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Infographic: East Jerusalem by the numbers, 2015

Ahead of Jerusalem Day 2015, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) released a factsheet detailing the disparities between the city’s Jewish and Palestinian residents and the systemic discrimination in East Jerusalem. The following infographic accompanies the report. Read more here.

ACRI infographic on Jerusalem, 2015

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    1. Pedro X

      The infograhpics mean nothing. The Palestinians have caused their own poverty and problems. Palestinians cannot complain about missing classrooms and municipal services when they built illegally and ignored the planning process under which provision for infrastructure would have been made for and paid for by the developers and builders through dedication, improvement and ongoing municipal taxes. Palestinian society is like the orphan who killed his parents and complains that the state does not pay him an orphan’s allowance.

      One quarter of the Palestinian neighborhoods were caged off from the rest of Jerusalem because of the heinous attacks of terrorism from those neighborhoods against Israeli citizens. There is a cost to terrorism and the Palestinians have to pay the cost.

      Palestinians cannot complain about poverty when they failed to create a dynamic environment for employment and business, while Israel did. In their fury of building illegally, Palestinians did not plan for business and infrastructure to support industry. They built where ever they liked without planning and making room for a business economy. By their terrorism they killed their access to the Israeli market place and limited the ability of Palestinians to engage in trade.

      With respect to water, if you build illegally without planning for water resources and hook ups, without paying for hook ups and local improvements, you will not receive them. Part of the planning and building process is to allow planning of infrastructure to meet building growth. No planning results in no services.

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      • canaan

        israel rule over jerusalem is illegal
        so dont worry about building without permit.

        half a million israeli is living illegal there and all israeli building and settlements are illegal.
        and for terrorism , when you occupy a action expect terrorism and hatred and if you don’t want that then refrain from occupation.

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        • Pedro X

          How is Israel rule over Jerusalem illegal? Jerusalem was an united city for 3,000 years. In 1948 the majority of people in the undivided City of Jerusalem were Jewish. Jordan annexed part of the Jewish city in 1948. Jordan expelled all the Jews from the eastern part of Jerusalem and held it without any color of right to do so. Israel liberated Jerusalem and reunited it in 1967. No one has a greater claim to to sovereignty over this undivided Jerusalem.

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          • canaan

            jerusalem where built by canaanites and not by jews
            and jerusalem never had a jewish majority since more than a thousand year.
            by international law jerusalem does not belong to israel.
            east jerusalem currently is a majority arab .

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          • Pedro X

            Jews were part of the Canaanite population; they diverged from the pack and formed an unique culture and society. The Jewish people and Samaritans are the last living peoples connected to the Canaanites. Different Canaanite populations held Jerusalem until the Jewish people made their capital. The Jesubites, other Canaanites, conquered Jerusalem circa 1200 BCE and Jerusalem became a Jewish community circa 1000 BCE when Israeli King David took it.

            Jerusalem has had an absolute Jewish majority since the 19th century CE. In 1948 and Jews outnumbered Arabs in Jerusalem as they do today. Jerusalem is a Jewish city. Jerusalem has never been the capital of an Arab state and the Palestinians have never had control over even one inch of it. Jordan had no claim on Jerusalem but Israel did and holds it as its undivided capital.

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    2. Swedish Chef

      The Blame, Distort and Slander movement with its wild accusations is a joke. No one should hand these people a blank check for their program as their goals are entirely unilateral and contrary to the interests of peace. With most of the middle east in turmoil, the Arab nations have come to realize that the Palestinian leadership has been the core of the problem – which is why they pledge great sums of money as public posturing, and deliver very little.

      Mahmoud Abbas is now in the 10th year of a 4 year term. His most likely successor at this point is either Saeb Erekat, known for lying in public (falsely claiming 500 casualties in Jennin), or Jibril Rajoub who recently said that if he had a nuclear bomb he’d use it against Israel. Both support Abbas’s desired policy of the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem and communities east of the green line, as does Hamas and the Blame Distort and Slander movement.

      No doubt in a negotiated settlement, some of the communities in what is called the “west bank” will be given over to a Palestinian state. It would make excellent economic sense for the residents of these communities to remain and contribute as Jewish citizens in this new entity, but the reality is that not only the leadership but many of the people are die hard racists will not tolerate the presence of Jews in their midst. This is the lesson we have learned from the Jewish nakba where 850,000 Jews were forced to flee from Arab lands.

      Putting pressure on Israel makes no sense when it is the inability of the other side to negotiate in good faith. As Abbas said in 2009 in the Washington Post: “‘I will wait for Hamas to accept international commitments. I will wait for Israel to freeze settlements,’ he said. ‘Until then, in the West Bank we have a good reality . . . the people are living a normal life.'”

      A coherent strategy would include putting pressure on the Palestinians to create a legitimate government that can both negotiate and hold to it’s commitments. Anything else is a delusion.

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