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Inshallah, the Jews won’t stop

How the ‘worst video ever made’ can help clarify things for people who are yet undecided about Israeli policies.

What you’re about to watch is, as Heeb Magazine correctly points out, the worst video ever made. It was apparently produced by Orit Arfa, who lives in the mega settlement of Ariel.

I’m sorry you had to go through that.

But here’s some more anyway:

Orit also has a way with words. In an op-ed she wrote for the Jewish Journal on Jewishjournal.com, she criticized Jeffery Goldberg’s critique of Miley Cyrus and said that “He makes Miley’s famous tongue look really short from the way he wields his own up the behind of Obama and his officials.”

Inshallah, I hope Orit keeps making this crap.

Inshallah, I hope she continues to write drivel.

And inshallah, as Orit hopes, the Jews won’t stop. Because the more you do these things, the more the world sees what assholes live here.

Inshallah, Jews will continue to pole dance on land stolen from a Palestinian. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Jews will continue to twerk on tractors that just uprooted hundred-year-old olive trees that a Palestinian farmer has harvested for years, that his father harvested for years, that his grandfather, and great grandfather harvested way before you were born in L.A. and came back easily because of the Law of Return, while his Palestinian relatives are probably dying generation after generation in a refugee camp in Jordan somewhere. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Jews will continue to come to springs in the West Bank that used to irrigate Palestinian farmland but can’t be reached now because a settler wants to get wet and lick stones in her bathing suit because that’s just what people do. Don’t stop!

Inshallah more Jews from Brooklyn, from upstate NY, from Jersey, from LA and more will go on Birthright tours and feel the love for apartheid and the need to come practice it themselves cuz it just ain’t the same discriminating through AIPAC from afar, they want to feel the segregation on their skin while telling everybody back home how cool it is to live in Start-up Nation. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Orit, keep it up. Because the world is finally waking up to what’s going on here. And it’s people like you who clarify things for those who are yet undecided. Don’t stop!

Inshallah, Jews exactly like you will continue. Don’t stop!

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    1. Philos

      I should have realised this earlier but contemporary Zionism is Eric Cartman:

      “Whateva! I do what I want! I build whereva I want!”

      Reply to Comment
    2. Zoe

      So now we have to worry about antisemicism as well???????

      Who said the Jews are paranoid…??

      Reply to Comment
    3. Orit

      Love it, Ami! That was a great takedown. Almost as good as your McDonalds/Pulp Fiction script. Fortunately, the interpretation of this work of art is much more complex, as I’ve outlined in this here publication. Ah, the irony! http://972mag.com/can-a-settler-be-against-the-occupation/

      Reply to Comment
      • Not sure I follow, Orit. Are you saying this Miley “work of art” is connected to that “post” you wrote for +972? How? If it is, I don’t see how that can be labeled “fortunate.” And, I fail to see the irony. Oh, wait! Unless you use it like Alanis Morisette! Now I get it!

        Reply to Comment
        • Orit

          Great artists need not explain their work.

          Reply to Comment
          • That’s why I asked you to explain! Oh well.

            Reply to Comment
          • Orit

            Try thinking. Try. I know its difficult for people locked into predictable narratives.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ooooooo I’m sorry! Did I get under your skin, Orit? I though racist fascists could stand the heat! Didn’t think you’d break down so fast. Alas, they don’t make colonialists like they used to.

            Reply to Comment
          • Btw, I have to ask: Are you actually paid for this shit? Or is it totally for your “art”?

            Reply to Comment
          • Orit

            I’m actually quite amused. BUT it seems I got under YOUR skin. Why else spend so much ink on little ol’ me? I’m very flattered.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ah, the reverse psychology thingy. Love it.
            Yes, Orit, you’ve totally gone under my skin. But, like, totally.

            Reply to Comment
          • Orit

            Reverse psychology indeed. You and your hate-filled minions and trolls have proven that you are the racist fascist around here. Further, Tel Aviv was also built on Palestinian land, colonialist.

            Reply to Comment
          • Finally we agree on something! Yes, I’m a colonialist, too. Difference is, I’m trying to end the tyranny of the Zionist colony here. And another difference: I know my voice sucks! Oh, and if I had boobs I wouldn’t caress them on Youtube just for my cause, whatever it may be.

            Reply to Comment
          • aeiyan

            Ami kaufman , you sir have spoken the truth and have not atleast tried to cover it up like most coward israeli zionists do after committing horrendous crimes who give a bad name to judaism sadly…

            As for Orit Arfa your articles suck…as you seem to cover up the truth about IDF’s crimes most of the time with your fabricated secular ideas…if you really cared for the palestinian cause you would stand up even if it was against your own family…..

            and if you or anyone else for that matter would really truly care about the arabs you’d leave them and their lands in peace and go back to whatever the hell country you or your parents migrated from (most probably L.A as the writer mentions)…

            No disrespect intended but your occupation leaves the palestinians homeless w/o a future.

