before retreating..

      END of story

      Reply to Comment
      • Joel

        @Phil @Yeah

        The cops opened and than slammed closed the door. Not Hamdan.

        Hamdan doesn’t apply enough pressure to shut the door the quickly.It’s pulled closed from inside.

        Reply to Comment