            Abt me: yes im a muslim from asia.

            Reply to Comment
          • Average American

            “Jews won’t stop” caught my attention. Something to keep in mind: Zionism considers The Land of Israel to be much larger than the current State of Israel. Zionism and Zionists consider THEIR land to be all of Palestine, all of Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, half of Iraq (to the Euphrates) which they got my country to do for them, and Sinai (to the river of Egypt). They won’t stop, until they control all of it, and maybe a little more.

            They came from New York, LA, Poland, Russia, to this new thing “Israel” created by Rothschild money and misplaced sympathy.

            The sympathy mainly created in the farce called the Nuremburg “Trials”, mockeries of legal rights and procedures. Conveniently sentencing to death the German officers who could tell about acres of modern factory complexes for the purpose of making fuel and uniforms and rubber and thereby disprove the central claim of the “Holocaust”.

            The money coming from Rothschilds, the inter-generational world-wide dynasty of Jewish banking. (Just to head off certain comments, they are in fact Jewish and they are in fact bankers.) There is Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Rothschild Hotel, Dorothy Rothschild paid for the Supreme Court Building, James Rothschild paid for the Knesset Building, Edmund Rothschild paid for land and aliya and had his picture on currency, Walter Rothschild wrote Balfour.

            Reply to Comment
          • Average American

            Songs of love for an entity created by Rothschild money and misplaced sympathy.

            Israel has an agenda. It won’t stop. It was created to fulfill the Zionist “Land of Israel” (the phrase Netanyahu still uses) from the Euphrates to the Nile, from Cyprus to Iraq.

            Read about it. Read about Zionism not Judaism. Judaism is the cover-up, the sympathy-getter, and Zionism is the pole up you ass while you’re fawning over Holocaust myths.

            Reply to Comment
          • God, us “hate-filled” minions. It’s like you’re on some serious drugs there, Orit. Can I have some? Please?

            Reply to Comment
      • Matty Groves

        “the interpretation of this work of art is much more complex” – Orit

        There is nothing ‘complex’ about these hilariously bad videos they are just embarrassingly awful… much like this…

        Reply to Comment
    4. Paul James

      Clearly a parody…please tell me that was satire, pleaseeeeeeee!!

      Licking the stone…pole dancing…tuneless… etc

      Reply to Comment
    5. Baruch Schneider

      Was all of that lurking among and loving the landscape some sort of response to the Quranic Sura that says that one day, rocks and trees will call out, “Hey Muslim! A Jew is hiding behind me- come and kill him!” ?

      Reply to Comment
    6. Danny

      Pathetic. Reminds me of Latma.

      Are you friends with Caroline Glick by chance? It would make sense – you’re both paranoid, settler-friendly ex-Americans with faces that could crack mirrors.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Steve

      It seems the video has upset the therapy-addicted, antidepressant
      swallowing, can’t get laid to save their lives, social misfits whose childhood traumas cause them so much misery. Perhaps Ami Kaufman will change his mailing address to Sheikh Munis. Congratulations to Orit Arfa for giving the Jew-haters the disrespect they deserve. But I do agree with those who object to Arfa’s video in one respect. The “occupation” of the West Bank is outrageous and should end. That is the Arab occupation of the land that belongs to Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Philos

      There’s like levels of colonialism and oppression going on here. The Palestinians are oppressed by all Jews and Israelis. And then there are Israelis who are oppressed by Jews who come over here and think they know better. It’s the only country in the world that lets any wingnut with a letter from a religious authority immigrate. It’s crazy. No wonder we have so many crazies here. Whatever people might say about the “infiltrators” at least they aren’t trying to systematically oppress another people…. and at least they don’t make godawful music videos that praise both colonialism and Miley Cyrus

      Reply to Comment
    9. Forget it. Tell ya what, how bout we end it here. I’ll shut up, and you can go lick a stone. Deal?

      Reply to Comment
    10. The first video makes marginally more sense after viewing the Cyrus video on the link you provide. Marginally. My first reaction was “shouldn’t this be in Hebrew?”

      I read Orit’s 972 piece where she speaks of rights for all. Rights are things of jeopardy, as they empower people unlike oneself. The first video herein ignores this; the second hints at it, for indeed Israelis are harmed by the conflict.

      I do not see how a Madonna in your face adolescence is productive, or how the “leftist” Goldberg (well, the world is a sphere, sort of, so I guess we are all leftists) “twerking” Kerry adds any content at all.

      When commenting on her 972 piece I somehow called her “Orbit,” not “Orit,” maybe as an automatic speller correction which I then took up. I apologized. But as much as from the Jewish Journal piece as these videos, I think the mistake not so much a mistake.

      Yes, we know you have a body. Next video.

      Reply to Comment
    11. Piotr Berman

      Are those videos really THAT bad? Can one properly judge a video out of the context of its genre?

      For example, there is a gazillion of videos on U-tube with this basic setup: a girl sits in front of the camera and rants. Just that. Here rants are put to verse, there is also music and a lot of other visual elements, including twerking and pole dancing.

      I think that the videos have many positive elements. For example, there is a widespread problem of promoting an unrealistic ideal of female body. None of that here. Moreover, the leading actress has kind of annoying voice but she is not overdoing it, and compared to certain foreign ministers, her singing is impeccable. Twerking and pole dancing were disappointing, there is a clear room for improvement. Someone should explain the details to Orit.

      One may complain that the music, landscape etc. diverts the attention from the message, but that would be wrong.

      Reply to Comment
    12. sh

      Piotr’s actually said it all, but I really wished the first video had been shocking or worse than some of the things people post of themselves on YouTube. I would have loved to let loose a full-blown tirade like Ami’s. But truth is, it was plain old boring; a long, meandering “selfie” that is not interesting enough to persuade me to sit through the other two.

      Nonetheless, pleased to learn here that this is the same person who wrote that piece on 972. Makes sense. Settlers, their supporters at home and abroad and those who administer the occupation truly deserve her.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Ami: Your blog post isn’t quite accurate, and you may want to correct your factual error. Orit Arfa’s oped was not “published in the Jewish Journal.” She is one of 90 bloggers on jewishjournal.com. She blogs under our policy of presenting the widest range of voices on issues, ideas and events our readers care about. Those bloggers include Simone Wilson, who this week provided the world’s first in depth report from the Syrian refugee camp in Jordan where victims of the sarin gas attack in Ghouta now struggle to survive, and Mahim Maher, who blogs from Karachi on life as a woman journalist in Pakistan, and Danielle Berrin, who blogs on the intersection between Hollywood and Jewish culture.

      Orit’s opinions are very much her own, and likely reflect those of others she lives among. JewishJournal.com likes to be able to bring all these different streams of Jewish thought and expression to light– take it or leave it. That said, Orit’s piece did not reach the standards for op-eds in the 150,000-reader print weekly we publish– so perhaps you can correct your error?

      Reply to Comment
      • Rob, done. I’m sure Simone, Mahim and Danielle are very happy to have Orit in the same media outlet. Thanks for pointing out that “factual error” which, of course, made the post in its entirety not “quite accurate”.

        (And kudos on the extremely smooth attempt to distance yourself from Arfa’s writings)

        Reply to Comment
    14. SAS

      Yet another proof of what kind of sick, demented and racist ideology Zionism really is.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Dave

      A few years ago Rob Eshman over at the Journal gave this flock of seagulls a blog in order to counter claims of liberalism because Eshman and the editorial staff were afraid of being tarred with the self-hating jew brush by the Beverly Hills crowd who largely finances (through advertisements for lasiks, Divorce Attorneys, plastic surgery and breast reduction) the glorified synagogue newsletter that is The Los Angeles Jewish Journal. Arfa is right about one thing. You shouldn’t waste any ink on her. This last offering was actually a serious bit of writing for Orit. Her usual fare generally consists of Hair, Make-up, trolling for men, and the occasional in-depth analysis dealing with such topics as; “The better lay, Israeli or American Jew”. As Gertrude Stein famously quipped; “There’s no there there”

      Reply to Comment
    16. li

      the land and the state u are talking about is not yours, it belongs to its people “PALESTINIANS”.. if you go back to history,, u will say that the UK gave the Jews Palestine to make a homeland,, but how can the UK give you something is not for the UK and there are people living their! sorry but all these videos shows how Israel is based on a huge lie, and is totally an apartheid movement i won’t call it a state because we declare our state its PALESTINE, for Palestinians , from different religions, Muslim, Christians, and “Palestinian” Jews (who believes that Judaism is only a religion and not a movement or something political)

      Reply to Comment
    17. Orit’s film and her words demonstrate eloquently what more and more people are beginning to realize – the Zionists are criminally insane and, for the sake of the future of humanity, not to mention its millions of current victims, Israel must be dismantled before it kills us all.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Robby Martin

      Is zionism a mental illness or does it just attract people with a mantal illness ??

      Reply to Comment
    19. Rami Jabar

      3:52 is too excruciatingly long for that first video. It’s so terrible that couldn’t make it paste 1:20. I’m sorry, I couldn’t handle the nauseating stupidity of this girl and her ridiculous video.I won’t even attempt to click on the other two. I’ll take your word for it.

      Reply to Comment
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